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2022 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO: Thank You For 1K Give Away Courtesy of TG, & Muslogy Auto

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When I purchased my 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO, I decided to start this YouTube channel as a fun hobby and platform to express my passion for anything automotive. 3 months later, the channel has officially hit 1K subscribers and as a token of my appreciation, I am giving 3 lucky subscribers a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes! I own a GR Corolla Circuit Edition allocation and also plan to transform my show queen Honda S2000 into a wide-body and boosted track monster. Subscribe and stay tuned!

Foreign hey guys my name is kristen and if you are new here please like subscribe share and comment and hit that bell for all the latest content so we have officially hit the 1k mark on the channel and to celebrate this milestone we’re gonna go ahead and do a giveaway not just for one winner not just for two but we’re gonna go to make it three now in other

Words when i when i entered this youtube platform literally zero expectations all it was was just to have a little fun with the truck and i had no idea that it would catch attraction that it did and so this is sort of my way of saying thank you to y’all for taking out the time to watch me to support me and this is sort of my token of appreciation to y’all and a

Sense of interacting with you guys uh with the comments and everything else but also to give you guys the opportunity uh to win some prizes from me okay and no additional charge and tax-free of course but outside of that i also want to jump to this clip from the previous winner from the last giveaway that i did so let’s go ahead and go into that right now what’s

Up youtube this is jamshedy i just want to give a shout out to tristan grimald our cover last time um and i really like it and i appreciate everything you’re doing uh so keep up the good work uh the content and material is great uh and wish you all the best man peace all right so congratulations again to fj for winning that initial giveaway so let’s talk a little

Bit about how you can officially enter yourself for a chance to win on this 1k giveaway number one make sure you are subscribed to the channel number two leave a comment down below stating congrats to 1k we’re gonna go ahead and do the official drawing next week and if you are the lucky winner chosen we’re gonna go ahead and open a line of communication to where i

Can obtain your details and we can get your prize to you so for this giveaway let’s talk about the prizes that you could potentially win now it’s not just gonna be one winner it’s not just gonna be two i’m gonna pick three number one is courtesy of and they were the official sponsors of the initial giveaway way so here is your chance to win your very

Own car cover number two moose lodgy auto has jumped into this giveaway and they’re gonna go ahead and give you the opportunity to win their center and dash console organizer which is very useful and of course the third giveaway as a matter of fact let me show you guys this real quick because well how many times have you guys watched a video and saw me holding a

Starbucks well here i tell you what as a third giveaway i’m going to give you guys a chance to win this 50 gift card courtesy of myself and therefore keep you guys awake to watch my videos so there it is guys moose logic auto and myself with this 50 gift card there’s gonna be many more things to come with this channel now for all you toyota fans out

There i officially own an allocation for the gr corolla circuit edition and when i get that phone call you guys are coming with me to pick that thing up and i guarantee you we are going to have a lot of fun with that and in addition to the gr corolla circuit edition we’re gonna go ahead and take my 20-year project my 2001 honda s2000 and finally transform this show

Queen into a wide body boosted track monster that i’ve always wanted it to be as we conclude this video please make sure you enter and give yourself chance to win one of these three prizes and we will be announcing the winners on next week’s video so good luck and until then y’all have a good one

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2022 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO: Thank You For 1K Give Away! Courtesy of TG, & Muslogy Auto By Tristan Grimaldo