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2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4X4 CrewMax Truck Midnight Black Exterior & Interior Walk Around

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2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4X4 CrewMax Truck Midnight Black Metallic Exterior & Interior Walk Around;

Today on what’s hot on the car lot with davey we have a brand new 2022 toyota tundra 1794 edition in the midnight black metallic color and what i am going to do today is i’m going to do a walk around of both the outside and the inside of the vehicle uh first thing we’ll take a look at so you know what’s going to be on this vehicle is the window sticker and this

Is going to show you the variety of options that will be on this vehicle it being the 1794 edition it is going to have a lot of the bells and whistles on this particular toyota tundra 1794. and it’s priced at 66.39 now if you do end up liking this video today i would really appreciate it even if you can do it now hit that little subscribe button and subscribe and

Like my video uh the more people who subscribe to this what’s hot on the car lot with davey channel the more videos i will put on in the future relating to toyota vehicles such as this tundra now doing a walk around of the vehicle you do we do have the 20 inch alloy wheels on the vehicle this is the five and a half foot bed on the 1794 edition truck and a little

Bit of a peek on the inside of the bed as well um the toyota car lot i work at is in west virginia probably the nearest big city to me would be pittsburgh pa and we sell a lot of vehicles to people into west virginia ohio and pennsylvania area just because we are in a tri-state area and this is the new style that they just came out with in 2022 for these toyota

Tundras and they are a pretty hard vehicle to find right now as many of you are probably noticing probably going a lot of toyota a lot so you might not be seeing these tundras on a lot because they’re selling just about as fast as we get them all right now that we have a pretty good view of the outside of the vehicle i will start moving on to the inside of the

Vehicle something else i’ll point out real quick before we go inside is this vehicle does have blind spot monitoring in it so these two little cars that you see they will turn orange whenever somebody would get in your blind spot definitely comes in handy if you’re on the interstate and you’re trying to get over uh those two little cars will end indicate the color

Orange to let you know not to get over at that time now this vehicle does have the power running boards on it so when you go to open up the vehicle the power running boards will slide out and then we need to close the vehicle within a few seconds power running boards will go back in now this vehicle does have the saddle tan leather interior which is a very cool

Looking interior if you ask me it kind of gives it that uh kind of old school rustic look in my opinion something that is also cool in the 1794 edition even people in your second row will have the ability of heated and cooling seats as well even in the second row seating and you’ll also have couple usbs back here to charge your phone and an outlet as well all

Right we’re gonna hop inside the vehicle now and just looking at the vehicle you do have the ability as well to set your seating to your preference so you do have based off the key fob to set it the seat one or seat two and that will remember your seating so you do have that option on this vehicle as well all right now hopping into the vehicle as long as the key

Fob is in the vehicle you’ll be able to start it all you have to do is hit the brake hit this engine start stop button and it’ll start your vehicle up and one of the first things you’re going to notice on the vehicle is the giant 14 inch screen that is on this vehicle and there’s a lot of different settings that you’re going to be able to go through on the new

Toyota tundra i’ll go over a few of them with you we’re currently on the radio that’s where most vehicles are going to start you do have the option of doing the am fm or sirius xm radio which is going to be the first indicator there that just says radio on it and you’re also going to have the ability for apple music or amazon music and then if you ever wanted to

Set up your phone as a very easy process probably takes two or three minutes turn your bluetooth setting on your phone hit that connect the device and within a few moments you’ll have your phone linked to the vehicle as well now the car feature this is just going to give you information related to any trips you might take the miles trip range trip duration that’s

All going to be in those settings and then history if you’ve ever gone somewhere in the past we’ll show it right there and then vehicle alerts if you ever have any vehicle alerts such as a low tire warning anything like that it would appear right there and then your settings would be at the bottom and there’s a variety of different settings you can look through

And basically you can set up the vehicle the way you like and if you ever want to do a software update on the vehicle you hit that software update button any apps you would add you can hit the apps button there but pretty self-explanatory as far as the general settings uh what’s also cool about the 1794 edition uh this one in particular you do have the panoramic

Moon roof on the vehicle which by hitting this button right here it will open up the panoramic smoother and it will go past the second row of seating they’re definitely pretty cool feature so you can drive and style on your new 1794 edition tundra and hit the button and it’ll close it back up also while we’re up in this section of vehicle um you will have the

Ability for toyota connected services on the vehicle so that little sos button that you see if you ever had an issue where you ran out of gas got a fender bender whatever the case may be you hit that button and it will alert the services for toyota to come and help you out with any of the needs that you require also on the rear view mirror you do have the option to

Set up to three garage doors so you see the little indicators that say one two and three on them and going down a little bit further you have your climate controls which they make it very user friendly in my opinion pretty much you hit the up and down arrows to set the temperature the way you like it you have your fan right in the middle so you can turn your fan

Up and down and you do have the option of both heated seats high medium and low and you also have cooling seats on this particular vehicle so that’s pretty cool as well so high medium low for the cooling seats as well and another pretty cool feature on this tundra is it does have the bird’s eye view so if you hit this view button right here it will give you the

Bird’s eye view which gives you a 360 degree angle of the vehicle so it will show what’s next here what’s behind you and what’s in front of you through the bird’s eye view so it’s definitely another one of those safety features that toyota’s been putting in their vehicles and definitely a pretty cool one that way you can see what’s next here what’s beside you and

It’s just a great safety feature overall in the vehicle now if you want to look at a little bit different view without the truck you can kind of look at it just in a little bit larger capacity putting it in the other mode for the 360 degree angle all right and then to get out of that feature all you do is hit the view button again vehicle will also have the backup

Camera as well so that’ll give you a good look at how the backup camera looks and then a lot of your different settings on the vehicle will be operated through your steering wheel so you have the options to turn up turn down your radio for the volume there as you see the sound up and down you have voice command option as well and a lot of your safety settings

You’ll be able to find by hitting the arrow buttons and the ok buttons so for example when you hit the left and right arrows it’s going to take you through all your different settings on the vehicle so the first one you’re going to see here is the distance to empty miles per gallon you’re getting a little compass right there if you’re going to change your music

You can do it through the little sound wave there if you have your trailer attached there’s the option for your trailer and then your settings which is going to be all your different safety settings in the vehicle so your lane assist which you have the option to turn on and off um most of the safety settings we are going to recommend that you keep them on but

Every once in a while if you’re driving on a lot of windy roads or a lot of roads have potholes you may want to turn some of these features on and off but you do have the option to turn any safety features on and off if you like um you have your pre-collision you have your blind spot monitoring which i talked about a little bit earlier your park assist your rear

Cross traffic alert and all your other safety settings are gonna be in that area and then the final one is just gonna be if there’s any warnings right now since this one just came off the trailer we have yet to put gas in it so it’s giving us a fuel low indicator but if you ever have any indicators it will show under the warning tab as well and over here this is

Going to show you a little bit more on the vehicle a couple other settings off to the left your heated steering wheel would be right there that you can turn on your odometer if you’re trying to see how many miles it’ll show up on here so this vehicle right now only has five miles on it and if you keep hitting the odometer you see the different trips and you’ll

Also see how many miles to your next service all right so that is a pretty good overview of the vehicle as far as some of those things go a couple other little things to point out before i wrap up the video you do have an option for wireless charging right here your four wheel drive is going to be right in this section as well so you can push this in the four

Wheel drive and the indicator light will turn on on your dashboard to let you know it is in the four wheel drive and then you can push it back in and put it back in two wheel drive does have a couple different drive modes on the vehicle which you just turn this knob to get your different drive modes so it’ll turn it into sport s sport s plus and then if you

Go back you’re also going to have a comfort mode and an eco mode so this one does have a couple different drive modes on the vehicle so sport modes would basically just add more rpm to the front of the vehicle give you a little bit more zip when you’re driving eco mode basically going to try to make the vehicle a little bit more fuel efficient all right i think

That’s where i’m going to wrap up the video for today if you did like this video i would certainly appreciate if you could subscribe and like the video what’s hot on the car lot with davey the more people who subscribe to my videos the more likely i’m going to continue to do videos on the toyota tundras and other toyota vehicles and even pre-owned vehicles that

We may have on the lot in the future so if you could take the time hit that subscribe button i really would appreciate that uh thank you again for watching and have a good rest of your day

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2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4X4 CrewMax Truck Midnight Black Exterior & Interior Walk Around By What’s Hot On The Car Lot With Davey