2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE AWD

Quick walk a review of the base level hybrid 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. #toyota #highlander #LE #AWD

Mike hamilton lithia twitter behind me i haven’t had one of these to review for a while behind me is a toyota highlander 2022 hybrid led all-wheel drive i’ll be right back and i’m back so i’m going to stay in the shade today because it’s super hot but this has got the pretty ruby flare pearl on it and i’m going to show you to get a lot of complimentary features

Even though this is the base level of the vehicle for the hybrid you’re getting still quite a bit of nice stuff in it so let’s take a look at it real quick we got nice led high beams low beams and fog lights on this here has the full complimentary suite a toyota safety sense and i have it running because it’s 109 degrees outside so you got the 2.5 plus with the

Lane trace assistance the adaptive cruise control smart stop that picks up pedestrian cyclists and large animals we do have a turn signal indicators and blind spot monitors you get a decent looking alloy rim here with a toyo a43 tire nice street highway tire on this here no moon roof sunroof or crossbars on this i don’t even think that’s an option now you can’t

Even buy like the crossbars on the base models anymore let’s take a look at the uh window sticker here or the monrone sticker hybrid highlander hybrid le all wheel drive with the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine paired to electric motors uh combined makes 243 horsepower 3 3 500 pounds of tow capacity not a whole bunch of extras on here we have the special color

Which is a reflare pearl all weather cargo liners and floor mats wheel locks with destination you’re at 43193 again you still get turn signal indicators we got proximity key so you could lock it with your finger and open it with your hand but i’m keeping the key inside again because it’s hot um you’re having the cloth interior a little bit of that soft touch up

Top your injection foam molded in the in the inside here a little soft touch dash eight inch infotainment really good quality there different drive modes on here and uh dual climate controls again a cloth seat on this side no power but you do get power for the uh for the driver’s side on this vehicle lots of space uh here these seats have about six adjustments

On here you have their rear air controls and usb c ports down below still incandescent lights instead of led lights inside here center armrest with cupholders in it and then the third row is laying down you do i do believe we get a power liftgate in this level and so yes we like so power liftgate is standard on the hybrid model and then you have three more seats

Back here now some of the models will have captain’s middle row on this le we’re looking at always having a bench metal row so this will always be an eight passenger inside the boxes are all weather floor mats and we got our all-weather cargo liner you can see the seat belts that are up here on here and here and here um and then we’re talking about more usb ports

Coming into the next model year let’s go ahead and take a look at these tail lights while we’re at it here and you can see these nice tail lights on here so bright so i’m not even in real dark and you can see these shark fin that supports your safety connect and your xm radio all part of this here this is where our field door is and let’s take a look from the

Back seat so that seat was back for me in the front let’s see how much room i have with my knees and i still got good three or four inches seat back pockets on both and again your usb-c ports and rear air controls are back here and uh just a good view of the front let’s move up all right moving into the drivers door we have uh four automatic power windows so

That’s real nice on all the windows and then you have power mirrors and power locks standard stuff this has the eight-way adjustable power seat but no power lumbar support your gas door release your power hatch there and auto dimming high beams it’s a manual adjust for your telescopic steering steering wheel but it’s nice leather wrapped the real it looks real

Good same with the leather wrap and stitching here again even though these are cloth seats they’re very plush and have good bolstering let’s go ahead and move them to the inside so here we have everything at a fingerstips touch that controls our center console so you get all the uh information here i’m not going to go over this in depth we have our toyota safety

Sense and lane departure radio information trip information hybrid systems uh psis all-wheel drive where the wheels are getting powered all your different systems here for a toyota safety lane departure alert serious lane trace assistance pre-collision systems that also picks up pedestrians cyclists and large animals blind spot monitors or across traffic alerts

And the one that reads your speed limits and stop signs is that one there through the camera system tells you the who doesn’t have a seat belt on them sitting with the uh and see it’s 112 outside so more than 109 so it’s really hot today digital miles per hour a lot of people like putting on that uh you got your all your lighting in here and turn that off now and

Uh and uh on this side your windshield wipers and that’s also your turn signals going up to the infotainment it’s a nice eight inch is good in definition let’s go ahead and it just only has a single backup camera not the clearest but does its job um also here we have apple carplay and android auto this supports here we have different audio sources so we have it

On siriusxm but you have all these different so are some am fm sirius xm usb and bluetooth and anything you want to bring in through bluetooth of course and then you’ve got your apps through your uh your mobile apps your carplay and android auto you can bring your music through those ones also so that’s real nice here we do have a dual climate control here so it

Tells you the temperature on the knobs and you can sink that so one side could be all we have heated steering uh windshield wipers a rear defrost sorry and heated mirrors front defrost is here are different uh error things different modes temperature ranges uh for the rest actually the rear then your vents emergency flashers down below is our our primary port

That ports in apple carplay and android auto and a couple of usbs and another power port there toyota’s going apple carplay wireless on some of the cars it hasn’t made it to this yet then also here we have drive modes we have us normal if you want it goes between sport and eco and just by the way you drive them or you can put in sport or eco we have traction

Control off and ev mode so this thing at low speeds like 10 15 miles an hour maybe go up to a mile or two on its electrics it has a trail mode so if you’re off-road and it starts getting a little squirrely you can put that on and will help you keep control uh parking brake is an electric ee parking brake take it off it takes itself off put it back in park sets

Itself and you know brake hold switch is nice so you can once that’s set if you stop you don’t have to keep your foot on the brake and this just has a regular uh mirror no digital rear view camera or memory home home link for garage doors not in this one and then what every car has in it with twitter it’s the sos button that’s for emergency so if you are in an

Accident airbags deploy the pa they’ll be calling through you through the pa system see if you need help also if your emergency you can push the button also does roadside assistance and stolen vehicle locator we have reading lights and and also vanity mirror with lighting on here so all the nice features so again it’s not it is a a base model but it’s not really

That base so you’re getting a lot of nice features in this vehicle again mike hamilton lithius what has been a long time since i’ve had one of these hybrids that has been available to do a walk around and review of so i’m getting a lot for your money so basically knowing that you’re not getting like if you’re into le gas there’s no power seats there’s a lot

Of things missing i think you get a don’t get dual climate you don’t get uh i don’t think you get blind spot monitors or proximity key i think still a twist key so you’re getting a lot of nice features being in this hybrid level plus the 35 miles a gallon average you can’t you can’t beat that for this size of a vehicle so largest vehicle in the suv class that

I know of that gets this kind of fuel economy except for a full electric vehicle well thank you again for watching we’ll see you next time

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