2022 Toyota Sienna | Long Term Impressions

We start our long-term review impressions on the new 2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid. After 4 weeks of normal and hard-driving, we talk about the ownership experience, fuel economy, and usability. Others to consider are the Kia Carnival, Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, Mazda CX9, Honda Pilot, Kia Telluride, and more.

The toyota sienna minivan this is a long-term test i’ve driven four different trim levels of this on a road trip and moved so i have a different opinion if you want a more technical video i’ve already done that it’s long it tells you all the changes why they did what they did so check out that video and there will be some link here as well so let’s get into my

Experience we’re gonna start with the exterior and obviously this is subjective but one thing they tried to do is make it look more aggressive less conservative and that whole bullet train look does work in terms of the side in the back profile but i really really hate the front grille it is enormous it’s so much plastic it has no function other than just trying

To look different and in the concept it looked way better like most concept cars until you get the practical things that you have to do for regulations and safety bumper heights headlight height like all the things that you have to do hood height and it just it just doesn’t look normal and i don’t think it’s going to age well but again how many people actually go

And buy a minivan are like oh man i got to have this thing’s got to be hot i mean it’s definitely different i will give them that the interior let’s get into some of the pros and the cons everything is physical in here this is an interior space aside from the infotainment that you’re going to get in a 20 year old toyota product or you’re going to get in here and

You’re going to understand how everything works there’s no swipe there’s no capacitive touch there’s no glossy buttons to get dirty and i really like the usability part of this van because you’re not fighting with it other than the typical toyota things where it’s constantly beeping for everything the doors are slow as hell i mean those things are still there and

That’s again it’s indicative of every model of this brand but like things like the analog gauges simple the only thing you’re going to really use the screen for i’ll be honest is to see your miles per gallon so there’s a lot of thought to how do you make this less fatiguing and more normal to operate storage space the doors have a tiered approach where you have

The bottom cup holders the center cubby and then like where you grab the handle you can put a phone in there and while the doors are huge this is a 24 ounce refillable bottle and i feel like a lot of people are going to use that in cars like this or vans like this this barely fits in the door and you know you go to the store center storage area there’s a lot of

Anti-slip stuff where you put your phone and then there’s some like really slippery plastic up here so if you drive hard things are constantly flying around the under storage bin is anti-slip which is good it’s a huge chasm and this is great for bags and stuff or things that aren’t loose so if you have bags you can stuff it like you could probably fit a smaller

Detergent bottle here or like a six pack of like coke or something and then the armrests are really padded and they’re even so you’re not getting this like long like pinched effect and longer drives but because of this chasm down here they sacrifice the center armrest storage area it’s really tiny compared to like a lot of like suvs and other uh like trucks it’s

Definitely a disappointment here i feel like they could have balanced it out better but what are you gonna do the biggest negative about this these lower trim levels is the seats and it’s not really so much about adjustability is they’re so hot they feel like it’s like this pleather and there’s no perforation so in the summer like right now my ass and my back

Are just completely sweaty and you get it on longer road trips no matter how cold you have the interior you’re constantly sweating in it adjustability is good on the driver’s side and you have a really high like position driving position the passenger seat unfortunately you’re stuck at high only you can’t lower the seat down in the backs the two sliding captains

Chairs are great you can slide them all the way back and you turn it into a cargo hold in that second row and of course the sliding rear doors are amazing it just it once you use those it’s really hard to go back to an suv because you get in and out of there so quickly or if you load kids in there or cargo it’s like that there’s no like leaning in and pinching

And bumping into the doors when you take stuff out you’re not blasting doors amazing but the big problem with this van is you can’t take out the second row and you they don’t fold into the floor like the uh non-hybrid pacifica and that’s where the pacific is amazing but when you get in the hybrid you lose that so that’s kind of like a wash and they probably did

It for safety because of the airbag modules in it um and it’s possible they did it because the battery packs under the floor like in this area so you can’t put the seats into the floor like the pacifica the third row is really great they’re usable and the the recline function is really good and there’s a bunch of ports back there the way that the hvac controls

Work in the back are great there’s a good way to split the climate up and it’s easy to control for your back passengers when everything’s down again huge pro i can fit a queen size bed granted i had to fold it in a little bit it’s it you did have to bend it and a full-size bed in there plus a bunch of cargo and i think that’s what goes to goes to show you with

This is it’s really 100 appliance and it is very very usable and no unibody suv can touch it in terms of usability and i believe i tried i went from an xc90 to an x7 and every time i want to use something i would rather have the minivan if you just don’t fight with it and i think that’s a good time to get into the shop segment i’m going to talk about some of

The things they did and why they are the way they are since we’re talking about the pros and the cons of the sienna i wanted to take a minute to explain why this van is the way that it is but i’m not going to take too long on that now first kind of got to thank these guys chrysler plymouth dodge fca stellantes or whatever 25 other brands are going to own them in

The decade for essentially creating this segment and then honda and toyota have evolved it and with this generation of sienna i was kind of lukewarm to it when it came out i was like i don’t know i don’t buy into a lot of it i didn’t buy dumping the v6 especially something that was highly and ultra reliable to a fault almost and you get this now it’s hybrid only

But when you look at fuel costs and if fuel costs were to remain extremely high like they have been around the world you see just how much sense this makes and how smart this brand is playing the long term game or long game they do not look at some of these commodity type products like this van or sedans or some of their high volume suvs as throwaway objects and

I have a lot more respect from for that doing this long term and seeing all these cars that you just forget about in like five years and you know you could care less about it but if you’re buying this you’re owning it or you have a huge loan something you’re going to be paying off for years and years you really start to think i do not want to be dealing with

A lot of headache with this and that’s exactly what this is attempting to do so the reason that it’s more quiet the reason that it’s more efficient has a lot to do with what’s under here these panels they’ve coated the entire underbody with panels and this felt-like material looks almost like carpet across the whole center plane of the car they’ve also routed

Air smoothly underneath which this is an enormous vehicle so that’s a huge task when you still have a gasoline engine but they were smart about it things like putting the exhaust or the muffler in the center part of the car so not to impede the load floor on the back and you see the whole load floor where the exhaust would typically be or that that muffler it’s

All flat in the back so it’s smoothing out that air so it reduces the wind turbulence it increases efficiency and then you have less road noise in the cabin and that’s one of the things i was surprised about because if you get in the older minivans you’re like god this thing is it’s just it’s so noisy the road noise it feels like you’re in a coffee can on the

Inside and this doesn’t have that even in the back now the other part is because it’s a hybrid system in a four-cylinder hybrid the battery pack has been located under the driver and passenger seat so that gives them more packaging considerations on the interior it doesn’t compromise too much in terms of interior cargo room and cargo volume and passenger volume

So doing that also allows them the flexibility of putting e all-wheel drive instead of a mechanical differential in the back it’s just an electric motor that they can send power to when it’s needed and then they don’t need the extra weight and complexity of a drive shaft and now the all-wheel drive system on here is nowhere near as good as something that’s you

Know physically connected and mechanical but it doesn’t need to be for this because this is like that urban vehicle so all of these things that they’ve done in terms of packaging have made it quieter made it more efficient that’s how partly one of the ways this monstrosity can get such good fuel economy it rides softer and it feels more like a luxury vehicle

Because it does share the platform with some of their higher end products so you know there’s not a lot to complain about other than some of the performance things it’s you know it’s it’s not that quick compared to a lot of modern cars but i’m going to take this for a drive briefly and walk you through what i really like and don’t like about it it’s time to take

A spin in the minivan evolved no longer do we have to deal with this red thing that’s in front of us it’s not a total turd on wheels but ecvt planetary gear set continuously variable transmission you have a naturally aspirated four-cylinder combined with the hybrid electric system which gives you decent amount of torque the system will go into ev mode which

Is just electric only during certain conditions and that’s the trick to balancing out fuel economy and the reality is the people that are going to be driving this much like myself are in a different level i never get in here and think i’m going to drive like an i never put it in sport mode i never think about oh man let me check my tire pressures so i get

Better grip i am throwing this in eco mode and just trying to maximize my fuel economy secondarily to that i’m always stuck in traffic this is a real commuter so every time i’m behind the wheel i get stuck somewhere and when i’m stuck going 10 out of the speed limit in a 35 mile an hour zone you know what that’s life this gives you no pressure no stress and

People look at you and they give you a break if i’m driving like a dick because i need to get somewhere and i cut somebody off it doesn’t enrage them like if i was driving my mercedes amg cla whatever number it it you get a pass in life because the minivan is definitely not thought of as an car in fact most people will try to get around you so what’s the big

Takeaways much like i talked about in the shop all the work they’ve done on the chassis in terms of trying to make it more refined and quiet has worked this is a very comfortable it’s a soft riding without feeling like a boat it’s a soft riding shut up it’s a soft riding van with decent grip and the all-wheel drive even though it’s e all-wheel drive does a

Good job in every single situation when i rip out of here and i turn the wheel and i mash on the gas it’s not a disaster the front end works it transfers just enough power to the back where you don’t get a bunch of plowing and understeer like i do in the traditional hyundai and kia products who can’t seem to get rid of it now yes this is slow it is definitely on

The slower side it doesn’t inspire a lot of like tinglies in you if you need to get going if you really really need to get out you have to plan it a bit more but the benefit is of the ecvt is unlike the hybrid kia that i just got out of well there’s no lag or delay in the transmission performance the switch over between ev if it’s in ev back to gasoline motor

Is absolutely imperceptible aside from the engine noise it’s a smooth buttery experience that has been refined over the course of 15 plus years now in toyota’s portfolio so you’re getting their most developed version of their hybrid system which leads me into my next point i complained about them losing the v6 and now that gas prices are high i think that in

Most cases it’s not a big deal because they stuck with nickel metal hydride here for a battery pack you don’t have to worry about expensive repair costs so you can get a refurb pack around 1500 bucks and a new one for around 4 500 which if gas prices are dollars a gallon five to six dollars a gallon you’re going to not have to worry about what you’re going to

Lose replacing a battery pack at the 150 200 000 mile mark if you’re driving it in extreme conditions and if you’re in ideal conditions you may not even have to replace it at all so it really goes back is the four-cylinder reliable and mostly yes so the big thing what am i getting in terms of fuel economy well because i’m not driving this like an i’m almost

Exclusively in eco mode tooling around i’ve been getting an average of 36 miles per gallon which is what they advertise and i think that to me is one of the biggest selling points of this aside from you know the utter usability refinement of it but i’m gonna make some points and the final thoughts about kind of the things that i wish this had it goes without

Saying if you’ve seen any one of my videos you’ll know that i am a fan of the minivan but that’s different than actually going out and buying one i found myself making excuses constantly why i don’t want one and even when getting rid of the xc90 for the x7 i’m like well i wanted the performance i wanted the engine i wanted transmission i wanted handling and

I wanted the luxury features and i think in some cases there’s real truth to that for people like myself that may not particularly i’m not in love with the suv format i’ve never been but that’s where all the money in the industry is going that’s what sells so that’s where you’re seeing big budgets being blown on the million of these things so like sedans are

Falling behind and in the case of the minivan you’re stuck with kind of the commodity mass-market version and i think that to me is what’s holding me back from crossing over completely um if they released a lexus version of this which they could easily do with good seats a real audio system that they spent time on with more luxury amenities in it in terms of

Comfort and technology packages and some of the things that make lexus great in terms of like that highway cruiser i would 100 percent be in a luxury van now that doesn’t mean that i don’t love this because i just spent almost three weeks moving things and just in and out of this thing piling on the miles and i would say when i had real things to do and people

To move nine out of ten times i would take the sienna and i would take it nine out of ten times not just because it was easier to use and i could fit more in it but because i was getting like 38 miles to the gallon where in my x7 i’m barely getting 17. and that adds up when you’re piling on the miles and i don’t care what what it is that you’re doing those costs

In this market are insane they are essentially more than a car payment so this saves a lot of money and it still rides great it still handles well it’s soft and it does everything that you want it to do it’s just missing some of the the polish and the finesse of more of a luxury product but if you don’t care about that and you just need it to be that purposeful

Utility max out people max out cargo and do everything well you’re going to love the sienna and it’s something i’m really really considering getting over my suv thanks for watching i’ll see you next video you

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