2022 Toyota Tundra 4X2 Double Cab – Is The Extended Bed Worth Getting?

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Welcome back to my youtube channel if you guys are new to the channel be sure to click that subscribe button and turn on post notifications i like to give a special thanks to south day toyota for giving me time with the 2022 tundra 4×2 this one also has a six and a half foot bed if you’re in the market for a toyota you can come check out south day toyota and ask for

Tony he will get you into a new or pre-owned villa but let’s talk about pricing here for the tundra limited here starting price is at forty six thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars including destinations also with the options this one stickers for 62 423 dollars in today’s video i want to know is the six and a half foot bed worth getting talk about the exterior

Styling here for this new generation of tundra as you guys can see my model is painted in this black exterior car looks really good with the aluminum and chrome trim throughout this vehicle let’s talk about these headlights here this one since this is the limited model it does have these led projector headlights here with the sequential turn signal also with this

Led daytime running light all this in the front fascia as you guys can see is functional to keep that twin turbo v6 cooled as possible that’s also the led light here if you guys go for the trd model toyota will put that full led bar on the actual grille that’s a front facing camera also with this large tilted emblem here and as you guys can see my model does not

Have the hybrid option unfortunately i should be driving that vehicle very soon this front parking sensors here there’s the tundra name stamped in the actual front and this is for the driver’s assistance here as a little part of the grille there let me know in the comment section what you guys think about this uh limited model here with the double cab also with

The six and a half foot bed but looking at the side profile here this has a 157.7 inch wheelbase and an overall length of 245.6 so like i mentioned this one is the double cab with a six and a half foot bed you can go for eight foot bed if you guys want more bed length but keep in mind it will be harder to park that vehicle with the eight foot bed looking at these

Tires and wheels here actually like this rim design with the aluminum finish with chrome and these are a 265 60 bridge bridgestone tire the wrapped in this 20 inch redesign some other competitors i think they offer a 22 inch room design if i’m not mistaken there’s the tundra name here at the lower part of the door panel also with these integrated side steps here

So you can get into this truck there’s this led side marker here and my model does have this standard size sunroof toyota doesn’t put the panoramics around because this is a double cab there’s the limited badge here on the rear door also with these nice uh chrome accented door handles here like i mentioned this is a double cab so it doesn’t have the four full-size

Doors because of the lone bit length you can get the crew max with the six and a half foot bed also i think you can get the crew max with the eight-foot bed if i’m not mistaken this one also has where parking sensors there’s the tundra engine which is stamped on the back of the tailgate there’s the chrome accented handle here to let down the tailgate and this led

Lights back here user seven and four pin connector your tow hitch receiver is there and on this little feature here you can press this button right here but let’s talk about the taillights here they’re full led they’re sequential which is really nice press this button right here and that’s down the actual tailgate and unfortunately my model does not come with

An uh kick here that you can also get into the bed but once you guys get back here this also has this composite bed material so it won’t rust or you know scratch the actual bit there’s this 400 watt inverter here unfortunately it’s not like the ford f-150 hybrid which has the uh on-board generator here unfortunately turtle says some customers um honestly didn’t

Want that but maybe in the near future turtle might reconsider there’s also these rails back here that you guys can add a ton of cover to there’s also led lights back here as well but let’s hop into the interior of the new tundra before getting into the interior of the all new tundra look at the current key fob here this has a lock unlock a tailgate release also

A panic button there’s also the total emblem here at the lower part of the key fob there’s nothing on the back of the keyframe which i wish total would have put tundra to make the key look a little bit better to lock the vehicle just rest your hand there the vehicle will lock and to unlock it just put your hand behind the door handle looking here at the interior

Here my model does have this black soft text interior which looks really nice especially with the nice design here into the actual seats very wide seats here but getting inside there’s these running boards here and there’s this grab handle getting inside the truck here it’s telling me to turn the lights off but as it’s done beeping there just put your foot on the

Brake and press the start stop button right there and you guys can hear everything will come on and i have the fan speed blasting because like 100 degrees outside today but we’re trying to shut the door of the tundra let me turn the fan speed down a little bit because it sounds probably like an airplane and this does have this does have wireless apple carplay

In android auto you guys can’t deny this is a very large screen here and it does support it like i mentioned wireless so looking at the materials here on the door panel really nice material i like this large area here that you can rest your arms on there’s this aluminum painted door handle here this also has the jbl sound system there’s two person receipt there’s

Your window controls it is auto up and down for all four windows which is really nice this area is gonna be nice and padded there’s additional storage and cup holder space here orbits for the automatic high beam switch the start stop your dimmer switch your trip reset computer is here there’s also the heated steering wheel function and the 120 volt switch right

Here this is a manual tilt and telescoping wheel it does offer a good amount of range and adjustability there’s the toyota emblem here on the airbag cover you can adjust this display here this small helper screen here if you guys go for a top trim toyota will switch out the analog gauge for a fully digital display which is off which which looks way better than

The analogs here there’s the turn signal headlight stock here the one wiper stock is there most people if you don’t like fully digital displays i think this analog gauge will look very nice the materials on the dashboard are going to be a hard touch plastic which i’m surprised to see on this limited trimmer which toyota would offer more premium features you have to

Go for a top trim if you want more nicer materials looking here there’s this digital rear view camera mirror here there’s also a normal function there but you guys can leave it there me personally speaking i do like the way that that looks so the tundra does offer a lot of tech for a really good price there’s heating and cool seats the cool seats below really good

Air this also has the leveling uh air suspension in the rear you can also access access the perimeter scan here it will do us a perimeter scan around the vehicle there’s a traction control the hazard button is there this does have dual climate control there’s a usb port there auto hold electronic parking brake there’s your trailer brake control here putting the

Vehicle into reverse here it does reveal a top-down 360 view really good camera quality there’s trajectory with distance markers plenty of views here on the tundra you can see what your side uh wheels are doing there’s also a front uh angle here as you guys can see there’s a honda accord and as i show you guys over there is a honda cord so it does show you really

Good graphics and whatnot kicking it down here over to the left this does house the new 10-speed automatic transmission which is a toyota design transmission the your drive mode selector shows you uh sport normal and eco so it’s only three different drive modes if you guys go for a top model you will have adapter suspension and whatnot on this particular model

Does not have it this is a wireless phone charger here as you can see my iphone 13 pro max does fit there and it does charge the phone very quickly as you guys can see it does say q q i charging right there on the actual screen a lot of storage space here there’s two cup holders there’s a tow haul mode open up this it does reveal a good amount of storage there’s a

Type c port also with the usb port in there this area is going to be nice and padded you can close that off if you would like the seats in here they’re supportive they’re comfortable and above me there’s a standard size so unfortunately toyota does not offer that panoramic surface option on the short uh cab here as you guys can see because this does have the double

Cab so the panoramic sunroof will take up a lot of space so i can see why toyota just offers this uh standard size summer but it’s nice that they that they give it to you you can also slide up slide the rear glass here via this control it does not go down you have to go for the crew cab model if you guys want that slide down glass there’s also led lights there’s

Sos button there just in case you guys need emergency assistance but as you guys can see looking at the infotainment system this is their 14.5 inch display really large screen here it’s like a tablet it kind of eats into the visibility just a little bit but i just like the nice beautiful graphics this is the toyota new interface here as you guys can see is there

A multimedia display it does go back to the apple carplay does support apple carplay and android auto as wireless but me personally i think the tundra is a huge improvement compared to the previous generation especially in the tech department also exterior and interior wise i think toyota did a really good job by offering this new generation of tundra opening up

The rear door here of the toyota tundra as you guys can see this is the double cab model so it’s going to be a tight squeeze to get your friends that’s over six feet tall back here there’s plenty of headroom here because this one doesn’t offer the large panoramic sunroof because the cab is just too short for that panoramic number of options so toyota does give you

That standard size so but like i mentioned the space back here looks very tight keep in mind guys i’m only five foot eight but these running boards do come in handy also with this grab handle but getting back here this is why i have the seat to drive and toyota says this has 33.3 inches of legroom and honestly i do believe that claim because as you guys can see

It’s very tight back here but i could fit back here i’m not that tall of a person there’s rear cup holders back here there’s also two usb ports a little bit of storage here also a household outlet the middle passenger here yeah good luck with that the seats in here they’re very supportive and comfortable i’m surprised that toyota didn’t offer a heated or cool seats

Maybe if you guys go for a top trim they will give you heated and cool seats for the rear like i mentioned there’s no panoramic sunroof option the seats like i mentioned are very supportive putting this arms down here it does reveal two cup holders let me show you guys the under floor storage here really quickly which toyota gives you some space because my model

Does not come with that hybrid battery pack so it doesn’t eat into the actual under floor storage so keep that in mind if you guys go for the under four if you guys go for the hybrid model you can’t get you can’t get the under four storage because of the battery pack overall the back seat of the tundra is very tight so keep in mind if you guys are if your friend’s

Over six feet tall it’s gonna be a very tight squeeze let’s talk about the powertrain specs here for the toyota tundra this is a all-new powertrain for 2022. this is a 3.5 liter twin turbo v6 is that double head over cam this powertrain makes 389 horsepower and 479 feet of torque and finally toyota has now offered a 10-speed automatic transmission so now i have

Finally caught up to the ford and also the gm twins because those vehicles are paired with 10-speed automatic transmission but keep in mind toyota this is a in-house design transmission they didn’t go to ford or chevy to use their 10-speed automatic transmissions but let’s talk about fuel economy here for this v6 here this is ready to get 18 in the city 23 on the

Highway and 20 combined starting off in the 2022 toyota tundra this one has a 4×2 with the six and a half a bit as you guys can see from the outside seeing that i was showing you guys the truck is long this has an overall look around 250 so interest so it’s a really long vehicle so you guys normally go to the shopping mall or to the mall in general it is going to

Be hard to park this vehicle but keep in mind total we’ll say your eight foot bed which is going to be even longer compared to this uh six and a half foot bed here of course let’s put the vehicle into a sport mode here the engine shut off a little lag but once it gets up it goes this twin turbo v6 is a 3.5 liter it’s a double head over cam this powertrain makes

389 horsepower and 479 pound feet of torque it is hooked up to a in-house design 10-speed automatic transmission from toyota so they didn’t go to four they didn’t go to chevy or the or general motors in general to get their 10 speed they just basically built their own 10-speed automatic transmission the visibility out of this truck here is really good i’m loving

This digital rear view camera mirror you can’t even get that on the previous generation of tundra so this vehicle does offer more tech than it did before and this twin turbo v6 just drives so beautiful i just love the power the power delivery that 10 speed is very it’s really good to shift it knows what it knows what right gear to be in and as you guys can hear

That beeping the car thought i was going to hit the back of the other car which i’m not so it did basically uh alert me but it does have a blind spot monitoring lane keeping assist emergency braking also with foreclosure warnings so all the nice drivers assistant features that you guys like from toyota they do give it to you here in the new tundra and the engine

Did shut off but i do like the attack here i put the vehicle back in its eco mode this is ready to get 18 in the city 23 on the highway and 20 combined so great fuel economy from this twin turbo v6 and unfortunately you guys do not get that large panoramic sunroof if you guys go for the double cab you have to go for the crew max if you guys want that full panoramic

Sunroof uh as an option which that was the sunroof just let a lot of light and air into the cabin once you have it open but the standard side storm room here does um offer good light inside the cabin and these mirrors here are very large i can see very well out of these mirrors here and this power delivery i just love this v6 the twin turbo v6 is a really good

Powertrain so there’s no more 5.7 liter of v8 as you guys know toyota is going completely hybrid and turtle’s going completely hybrid and completely electric with uh some of their newer models um with this being a hybrid is just i mean not hybrid with this being the twin turbo v6 the zadino toyota is basically taking uh fuel efficiency and you know different

Things very serious i think the twin turbo v6 is it does offer a great power delivery but keep in mind turtle we’ll say 8 foot bed but keep in mind the 8 foot bed is going to just be a pain to basically park this large truck here but if you guys don’t care about the length of the bed i still think the tundra is a really good option to go for after spending time

With the 2022 toyota tundra 4×2 with a six and a half foot bed the question asked in the beginning of the video is the six and a half foot bit worth getting and the simple answer for me is going to be yes because it does offer a lot of space especially with this double cab here so it offers less interior space if you guys go for the double cab but it does offer a

Lot of bed space if you guys are looking to put work equipment and whatnot but you can go for the 8 foot bed but for me personally speaking i think the eight foot bed is just overkill it’s gonna be hard to park the eight foot bed in tight parking spots but hope you guys have enjoyed this review here be sure to follow me on instagram drive on reviews and hit that

Subscribe button and turn post notifications and i’ll see you all in the next video

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