2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Plug-In Hybrid Walkthrough

J.D. here at the Bill Penney Toyota lot to walk you through the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Plug-in Hybrid.

Hey everybody this is jd hunter here at bill payne toyota and today on the lot is our one of our rare rare rare um suvs here this is the rav4 prime xse this is the um trim level above the x at the se and i wanted to buy luckily got this from my customers this is one that i am delivering now unfortunately for the rest of y’all these are very rare to come by you’re

Looking at about an 8 to 12 month um time for getting the vehicle from the time that you leave a deposit but once you do you get this bad boy and i need to show it to you all right look at this bad boy of course all of our hybrids are going to have the blue highlights in the um toyota symbols i want to show you those wheels oh look at them they’re so nice plug-in

Hybrid showing you all that i wanted to show you this 94 e miles so uh what the yeah like the elect what this means is that every day that you um max that you charge up this do you plug it in you charge it up it will get 50 additional uh we’ll get um pretty much 50 dish or 42 additional miles of just like uh of charge so you’re gonna get um 40 to 50 miles of

Charge every single day and then after that you got the normal um 38 miles per gallon for your um your the rest of your highway and city needs and of course gotta show you the boom look at the charge port and it even has a little hanger right here bam that’s awesome that’s where you charge it that’s where you charge your vehicle every night to pop back and bust a

Cap on it boom good to go so in the back it is an xse so of course you’re going to get the power lift gate all right this one does have the floor the sorry the cargo cover that cargo cover goes all the way to the back seats as well on the backs of the back seats as well so when you put the flip the seats down that your stuff is still protected you of course have

The tanu privacy cover bam look at that bad boy right there protecting you from uh from prying eyes or the high alabama sun or whatever place you go this is of course your charger uh your charge cord so you can take it home and plug it in of course you’re going to have your uh spare spot right there for other cleaning supplies down here in the bottom you’re all

Going to have your full size rear tire and your tonneau cover does um fold in underneath there this is programmable so say you’re a little bit shorter than i am or you can’t reach you can just stop it right there hold it for a couple seconds bam it’s now set it’ll only go up that high from now on you can just manually readjust it by just manually lifting it up

There resetting it right there all right i know a lot of people are worried about safety and stuff and being a father myself i understand this situation i just want to let you know that we stand behind all of our toyota products even to the point where we’re willing to risk ourselves but yes a lot of your kids are going to be safe you don’t have to worry about

Them closing you in here as well so of course you do have a uh a windshield wiper in the back and bring this down in the back here the back seats you have usb ports for the kids in the back as well as vents for acn heating these seats do fold down and like i said the the cargo cover even covers the back seats here you do have two positions for these seats you do

Have them upright and you can lean them back for additional headroom you this one also has the heating element for like heated seats for the back into nice it’s very nice all right let’s get into the driver’s seat because this is where we really want to be all right so i want you to see the stitching there oh all that look at that this is a 10-way adjustable seat

So it does go forward and backwards as well as up and down and you can even adjust the front here in case you have super long legs or um you have lumbar support there of course cup holders cup holders cup holders cup holders everywhere all right i want you to see this display here oh look at that of course it’s beeping at me because i do not have my seat belt

Buckled it will stop after a second if you do have the leather steering wheel with warming as though it is heated leather steering wheel so yes get my fingers nice and toasty you have of course your defrost your auto high beams this is going to have the toyota safety star system which includes the dynamic radar cruise control lane departure alert lane tracing

Assists pre-collision systems with pedestrian detection the idle high beams as well as what else we got here oh forester um you have hands-free audio uh apple voice commands for toyota as well as you’re going to get voice commands for apple carplay and android auto this is this little echo um chart is showing you exactly how the power is going whether it’s uh

The engine charging up the battery or the battery providing power to this um wheels or the engine providing power to the wheels you have this nice huge display here gives you your all your little um needs inclusion diner operator cruise control and the um auto the road sign assist so whenever you drive a drive past the speed limit sign it’ll actually pop up a

Little copy of the speed limit sign up here you know i said this does not have the normal tachometer it has the power to echo and charge this will show you pretty much um all the way through here is where the electric engines will be doing most of work and then in this power range that’s when your gas engine will um take over you do have heated seats in the front

For the driver and passenger you have the electronic parking brake brake hold which will keep you stationary whenever you come to a complete stop even if you take your foot off the brake you have the qi wireless phone charger right here of course you have your auto mode your electric vehicle modes for the charge hold and for the um uh electric vehicle you have

Your drive modes for echo sport and normal this adjusts everything to provide either the best fuel efficiency or the best acceleration or the balance of both and of course you have your trail settings here so whenever you decide to go off off the beaten path in here in your center console you’re going to have usb ports additional usb ports from there there and in

The back there of course this does have the moon root one touch moon roof with plenty of space this one also has the um uh luggage racks or cargo rails or lego trails and you can keep it open there for additional daylight this has the auto dimming homelink mirror so this will auto dim for you and you can also program your garage your gate and additional um uh

Remote of course you got your vanity mirrors got your emergency connect so this works just like onstar you can call in case you get stranded run out of gas or need any emergency assistance look at a huge screen there it’s beautiful dual zone climbing control and a lockable glove compartment with plenty of space in there nice little cubby holes everywhere here

To store all your stuff and of course that concludes our little tour of the rarest of the rares the rav4 from rav4 prime hybrid suv and this is in the this is the xse all right so if you have any questions just give me a call my number is 256-893-6984 or you can email me at jhunter at billpini p-e-n-n-e-y.com all right talk to you later

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2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Plug-In Hybrid Walkthrough By J.D. the Toyota Salesman