2022 Toyota RAV4 PRIME XSE Full Review #Toyota #rav4 #prime

Full walk around and review of a base Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE base grade. First time I’ve had one to spend time with in a year and a half. What’s new about this model and grade?

Mike hamilton lithia toyota behind me i have a 2022 rav4 prime i’ll be right back so first off i wanted to show you the key it is a little different also this one has an ac button on it so that’s something you’re not going to find on the regular hybrid because it doesn’t have this bigger 18 kilowatt hour battery that gets you 42 miles of range but it’s giving

You a good look at the side profile here and you can see it’s got really good looking lines the silver and the black you have the black cladding at the bottom black badges you got these really good looking i thought i think this and was when these came out one of the best if not the best looking rim toyota makes now they’re adding these on to some of the other

Trims just not in this like exact color setup like this here they’re a little bit different looking but if you were to physically see probably wouldn’t be hard to tell the difference like unless you know what you’re literally looking for of course you see the prime but the one thing you do have here is the uh the door for the charging door on here so on here

You have the the charging door on there and there’s only one that has their like built-in chargers on these things so you have a an upgraded xse that has a faster charge rate than uh but we have things on here like power liftgate on this one here i may not be able to do it run in so i could probably squeeze the handle get done um but this is going to be on almost

All the rav4s except for the basic models you get this both gas and hybrid and then also in this prime this is your charger you get it’s inside this bubble wrap here for your home charger now if you’re like in a garage it all night there’s absolutely no reason to go buy an upgraded charger these are only a 42 mile range so if you live and work in town like most

People do here you’ll be able to drive this work take it home charge it up at home and be full charged by the next day may not even want to charge it every day i also got the flashers going so we can see all the headlights and and stuff like the uh the side lights the marker lights there it does have blind spot monitors or across traffic alert the highest level uh

Toyota safety sense until the 3.0 comes out with some of the new models later on this year um anyways we got the fans running because i got the ac running but it had been running on the on on its uh electric i had it on a charger for about an hour and a half you can see the led accent lights the led axle lights down there there’s led high beams low beams led uh

Turn signals on this one here um the aggressive fashion toy the tnta platform giving this diamond grill some of the higher levels will get up to five cameras this only has the one camera for backup in and then you have the roof rack crossbars on this one and it has a standard moonroof sunroof on it again you got black mirror caps again this has got the two-tone

Uh paint so you got black up on top and on the side and then you got a black badging black cladding down below um and then there’s like these red shock struts in there i’m not sure why they did that i think it looks pretty good when you’re doing say the prime in that supersonic red gives you that also and um and you got these uh strut mounts there so something

This is like breaks up the colors let’s take a look on the inside here and um we have like the toyota softex soft touch on your doors we got injective foam molded soft dash we got the bigger nine inch infotainment led lights inside and out nice bolstering with the candy striped cloth inserts on this one here let’s go ahead and turn off those flashers now does

Support apple carplay and android auto has dual stage heated seats we’ll go over that when we get inside cubby storages um things like that but more bottle holders plenty of charging for your electronics you’re on this one here i do have the minron sticker here so let’s take a look at that let’s grab this real quick and let’s go over the uh what the vehicle costs

And what it has in it okay so this is the 2.5 liter gas engine combined with electric motors with the uh um 3.3 watt kilowatt onboard chargers now like that bigger one was talking about it’s like a like a six point something kilowatt 6.6 i believe um and then this does have add-ons so you see you got 43 625 as your base and it’s got the weather and heated leather

Trim package on here uh heated rear seats uh rear outboard seats so the outer seats um and then on whether floor liners blackout overlays paint protection film which is the clear bra roof rack crossbars uh rear bumper applique and mud guards are all part of this with uh after destination and it is a price of forty seven thousand one twenty seven uh it’s rated on

The right uh thing there if you could do the do it the correct way you could get up to 94 miles per gallon mpge which it means it’s your combination between your electric and your gas i’ve seen one of the youtube reviewers get about 89 miles per gallon on a 100 mile loop they did so if it goes into a gas only mode you’re getting about 38 miles per gallon so

Definitely a good savings on gas let’s go ahead and take a look at this back seat area here again this has got the the rear outboard seats here that has heated seats we have usb c’s down there it gives you vents but no uh air controls for this car here uh armrest with cup cup holders in here let’s move around to the other side so i can show you how i fit at six foot

Two in the back seat which should be behind me where i had that seat for me prior to uh getting out of the car we have plenty of room there i still got a couple inches and boy these vans actually blow really good so there’s a lot of flow of air in this one i’m actually haven’t felt that much flow before so these vents do extremely good moon roof and sunroof again

Like what i really like in here is we have led lighting throughout i wish toilet would do that with some of their other models like i mean it’s like such a small upgrade but i think it makes a world of difference as far as how nice it looks inside looks more premium and also just gives it better lighting let’s take a look at our inside of our driver store again

We got stitching in here red stitching to tie everything in give it a nicer premium feel with the candy striping we have a eight-way adjustable seat with power lumbar for the drivers here we have a nice leather uh wrapped steering wheel with the stitching again also down below we have our extras on here we have our autodemon high beam our heated windshield wipers

Heated steering wheel and power liftgate button so there’s multiple ways to open up this gate through the fob through that button through on the dash and and also the squeeze in the handle is all the ways you could do that let’s go ahead and move on to the inside so everything on this steering wheel that’s controlled up here is at a fingertips touch giving you a

Variety of different information this is our eco screen um it’s our electrical uh charge ratios and there’s like stuff like distance to ev uh miles and ev range so we only got 0.9 range i’ve been running the ac this entire time as i only charge for like an hour and a half um it’ll probably take about i don’t know eight eight to twelve hours or something i have

To look at that um i saw our lane trace assistance our lane departure with steer asset assistance our adaptive cruise control screen is on here so you got three bars for three seconds two bars goes for two and a half for two seconds and then you have let’s move on over we got audio sources on here trip information you got your hybrid systems in here your psis

Your all-wheel drive systems this is all the same on the on the same levels of these vehicles um you’ll have all this equipped but it doesn’t like make you pay more money to get the safety equipment from toyota safety sense that is a standard so we have we have our uh lane departure alert with share assist lien trace assistance pre-collision systems that also

Will stop or break hard for cars if you’re going to rear in the car also sees pedestrians and cyclists and large animals blind spot monitoring we’re across traffic alert we have our one this one here reads the speed limits as you go by and stop signs and then no message there’s ever a problem with this vehicle tell you what’s going on with it and then back over

To our eco screen again so these are all the different features we have here and then you have the bigger of the two infotainments there’s a seven inch and a nine inches this is the nine inch it does do apple carplay and android i don’t know it’s not wireless but for apple carplay you get something called a dongle that can make it wireless for you they’re cheap

They’re on amazon sports also has xm radio for trial for 90 days and then down below we have dual climate controls that has all your different stuff for you your air your speeds your different modes inside outside air are all part of this here then we have dual stage heated seats here and then down below you have your primary port for port and apple carplay a

Power port and a qi wireless charging pad for your cell phone here you have drive modes we have ev modes we have a normal if you want to get go get zip we got eco or sport sorry sport then eco on here um and then it actually changes color too on the button which is cool so it goes red if we uh do it that way and and then green and we do that and then and it goes

Blue for normal 99 time you will drive it normal and also again we get more of that stitching and leather wrap just to tie everything in with some of this nickel polish plastic just to give everything a nice premium look and then we get a couple of usbc’s in our center console there moving up to the top like now the uh xse prime could have that it’s a fifth

Camera here which is called a digital rear view mirror this is just an auto demon rear view mirror with garage door home link memory sets on here so no uh diesel rear view mirror we have led lights again um we have uh our moon roof and sunroof so it lifts up and opens up i’m not gonna demo that that’s pretty self-explanatory and the sos button is in every single

Toyota built um that button is for emergency services so if you’re an accident airbags deploy they will alert the call center i’ll be calling you grab an emergency you can call them also does roadside assistance and stolen vehicle locator for a trial period of three years vanity mirrors with lights on it led lights shade extenders so just a really nice well put

Together vehicle here again mike hamilton so i’ve had this running full electric the entire time i’ve been making this video also this is tell the new corolla hatch gr corolla hatch comes out toyota’s second fastest vehicle second to the supra it’s got a 0 to 60 in in the mid fives again the corolla 300 horsepower hatch comes out and will be faster than this

But uh again this is kind of a sneaky peak the mid fives for zero to 60 is quite quick it’s going to use the engine and these electric motors in combination and really get you going so anyways that’s a pretty nice feature to have if you need that power and that speed well thank you again for watching we’ll see you next time

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