2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited 4X4 Quick Tour

Here I check out a Tundra fresh off the Toyota Transport Semi Truck.

Mike hamilton lithia toyo we just got a shipment in someone’s gonna quickly go over this has already sold but let’s go over this limited double cab real quick be right back front here so not my favorite but what is doing this i think they’ll change us after a lot of complaints so far with this chrome handlebar mustache thingy going on but this has multiple cameras

Has birds like cameras that’s one of several cameras on here led lights headlights high beams are on here does have parking sonar in the front here’s the rims that the limit it gets here and you got badging so it always does like chrome mostly and when you’re talking about a limited should have power folding mirrors it does they’re folded in your uh extra

Features here your autodemon high beams yeah rear uh stop button there on and off for that standard 14-inch infotainment on here does have the digital rear view mirror camera on here and you got no qi wirelesses so this is a lower level we have our four-wheel drive selector has drive modes on this because it doesn’t have trd off-road package in it synthetic

Soft text i believe i don’t think they’re doing leather in this level power adjustable seating that’s 12-way with power lumbar and then you got a small back seat here see the door is a lot smaller than the crewmax so seats are small do have underseat storage because we haven’t had the hybrids yet there is a couple uh usbs down below there i can see you don’t

Get the full window roll down of course it does have composite bed no power in this bed does come with the uh tailgate button there don’t have the key so it’s not going to open up 4×4 badging parking sonar on the back uh four and seven pin plugs we got camera systems and lighting up here then more cameras up on top tundra is up on on the gate there you have

The tailgate release on the key fob everything on this left side is standard equipment 389 horsepower 479 foot-pounds v6 twin turbo charge made to a 10-speed transmission 12 speaker jbl premium audio with the uh those includes the led lighting and tow technology package to it panoramic view mirror again so you can see uh behind you real easily yeah and let’s

Take a look on the inside and you have to also have probably 10 way adjustable power seats with power lumbar support only uh toyota to have that so far which is tundra so real nice got some power up there usbs wireless uh apple carplay and android auto only fully built toyota not including the supra because that’s bmw electronics magnetic gray been a popular

Color forever this one doesn’t look like it has a moonroof or sunroof in it no it does not again it’s mike hamilton lithia toyota with a quick tour of a double cab limited 2022 tundra 4×4 thank you for watching

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2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited 4X4 Quick Tour By TOYOTA TV REVIEWS