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2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid review // Thats not much of an update

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We’ve got the toyota rav4 hybrid and it got a refresh a little refresh let’s go for a ride good power it does have good power but it has that classic rav4 sound it does gets a little loud andrea what’s under the hood of this beast a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine matched with an ecvt and toyota’s hybrid synergy drive it’s got 219 combined horsepower and its

All-wheel drive the base model is gasoline 2.5 liter four-cylinder with an eight-speed automatic 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque available with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive there is also a plug-in option the prime with 68 kilometers 42 miles of ev range and it has a combined 302 horsepower and standard all-wheel drive this 2022 is a very mild

Refresh so let’s dig into it what are the key standard features the base trim in canada comes with a 7-inch touchscreen a 4.2 inch driver display apple carplay and android auto heated fabric front seats a manual driver and passenger seat a six-speaker audio system led headlights and led tail lights blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert 17-inch wheels

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It or return it guarantee visit to learn more did we mention this is a very mild refresh for 2022 no mechanical changes so how does it drive i think it handles really well i’ve always liked the rav4 hybrid it has that quick acceleration it offers a smooth ride and you won’t find that there’s a lack of power when passing on the highway it just gets

A little loud when you accelerate hard which is similar to the gas model this one still has winter tires on it they haven’t switched them over yet and i think that’s bringing a little bit more comfort to this and making it softer with a more compliant tire i would put this in the comfortable and competent category i wouldn’t put it in the sporty category i’d put

It in the good basic transportation hey practical versatile a great family hauler so the changes to this really are cosmetic what did they change you get new wheel designs on select trims xle models and above get standard fog lights there are new headlights for those models as well and hey how about this cavalry blue color i think it looks beautiful i think it is

Now one of my favorite colors the color is on point yeah it’s kind of cheeky that they didn’t make the new headlights on all trims yeah to only start at xle and above i don’t understand that but i think the one that they’ve given us with the two-tone uh is looking good so basically they have a new trim right in the hybrid model yeah so it’s the s e trim it slots

Between the xle and the xse to make it a more affordable hybrid option for buyers so the xse when it was introduced was the sportiest kind of looking one and actually had a totally different look than the regular hybrids now they’re making that more accessible yes it has the exact same look but with less features it comes in at just over 38 000 canadian and around

32 000 in the us so a great option you know what i love about toyota is the barrier to get into a hybrid is so low yeah i mean the difference between the gas models to get the hybrid is negligible and now they’ve made the sportiest looking one even more accessible and there’s a reason why this is the best selling utility on the market and the reason why hybrid

Sales not not just because of gas prices but also hybrid sales are going up because it’s not hard to get into one no and i just heard from a follower who just ordered actually the base trim hybrid um that there’s a four month wait for it so he was pleasantly surprised that it was only four months and these are made in canada good for you hosers making a good car

Let’s move to the inside now i would call this a practical interior not necessarily stylish i call it industrial it’s kind of industrial-grade interior you know it’s going to hold up you know it’s going to look like this 10 years from now but boy toyota with a facelift could you have added a little bit more a little bit of something pizzazz yeah no it’s basically

The same in here you’ve got a standard seven inch touchscreen with the available eight inch and nine inch depending on the trim there’s a partial digital driver display here i think that the center console is well laid out you’ve got a traditional shifter which we like and hey big knobs and buttons you can’t miss them in here do you notice anything about me over

Here andrea zach can’t stop complaining about how he is towering over me in the passenger side so usually i make the joke that i’m up here in housewares i’m now way up in bedding in the department store like my my head is like i am kind of sitting up straight but but my head is right here at the roof the glass roof is right there and andrea it looked like i this

Is the weirdest thing now zach does have a long torso but still i mean here’s how i have to reduce the headroom issue i have to go like this hello see i told you i’m in bedding here’s the good news the top limited trip now comes with a power passenger seat with a height adjustment but we don’t have the top trim we’ve got the xse model with the technology package

And guess what that doesn’t come with a power passenger seat well that technology didn’t make it to over here now the interesting thing is why can’t they just do the old manual ratchet system you know it was volkswagen that pioneered that years ago you would ratchet it up and down sure it’s not the most glamorous way to do it but at least it can be done because

This is kind of silly really well here’s the kicker on this xse model with the tech package it actually costs more than the limited top trim but you get less features however you get this sporty look and i like the color i’m guessing this one isn’t the best value trim what is it xle in canada just over 36 thousand dollars and in the u.s just over 30 and a half

Thousand dollars so what do you get push button start a power tailgate a moon roof the eight-way power driver’s seat a heated steering wheel and the new projector led headlights in the us on the xle trim you can add packages that cost between a thousand to four thousand dollars so you can pick and choose what you want to add to this trim which includes some of those

Features that i just mentioned in canada but you can also get the addition of the nine inch touchscreen and the jbl sound system which is kind of nice we don’t get that option on the xle trim in canada we gotta apply for a green card andrea oh it’s pretty good over there isn’t it all right me getting into the back seat the ironic thing is there seems like there’s

More headroom in the back and it’s a very spacious cabin but it isn’t the biggest is it no the tucson offers more second row legroom but you’ll be able to put car seats and boosters and growing teenagers back there no problem fat middle-aged guys all right now the cargo area there’s plenty of room for carry-on on a cooler i like they’ve equipped this one with the

Rubber mats i think that’s very useful so it isn’t also the biggest in this category is it no but like you said zach it fit our carry-on cooler just fine and more stuff we could throw back there but there are others that have more space like the tucson rogue and crv you guys always come up with some good questions let’s get into it time now for questions coffee and

Cars your questions from instagram awesome i was just looking at the xse and same color yesterday i got a chance to drive the gas version but i felt it was underpowered does the hybrid version feel different the quick answer is yes it’s better it’s much better more power i mean you get that quick acceleration from the electric motor which is very nice to have it

Does get a little bit loud more so than i thought from a hybrid to be honest with you the tucson hybrid is much quieter you know andrea when you go to the launches of these vehicles sometimes they bring in very important people like chief engineer of this was in california when it came out a few years ago yeah and i asked him i said you know i noticed that you’ve

Turned up the torque from the electric motor to make it more drivable and he said exactly what they intended to do so you benefit this is the best vehicle you can buy for your money in my opinion yeah i mean the price point of the base model to be able to get into an electrified vehicle it’s quite something great car on price and spec do you think it’s better value

Over the lexus nx oh yeah yeah well one’s a premium brand and one is non-luxury and plus this starts at just over 33 000 canadian and under 30 000 in the us so that’s a really amazing deal yeah the lexus is a premium product and they have a weird packaging system with the lexus uh we were at an event recently for the electric uh toyota and we said to them your

Pricing on the nx is way out of whack it’s in canada in canada it’s way out of whack it’s like 10 grand more than an rdx anyway so back to this product what do people buy they buy compact suvs what do they want they want all-wheel drive what do they like they like toyota what do they get great resale value what do you also get amazing reliability oh there’s i’ve

Got i need more fingers um then you get fantastic fuel economy and even one more andrea uh the hybrid starts at 33 000 this is all adding up to the best car available i did it so the thing is that at thirty three thousand dollars this ticks a lot of boxes including great fuel economy well i think that there’s a trim for everybody’s budget so you can get into

A hybrid at an affordable price yes it’s basic i have to say that the nx hybrid with a package for just around 51 000 canadian offers a lot of value for a premium brand it is also quieter than this rav4 hybrid and more powerful it is more powerful and you will get a premium experience in that compared to the sort of tupperware interior here yeah and i also think

That out of all the nx models the hybrid is the best and it offers the most value i tell you what andrea we’ll put a card right here for you to watch that review because we said that was the best nx we put out a lot of content each week on the motormouth youtube channel and it’s so easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and you type in motormouth

The name of the channel then the brand you’re looking for in this case toyota lots of toyota videos you can watch them all including the comparisons it’s that easy are there any hybrid suvs that are mildly fun to drive well i wouldn’t say that i have found one in the non-luxury category and i haven’t found just a hybrid but i would say that the bmw x330e which is

A plug-in hybrid is really fun to drive yeah i would say that everything has compromises right you want to have affordability so you give something up right you’re not getting a premium experience when it comes to power and interior amenities there has to be a rub somewhere and that is one of them now it’s not totally lackluster to drive but it’s not going to

Be on your inspiring list i do find that the hybrid sedans are quite fun to drive so if you are looking for a hybrid for better fuel economy and to have lower emissions you may want to consider a sedan yeah and that’s because they’re low to the ground and they they handle and they’re more funded or we just had the uh honda accord hybrid i thought it was fantastic

Because it was a car it’s like what a concept yeah really really quite fun not an suv go figure and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea if i were to buy a rav4 i would totally get the hybrid model i know you can’t go wrong with toyota hybrids and they’ve been in the game for so long since this generation rav4 has come out there have been other

Hybrids too such as the tucson hybrid is this rav4 still the hybrid benchmark the interesting thing is this is not the benchmark when it comes to fuel economy no that goes to the ford escape however they are fairly close but the escape beats this just marginally and for interior this definitely isn’t the benchmark i would say that goes to the tucson or the santa

Fe they have really upped their game over at hyundai and toyota has made a practical interior but i wouldn’t say that it’s refined and sophisticated no not even close to those two but what it does have and i would say is the benchmark toyota really was the brand that pushed hybrids early on they continue to improve them and these have proven to be the most reliable

Vehicles you can buy there was a recent study in the uk andrea that came out the most reliable vehicles were hybrid vehicles and then finally it’s price point this is the most affordable hybrid that you can buy for just over 33 000 canadian and under twenty nine thousand dollars in the us toyota has produced a hybrid that will fit into everybody’s budget and that

Says something great that’s why the hybrid rav4 in my opinion is the best car on the road there’s lots of competition in this category let’s see what else you can buy for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider up first is the hyundai tucson hybrid with a 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a hybrid system 226 combined horsepower and a starting

Price of just over 41 000. the cousin to this the toyota venza offering a little bit more luxury than the rav4 hybrid limited it has the same drive system with 219 horsepower and a starting price of just over 39 thousand dollars the ford escape hybrid has a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with a combined 200 horsepower and a starting price of just over 34 thousand

Dollars here’s our used car alternative from we found a 2021 toyota rav4 le hybrid with just over 26 000 kilometers on the clock for forty eight thousand five hundred and ninety dollars click the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from so there are four hybrids for you to consider what

Is the official fuel economy how much fuel does this sip let’s get into it with our vital stats let’s start with pricing the base trim in canada starts at just over thirty three thousand dollars and in the us just over twenty nine thousand dollars and the top limited trim is just over forty four and a half thousand dollars canadian and just over thirty seven and

A half thousand dollars u.s here’s the fuel economy 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers in the city 6.3 on the highway that’s an impressive 41 miles per gallon in the city 38 miles per gallon on the highway the tow rating is 2 000 pounds the warranty from toyota is three years sixty thousand kilometers or thirty six thousand miles lightning round two things we like two

Things we like to see improve i love the sporty look of this trim i love the value still waiting for that manual height adjustment on all trims in the rav4 for a mid-cycle refresh the interior that’s a weak effort toyota this is one hybrid to consider it’s the best seller for a reason this video is brought to you by canada drives shop online for your next used

Vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit to learn more

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