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2022 Toyota GR86, Want a real driving experience? Toyotas little sports car delivers in a big way

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We take a walk around the 2022 GR86 NASA Pace Car at the SEMA Show!

All right guys welcome back to drive it out we are at the 2021 sema show here in las vegas and i am super excited to bring some awesome reviews here some great cars at this show but one that i’m specifically really excited about is the 2022 toyota gr86 i want to do one that was a little special this one is actually a pace car for the national auto sport association

Really cool setup i like what they did with the color scheme and obviously you see the lights on top you know this is a pace car but let’s talk a little bit about just remind you what the new gr86 is about a little bit remember this is a new generation for the 86 and this is known as a driver’s car so if you don’t know about the 86 it’s ju not just a cute little

Coupe this is a driver’s car this is a fantastic car to drive as far as the balance standpoint and i tell you what the new one is really really good as now let’s talk about the improvement over the first generation you now have a 2.4 liter flat 4 with that 228 horsepower coming out of there and they’ve dealt with that torque dip that a lot of people complained

About with that first generation and of course you know you’re going to be able to get a manual transmission here so there’s so much about this car that is unique when you think about cars in this day and age you’ve got a manual transmission that already makes it rare for new cars today right but not only that but this car in a manual transmission is actually

Faster than its automatic counterpart that is also something that’s become a little rare but if you come around the side of this let’s let’s take a look you get to see those awesome graphics for this pace car but this car starts under 20 sorry under 30 thousand dollars right so you can get into a sports car rear wheel drive and you can have a lot of fun in this

Thing for not a lot of money and guess what you’ve even got back seats if you’re into into that you can fit people back there i like this this spoiler for the pace car i love the big spoiler on the back of the toyota six you’ve got to go with that but i really just can’t stress it how unique this car is uh in in the sports car space today because you know you

Got a lot of cars that had manual transmission rear-wheel drive that don’t anymore maybe they’re automatic and all-wheel drive you know or they’ve at least lost uh the manual transmission but the gr86 small lightweight sports car manual transmission front engine it’s got that flat four keep that center of gravity down it’s just a beautiful beautiful formula

And i really wanted to showcase this pace car today that’s here at the sema show because i just think it looks so cool let’s get inside this thing so again when i open the door these days on a new car and i see a manual transmission there i just get excited so let’s talk about how you fit in there now this is a driver’s car so they they set this up to be about

The driver they think about the driver position right they think about where they put everything ergonomically and then how it’s going to feel your visibility out is fantastic but you get down in here and you’re in a low slung little sports car and it just feels like it fits you like a glove it feels good now they’ve improved a lot since that first generation

And one of the things they did with the interior is the textures are really nice even on this base interior trim level i got the cloth seats and everything the materials in here feel really nice but i have to say that they’ve kept like this this cool looking switch gear that’s down here in the center of course you’ve got your your gear shifter here and you’ve

Got a the track mode your buttons here and obviously your uh traction control and all of that but you have a manual handbrake steel in this car it’s not a button a lot of cars have switched to a button and you’ve got a manual handbrake this is for the driver this car is so do not sleep on the toyota 86 because you think ah these days it’s an underpowered car

Compared to other things this is a a lot of sports car with not a lot of weight and you’re going to be able to get a lot done without a ton of power and like i said you got to drive one and feel it to know there’s just there’s so much about this car that is going against the grain of really what the rest of the world is going to there’s a few new cars out there

That offer this type of setup i really wanted to highlight this one so the new toyota gr86 it’s fantastic get it get it get it get in a manual transmission get it in a bright color and just have a blast and if you ever have to you know you’re worried about practicality you can fit some people in the back if you want guess what you can fold down those rear seats

And you can fit four wheels and tires inside if you’ve got a track set up that you want to take to the track and swap the wheels out you can fit that stuff back here they’ve kept that so anyway i really like this gr86 we are at sema 2021 and they always bring their unique cars to this show it’s why i love this show so much and i really wanted to show you guys

This one because it’s just one of my favorites at the show i love the car and base form this pace car is unique but thank you so much for watching this review you found us on youtube we’re obviously on instagram as well at drive it out and you can find me on instagram at naturallyaspiratedadam but stay tuned for some more great videos from 2021 i’m excited to

Show them to you thanks for watching we’ll see you next time

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2022 Toyota GR86, Want a real driving experience? Toyota's little sports car delivers in a big way! By DriveItOut