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2022 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax 4×4

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J.D. here at the Bill Penney Toyota lot to walk you through the 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited 4×4.

Hey everybody this is jd hunter here at bill payne toyota today on the lot i have a toyota tundra limited this one also has let me bring it around here this is in the silver color look at these huge wheels here so this one does have the um 12 um 12 speaker jbl premium audio package these limited premium package the uh power unlimited power package as well as the

Sideboards panoramic moon roof and heated leather steering wheel i’ll show you everything around here all right so with these the with limited above you’re gonna get the little uh one touch tailgate um lower this is a soft lowering tailgate so it doesn’t slam down like those other trucks back here you see the 120 volt plug-in adapter you also see these little

Slots here those are for excuse y’all two by four uh sorry um one by sixes to go on there and you can compartmentalize your bed here that way you don’t have stuff all rolling around everything all right let’s bring them back here does have the power power side view mirrors in the back this is a crewmax so there’s plenty of room back here i want to show you

That even right here look at all that room underneath there goes all the way across for all of you hunters that’s enough room for some long barrel um uh rifles even has a little gun rack in the back in case you want or fishing fishing pole rack whatever way you choose these seats here flip down and you have additional room back here this is where you’ll hide the

Anniversary gift it should be small and expensive you know what you’re doing also you have usb ports this one does have the 120 volt charger in the back here a nice little cubby hole as well as vents yeah like there you go that’s easier to see if you’re 120 volts your vents your little cubby space cup holders all these little spots for canon um bottle holders

Yeah let me bring you into the cockpit the command center of course you’re going to get the memory seats of course power controls for the um side uh view mirrors you have your 10-way adjustable um power seats including lumbar support these also do go up and down as well as bring up just the front here look at all that so nice this is what the all-weather mask

Look like foreign over here you have your auto shut off disabler you have your auto high beams you have your bed lights you can choose well to be on or off or um turn on when the door opens of course your dimmer for this center console area your parking sonar av power or sorry ac power and your leather heated steering wheel of course you’re going to get to dynamic

Rate our cruise control lane departure alert late and tracing assists road sign assist all the toyota safety since 2.5 functionality you’re going to have a wireless apple carplay and android auto going to have the wireless charger phone charger here the qi wireless charger have plenty of area in here if you’re getting a console safe it’ll actually take up all this

Area over here you got us additional usb ports that will not be covered up by the um the console safe if you do get it safe here and you have quick access to your center console area right through there of course your two wheel drive forward high and low selector switch your drive mode as well as your tow haul um mode selectors you have the electronic parking

Brake no third pedal or hand crank it actually does automatically turn off um engage whenever you put it into park and automatically disengage when you take it out you also have your brake hold so whenever the vehicle’s stopped you take your foot off the brake and the vehicle will stay stationary until you go um i hit the gas and go on again and that’s a mode

So every time you come to a stop it’ll actually re-enable all right so let me turn everything on so you can see all the brilliance is up here all right what’d you see all the all the screens that you have up here of course you even have a little cubby hole in the front here with the 12 volt circular plug you have the 14 inch center console screen ignore that

Flickering that’s just because i’m recording stuff yes all right of course you’re going to get apple carplay android auto all of your wonderful um uh navigation stuff through apple carplay android auto you can get um google maps ways if you like to kill yourself apple maps also you have a auto dimming rear view mirror it’s also the digital rear view mirror so

Say you have all sorts of stuff blocking your blocking your view to rear view to the back click this you got a digital feed from behind you look at that isn’t that beautiful all right let me bring this back out here and of course it’s flipping this around you have this magnificent i show it here panoramic moon roof goes all the way to the back look at that is

That is that enough opening for you because if it is not we also have where is that where’s that oh yeah the whole rear window also um comes down power power rear window for all you dog lovers and kids who want to stick your hand outside just a nice little area that they can do it with you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt with all right and yes this uh

The the mirror the panoramic um sunroof does open up too so you can have plenty of um additional space here all the way to the back look at that the whole thing the whole look at all that space yeah this does have the power package so it has a multiple um uh you have multiple settings for your uh for your towing and your um stuff for your drive mode you have

Sport normal and echo which adjusts everything for the best fuel efficiency or the best it um acceleration of course you got your auto high beams daytime running lights you got your um windshield wipers all the normal stuff your uh gain control for your trailer you got the 360 bird’s eye view camera surrounding your vehicle so you can actually check to make sure

Everything is here in case you want to zoom in on any little section there you can just make sure did i actually hit that curb or not you’re good they go there you have multiple camera views here which you can select uh which you can have it automatically turn on whenever you slow down or come to a stop and you can check with uh check the sides check the front

Check the rear and you can check i have a camera dedicated to the bed of your vehicle so you can keep an eye on that you can also turn that on and have it do a just a rolling 360 view you can pause it in case you want to just see um see everything just like that also one of the features i really like to show people is when you put it into reverse the rear view

Mirror is actually tilt down to help you um make sure that you’re not hitting anything and then once you turn put in your drive and everything it pops back up like that all right of course you’re going to get the dual zone climbing control you’re going to get heated and ventilated seats for the front row and you have a 12 jbl speaker system in here 12 speakers in

Just this area this huge massive area like this also this one also does have the load uh the load leveling air suspension so you can’t actually manually or automatically adjust your the load in the back in case you’re hauling stuff of course you’re going to am fm series satellite radio as well as everything all your streaming services through apple carplay and

Android auto and any other questions just let me know

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2022 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax 4×4 By J.D. the Toyota Salesman