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2022 Toyota Tundra Platinum 4×4 Reaction

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What is up everybody this is brian the toyota guy over here at fred anderson toyota in asheville and uh we just got off the truck a unfortunately pre-sold uh 2022 tundra platinum and this is the first time i’ve seen one there’s a good chance this truck is going to go home today so i figured uh while i’ve got like five minutes to look at it um i would check this

Thing out and holy crap this thing is gorgeous so this is a pretty well equipped uh 2022 of course uh tundra 4×4 platinum trim i’m still learning all the different packages and and sub packages and features you can get with this trim level but man this truck is extremely different than the outgoing model um god it’s gorgeous i love the silver on this i love

The black accents if you come in on the wheels you can actually see the wheels are not black they’re more of like a pewter and you can kind of see here if i can get a decent shot there’s a flake in there so it’s got a really gorgeous paint to it and uh it is actually black on the fenders so the fenders are different than the wheels this does have the uh opening

Tailgate with the button here that is pretty cool i’ve seen that in videos it’s kind of cool to see that for myself not gonna lie i’m nerding out a little bit here’s that new composite bed just like the tacomas here’s your 110 120 whatever it is on this one 400 watt 100 watt 120 volts looks like led box lights in there there’s that black on the tailgate i love

All the inset lights like i imagine this is the reverse lights here looks like even the tag light if you look right there the tag light comes from the inside reverse lights parking sensors tow package sequential leds and the tail lights wow these things are so good there’s the platinum badging on the door they don’t want you to miss that that’s for sure 360

Camera just noticed we’ll see that from the inside look at the way i just the grill i know is a little uh i guess it’s a point of contention for some people i like the grill on some trims i don’t like it on others i don’t like it when the grill is chrome this has got that kind of like pewter a little bit more subtle chrome and i actually don’t hate it in chrome i

Hate it uh my favorite is probably the body color but man this platinum look at the it’s like the grill’s been bedazzled or something i don’t think i’ve seen these on the sr5s and limited trims parking sensors on the front i love the fog lights built into the bumper definitely a very mean very aggressive look kind of look at it from further back all right

Let’s check out the inside all right we’ll start back here in the back seats biggest thing i’ve noticed right off the bat is uh you now have the window shades in this trim level i think the limiteds can get that too this has got blue stitching running through the doors looks like there’s also blue stitching on the seats i love the perforated leather back here it’s

Actually kind of interesting if you can check out the pattern it’s perforated like normal up here but then on the middle section of the seat it actually breaks up you can see there’s actually like little it kind of breaks up in a more randomized pattern dust on the back that’s really cool this one of course still has the rear window that rolls down and what i’m

So excited about to see is here’s that brand new moon roof and man it’s massive it reminds me very much of what you get in the f-150s and 250s look at that of course this being a a platinum golly look at this so the rear sensor seats are not only heated but i see ventilation as well was not expecting that but there it is gosh what a just a gorgeous truck inside

Here i love the way the door panels are shaped love kind of the boxy right angles wow look at that roof could you imagine driving in this truck and having the front half the root boat the roof open and having the rear window down what a spacious cabin i love the shape of the new uh headrests on these trucks i really like them on the um i think it’s the sequoia

Or maybe the capstone where they actually uh replace this section with like a plastic piece or aluminum piece instead of just being all leather just kind of gives it a very space-age look but holy look at this front area this is such a huge change from the previous tundras even on the higher trim levels man those the previous generation just it looked the same

As it did when it came out like 2008 you know slightly better screen but wow this is gorgeous let me move up front we’ll look at it a little closer all right let’s hop up front so in case anybody asks this truck does not have the power running boards i do know that’s an option for these um doesn’t have it that’s one of the things i was kind of hoping to see but

It’s okay this one doesn’t have it of course the memory seats all of your feature buttons here like your heated steering wheel things you’d expect to have um here’s these front seats and man gorgeous i’ve seen some people talking online and i am actually seeing a little bit in person um not exactly sure how i feel about it but this is again a brand new car

With two or three miles on it and there’s a little bit of funkiness with the um with the way the leather is kind of wrinkling up here i’ve actually seen that on some of the tundra groups it’s not so bad on the outside but it’s definitely here on the inside vulture i assume that’s something that would probably just kind of stretch out and wear in over time um

Could just be an issue with maybe the winter time and how leather span and contracts but i know i’ve seen some people complaining about that interesting to see it in person i still love the look of the seat still has a nice wide bottom but it’s got a little bit more bolstering to it this interior though my god full digital screen here on the tundra um there’s a

Whole boot up sequence i’ve noticed with these trucks that i’ve tried to just avoid um but it’s really cool when it turns on here so this is completely configurable or mostly configurable at least let’s go ahead and start it there we go it’s got the iforce let’s see if i can figure out how to move the menu around there we go okay so this is like any other toyota

We have the um infotainment menu over here that that looks about the same as anything else i’m used to seeing i’m curious let’s see what we can do with these drive modes yeah so you’ve got different drive modes oh snap here we go so there’s normal eco sport changes it on the screen up here too we’ll go back to normal that tow haul mode pretty cool i like the

Way that changes the gauges so this is this boot up thing um now this is something i’ve heard about this the first time i’ve actually seen it how these um new tundras do have like a little bit of a login sequence for getting like in a personalized account setup um i know that’s been kind of a point of contention because none of the other toyotas have this um but

I can show you at least i’m not gonna obviously set this up but here he goes and wants to set you up the mobile app i imagine that’s for the wireless car play and all the other things you can do here um but i can cancel the setup to at least get to the screen and my gosh what a gorgeous huge screen i think what is it like a 14 inch screen or something like that

Corner to corner um god everything is just huge on here the text is huge looks really easy to operate um yeah subscription based uh navigation i’m not gonna pretend like i’m a fan of that most people just gonna use the android auto and apple carplay on this which is honestly way better and it costs nothing um yeah here’s the guest account god these look how i mean

Just the the screen the the font is about the same size as my finger if you can’t read this thing you’re blind i love the knobs i’ve noticed this in all the photos you can see they have these kind of like riveted looking you know screw looking things on the knobs that’s a good look i like it here your auto climate this is actually very similar to the rest of the

Toyota lineup so i like that they’ve kind of kept that theme so it does feel like home if you will this is the pocket slash in this case wireless phone charger that’s optional for majority of these definitely at this trim level um and then just like any other tundra you’ve got tons of pockets and storage so you’ve got you know your flip out cup holder here we

Talked about the one here there’s a pocket here there’s a little separate one here so maybe you can keep some sort of you know paperwork or maybe pens or you know who knows whatever in that pocket this opens up as well um so you can get quick access to the pocket down below or if you want to get change or charge your phones and then this whole thing lifts up you

Can see the owner’s manuals put in here but i think i’ve seen they make different organizers of different ways you can configure this um yeah because this little thing pops out goodness gracious what do they do here all right so now it’s popped back in i’m curious if they’re going to make a safe for these like they have with the older ones let me see if there’s

Any secret pockets like there sometimes is on these struggling one-handed all right no secret pockets i was trying to see if there was a little hideaway under there i think i remember the sequoias had that at one point um nice storage maybe not as big as the old storage since it’s all divided up into smaller pockets but still nice dashboard itself looks really

Good you do have a huge pocket up here um it’s really deep you can definitely throw you could probably lose your wallet i mean when i’m sitting here i don’t even see that pocket so it really stashes things away of course you’ve got all the the speakers everywhere this i’m sure has the jbl yep there it is um it says platinum over here on the dashboard you can kind

Of see it real subtly on the right side everything has got soft touch it looks like this might be leather or softex and this is more of the soft touch material here leather wrapped steering wheel which is perforated all your steering wheel controls for the adaptive crews all the self-driving features the safety stuff including blind spot monitoring now is on these

Trucks uh decent sized glove box it’s got you know your two steered two-tiered storage easy access to the cabin air filter you can see there’s kind of cool typical glove box there and of course all the little layers of storage in the door like the the one here the one down below multiple cup holders there but man yeah what are just cool let’s open this sunroof

And see how that is huge pane of glass of course the powered shade guess we’ll wait for that to close works about like you’d expect yeah just gorgeous interior all right so i’m going to briefly show you the startup procedure at least for the first time starting the truck so we’ll go ahead and start it here you can see it has this really cool full-color display

Pretty cool not not crazy but uh you know pretty much the line of all the other modern trucks and then for those curious this is the window sticker so you can just see exactly how this one’s packaged and how msrp at least is built so i’ll just leave this here see if i can get my phone to cooperate there we go you can see here’s the optional features trd skid plate

Paint protection phone cables and then this one msrp with the options and delivery is 63 might as well call it 64. there’s the fuel economy rating 17 to 22. all right so i think i spent a little bit more than five minutes with the truck but man what what a gorgeous truck um i can’t wait to finally get a chance to drive one i can’t believe i’ve seen probably 10

Of these so far go home from our dealership and have not yet had a chance to drive one so obviously when we have these pre-sold units i’m not going to go you know joyriding or take a quick trip down the road in someone else’s truck or what will soon be someone else’s truck but definitely as soon as i get a chance to actually drive one i’m curious to feel the new

Engine i’m curious to see how the uh new suspension everything rides down the road especially since i’ve driven a lot of the previous generation uh tundras from sr5s to trds to ones that have big lifts on them and everything but i’m really a fan of that trim i love the way it looks i do like the way the grille is integrated it was interesting to see that little

Bit of the leather rippling that i’ve seen before i don’t think it’s really going to be a long-term issue i think once you sit in it and and put some heat in it i think it’ll stretch out and be just fine so i think people are freaking out about nothing but yeah uh great to see one of these platinums in person especially one that’s a four-wheel drive um if you like

This feel free to subscribe i’d love to hear from what you guys would like to see in the future with more videos as always thanks for watching have a great day

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