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2022 Toyota Prius Prime Overview

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Today we’re taking a look at the new 2022 Prius Prime

Hey guys it’s michael today we’re going to be taking a look at the 2022 prius prime today we’re looking at an xle model in supersonic red let’s get started so this is one of toyota’s two plug-in hybrid vehicles right now the other being the rav4 prime and i want to start off actually by looking at the sticker of the car i’m going to show you guys some of the

Great gas mileage that this car gets here so you can see up at the top of the sticker we’re looking at prius prime this is year 2022 and if we go down to fuel economy and environment you could see this car on gasoline only if you were just to use this without plugging it in as a hybrid vehicle gets 54 to the gallon if you were to use electricity and gasoline

With charge time of two hours on 240 volts you get 133 miles per gallon and on electric range only it’s 25 miles so very very very fuel efficient vehicle here it’s pretty common to see people you know fuel only once a month or even less often than that using this car here and charging this car is pretty simple as long as the car is unlocked tap right here on

The right side of the car passenger side this will open up right here peel this cover off and uh you’ll plug in plug in your charger here and when you’re charging you can press this lock button right here so nobody can pull your cord while you’re charging and on the driver’s side here you have your regular 87 octane fuel now in the hatch here you can see that

The car also comes with a 110 to 120 volt charger with the car so with 240 charging at two hours you can expect the car to charge in about four hours using the provided charger moving up to the front of the car you can see what the 1.8 liter engine looks like very small engine bay very small engine inside there again this car is all about fuel efficiency it’s not

About making big power so this is the perfect perfect commuter car for somebody that just wants to get around fuel efficiently you can see no no power latch for this hatchback here you’re gonna have to grab onto one of these handles here and pull it down manually also here in the front of the car you can see these very nice led headlights and fog lights as well

As this car having these nice led tail lights that go across across the entire car some people call this the mustache style but it curves around the side and then goes down towards the toyota logo there and something also really cool about the prius is that you can actually see you can see through this area here between the uh between the tail lights so even when

You’re driving you can kind of see out the back there now down here for the wheels we actually have plastic covers but these are actually 15 inch alloy wheels behind these plastic covers so usually you’ll see like a steel wheel with a plastic cover these are alloys with a plastic cover on them on to the mirrors here this is an xle which actually doesn’t include

Blind spot monitors in order to get blind spot monitors on the prius prime you have to upgrade to the limited model and speaking of upgrades on the interior we have toyota’s softex seats on this xle on the le you have fabric seats you also get this nice large ipad looking touchscreen and a wireless charger on this xle model the le does not have neither of those

So you got a smaller screen on the le no wireless charger you do still get heated seats on the le which is nice and upgrades that you get on the limited model are going to be the jbl speakers there’s going to be i believe 11 jbl speakers on the limited model there’s going to be a heads-up display auto dimming mirror over on the driver’s seat you can see that this

One here has the powered seats with lumbar support that comes on the xle not on the le you can see you have a e-brake for the foot and some more buttons over here on the left side you’ve got a brightness control for your center display traction control off automatic high beams you can actually schedule a charge cycle as well as open the fuel door and open the

Engine bay hood in the car here we also have our shifter so foot on the brake left and up goes to reverse left and down goes to drive when you’re in drive you can go down again into b which is going to be your braking your engine braking mode hold left for neutral and then you can switch between different drive modes power eco and normal you can switch between

A hybrid hybrid mode and an electric mode or you can have that do it automatically then down here we have our wireless charger heated seats for both driver and passenger and then we also have our apple carplay and android auto usb and a 12 volt charger as well center console storage in this car also opens up kind of funny opens up to the side just like this in

Most cars you’ll see it open upwards like that you can see we’ve got a pretty good amount of space here you get this little tray that slides forward and back and then up at the top here you have your sunglasses holder as well as you can turn off lights have it only when the doors are open or just turn them both on and if you want to turn them on individually

You can push these buttons here you also have toyota’s emergency sos button right there you can see on this screen here we have navigation this is also where apple carplay and android auto would go and then you have audio sources and you can also control climate and audio from here so we can go to the climate zone most climate controls here are on the touch

Screen you can still do a couple things here like change the temperature front and rear defrosters but most you want to change for example the fan intensity you got to go into the touchscreen to do that and then we also have this screen up over here which can control all sorts of things about the car so you have information on this screen right here you’ve

Got time compass music climate controls the lane to part assist and dynamic radar cruise control settings warning messages and settings as well you can also see you have all sorts of stuff here there’s no gauge directly behind the steering wheel it’s all right here kind of in the center of the car but you can see you have other things such as the speed the

Temperature how many miles you have on the car time everything that you would see normally in the center here behind the steering wheel is going to be kind of in the middle of the car here it’s been like that increases for pretty much as long as they’ve been around moving on into the back seats you can see you’ve got two usbs back here these are 2.1 amps so you

Can charge your devices back here and you can see there’s no event here as well somebody actually in the comments of my last video pointed out that the vents are actually underneath both seats and i found out uh i checked actually so i turned on the air vents put my hand underneath underneath there and you can actually feel the air coming out so that was a good

Comment there somebody left and you can see these uh front seats also have some pockets for storage pockets on the driver seat here as well with a zipper actually this one here has a bit more storage that you can put put something back there and these seats back here also fold down these are 60 40 splits so you’ll just push right here and that seat will go down

All the way giving you access to the hatch you can see that the hatch is actually raised just a little bit that’s because of the battery and speaking of the battery you may notice these vents right here these vents right here on the side of the seats they don’t actually um these are not connected to the climate control vents these are actually there so that the

Battery has some air vents and can breathe a little bit you can also see your child anchor seats are right behind here and overall this is a pretty comfortable backseat experience back here so that’s an overview of the 2022 prius prime xle let me know what you guys think of this car in the comments below let me know what other cars you guys want to see from this

Channel we’ve got lots of 2022 cars on the way so be sure to subscribe please like this video and we’ll see you guys next time bye

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2022 Toyota Prius Prime Overview By Krowicki