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2022 Toyota RAV4 (Refresh) – Stylish Compact SUV

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Hey Guys, Here’s the New 2023 Toyota RAV4 (Refresh) – Stylish Compact SUV!

Hello i’m julie wood and i’ll be giving you a closer look at what makes the all-new toyotaro rev4 truly freedom sophisticated the toyota rav4 is a historically significant model in toyota’s lineup introduced in 1994 it came at a time when suvs were growing in popularity evident by its constant increase in sales each year suffice to say the toyota rav4 is

The pioneer of modern compact suvs and played a pivotal role in creating a new segment in the car market to date more than 10 million units have been sold worldwide making it one of the best selling suvs in the world now comes the fifth generation of the hugely successful toyota rav4 that is complete with enhanced specifications that truly appeals to the

Young affluent buyers who want to be different it has a completely new platform with sophistication and refinement that makes it an attractive alternative to other premium compact suvs in the market the all-new rav4 imported by umw toyota moto is available in two variants with two liter and 2.5 liter engines customers who purchased the rev4 distributed by

Umw toyota moto and sold through its nationwide network are able to enjoy a satisfying ownership experience as they not only come with a full factory warranty but also complete after sale support let’s start with the design while it has been refined to fit the urban environment the roots of the rev4 as an suv have still been retained the two-tiered upper and

Lower trapezoid-shaped grille provides a wide and stable stance on either side the sleek and stylish led headlamps are incorporated with the led daytime running lights providing excellent daytime visibility the front fog lamps located at the lower bumper corners provide additional lighting when needed emphasizing the wide and stable stance of the vehicle the

Overall design of the rav4 has a chiseled appearance with a powerful and tough impression expressed through the front octagon shape character lines flowing at the side further enhance its refined ruggedness protective panels finished in black give a bold and rugged look the wheel archers with their polygonal motifs appear to hold the tires at a high position

Emphasizing the raised body at the rear the trapezoid shape emanates from the license plate garnish to the rear combination lamps through the bumper and tires towards the front the distinctively shaped rear combination lamps are based on the polygonal motif with the led design that evokes a sense of sophistication appropriate for the all-new toyota rav4 the

Latest generation of the rav4 rides on big 18-inch alloy wheels with a rugged five-spoke design the tires offer a good balance between comfort and handling with a tread pattern that allows for mild off-road driving the all-new rav4 is available in six distinct colors w mica red mica grey metallic silver metallic white pearl and attitude black the all-new

Rev4 doesn’t just look formidable it also has the performance to back it up the fifth generation of the rav4 has a completely new powertrain powered by a dynamic force engine with vvt-ie that is both lighter and more powerful it’s available in two displacements two liter and 2.5 liter with the latter providing a maximum output of 207 ps and 243 newton meters

Of torque so this engine gives you responsive acceleration higher engine output and combustion efficiency that leads to better field economy and all of this power is further enhanced with the toyota new global architecture platform or tnga platform for short which allows for a more rigid vehicle structure to improve agility as well as provide a smoother and

Quieter ride on top of that with the adoption of the tnga platform it also allows for the powertrain to be placed at a lower level thus lowering the center of gravity for better stability now the tnga platform also improves visibility by changing the position of the door mirrors that used to be placed at the window panels and now they have been repositioned

To the door panels thus increasing the forward visibility around the apls now let’s take a look at what awaits us inside the all-new raffle with the smart entry and push start system you just need to have the car key on you and press this button to open it to start it up you just need to press the start button while depressing the brake pedal with the new

Platform the interior designers took the opportunity to do a complete redesign on the interior cabin with particular focus to practicality of space as well as to exude a premium suv atmosphere now in terms of the look and feel to it attention to detail has been placed at every inch of the rav4 providing better refinement spaciousness comfort and sophistication

The polygonal motif that you find throughout the entire interior cabin provides a unique combination of playfulness and toughness the newly designed front layout of the dashboard incorporates the instrument panel which is now slimmer and placed at a lower level to provide for better visibility for the driver on top of that you’ll also find that soft pads with

Premium materials have been placed throughout the entire cabin mostly where occupants are likely to touch right in front of you you’ll be greeted by the optitron meters used in the instrument cluster now these option meters not only add to the premium look and feel as well as the sportiness of the interior cabin but it also provides for great clarity under any

Lighting conditions and on top of that it can also effectively display important vehicle information to the driver the 7-inch color multi-information display is able to be switched between analog and digital to suit your preference right over here you have the memory seat buttons that are able to store up to two driver seat selections and you can effectively

Choose your seat selections and activate it with a push of the button another great convenience feature would be the wireless charging for compatible devices that you can conveniently charge without using a cable another great convenience feature that comes with the all-new rav4 is the dual zone automatic air conditioning so that the driver and the front

Passenger are able to independently adjust the temperature to suit their own preference and together with the s flow this system automatically detects the seats that are occupied and would adjust the airflow directed to those seats it’s convenience at its best it’s not just the air conditioning system but the front seats are also ventilated to give the driver

As well as the front passenger greater comfort for your journey the all-new raffle doesn’t just cater to your comfort but to your safety as well and with the latest generation of the rav4 it comes with the toyota safety sense which is a set of advanced safety features that work together to give you peace of mind and this includes the pre-collision system that

Monitors the rotor head using radar as well as cameras and what it does is that in the event it detects a possible collision it would automatically alert the driver and apply your brakes to avoid the collision or to reduce the impact on top of that the only rev4 also comes with the lane departure alert with lane tracing assist now the lane departure alert

Would alert the driver in the event the vehicle is swerving out of its lane and it uses sensors as well as camera to detect this and it would adjust your steering wheel to bring you back to your lane and this is further enhanced with the lane tracing assist that consistently work to keep you in your lane as it detects the lane as well as the preceding vehicle

Apart from that the only raffle also comes with the dynamic radar cruise control for all speeds keeping you a safe distance from the preceding vehicle in the event that it detects the vehicle ahead of you has stopped it would alert the driver and it would automatically apply the brakes as well and finally the all-new wrapper also comes with automatic high beam

That switches from high beam to low beam when it detects an oncoming vehicle on the other side and once the vehicle has passed it would automatically adjust the high beam up again effectively giving you greater visibility without dazzling the oncoming vehicle so these are just some of the great safety features that you’ll find in the all-new rev4 the 2.5 liter

Variant of the all utilitar comes with a new direct shift 8-speed automatic transmission which is an upgrade from the previous 6-speed transmission effectively giving you quicker and smoother acceleration on top of that the driver can switch between the eight speeds using the pedal shifters without having to lift their hands off the steering wheel three drive

Modes are available for your driving convenience eco will give you great fuel economy sport gives you better acceleration and performance and normal mode has a good balance between the two as a lifestyle vehicle the all-new toyota rav4 was also built for comfort and convenience with your practical needs in mind the rear seats can be reclined to maintain the

Rear passengers comfort even on long journeys have you ever found yourself with your hands full when you reach your car with a kick sensor power back door all you need to do is a slight kick motion underneath the rear bumper to automatically open the back door when you do not have many rear passengers and need a little more cargo space the 60 40 split folding

Seats allow you to adjust the space you need for example as a result of the large cabin and boot space you can fit in a 62-inch bicycle with the front tire removed oddly shaped cargo wouldn’t be a problem or if you have an affinity for water-based activities you can fold down the second row to load a surfboard or store a six-foot fishing rod and should you

Have wet items that need to be stored you can simply flip the floorboard over to its waterproof surface or you can lower the floorboard to a lower level to fit in taller luggage if you have bags equipment or clothes that need to be hung up the rear inner gate handle can easily take on the task to close the back door you have the option to use the kick sensor

Or press the button with everything it has to offer the all-new rev4 comes with security features to help protect your vehicle in addition to the engine immobilizer and alarm system the all-new rav4 has enhanced security with a vehicle telematics system this system uses gps and gsm technology to track your vehicle in the event it is stolen so the authorities

Can be notified as soon as possible to recover your vehicle this system is compatible with the vts app which you can download on your mobile device to monitor your vehicle receive important vehicle updates notification alerts and so much more in addition to that the all-new rav4 comes with the toyota premium security and solar film which helps make the glass

Panel resistant to being broken by thieves as an added bonus it also helps reduce the transmission of heat into the cabin for a more comfortable driving experience

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2022 Toyota RAV4 (Refresh) – Stylish Compact SUV! By Automobile Geeks