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2022 Transit 250 Cargo | Medium Roof | 3.5L Ecoboost | Sync 4

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Hello everyone hi my name is angelo with marin county ford now normally i put in like suvs and cars but now i have a business vehicle and welcome welcome to angelo of marin county ford where i post all the ford vehicles that i that we sell here at marin county ford in novato and what i have in front of us here is a rarity okay rarity a rarity okay this is the

Transit 250 medium roof cargo gas one okay now there’s a hot one out there the electric one now one of the reasons why you should get this car is you could it’s good for business and it’s also good if you want to use it and convert it into like a camping vehicle you know that that fun van okay now what’s also nice in here is it comes with 25 gallons and you

Know it can go up to one full tank all the way up to 400 plus miles right and with the electric ones right now it is limited to 126 miles so if there’s any reason why you should get this one is the range they can go in one full tank but other than that what i do is i before i show the interior and the exterior of the car is i like to go over the options in the

Vehicle so you know exactly what’s inside the vehicle because it is it has so many options right like uh so many customizable things so what this one has okay so i’m gonna start this is the 2022 250 medium roof cargo all-wheel drive 148 inch wheelbase so this is the extended one 3.5 liter ecoboost engine so you’ll feel power okay 10 speed auto transmission oxford

White and exterior and the interior is black one and this one has the equipment group 101a it has the tie-down cargo hooks it has the 250 degree opening this one has the b pillar assist handle this one has the backup alarm reverse sensing system so that you know when you’re backing in you’re not going to be hitting into stuff this one has a keyless entry pad a tow

Haul with trailer wiring this one has front fog lamps okay and this one has this one this one’s good sync 4 hd bluetooth which i’ll show you a little bit okay and this one has the extended fuel tank up to 31 gallons okay so it’s actually gonna go more than 400 miles it’s going to go up to 550 600 miles okay in one go this one has uh d pillar assist handles front

Overhead shelf and two additional keys and he has the power point 12 volt and the hid headlamps okay so let’s go so let’s go start with the hid headlamps so it looks it looks nice right okay so no windows okay no windows in the uh so this is also a a perfect business vehicle okay for all of your cargo needs so it doesn’t have windows to begin with so that’s good

So that if you don’t want it you can keep it like that or you can put windows in it okay bare right so there’s material that you can put around it okay you could put rubber or you could put carpet very nice cargo van this this is rare man like to have this available guys huh i’ll tell you you could go look at the market so there’s all some of the other stuff so

It just came out of the oven fresh it even has all the plastics in it no one has demo driven it yet so yeah really nice okay so it has this easy to clean floor okay seats then there’s that big screen right very nice let’s go up to the front and then there’s your handbrake you know standard stuff so this really nice like the sync 4 technology i mean that’s what

That’s what makes this car go bad um better than the others and the extended fuel tank my gosh if you’re in the market give me a call this is not gonna last okay four one five five nine nine nine zero eight eight again my name is angelo with marin county ford let’s make a deal have a good day

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2022 Transit 250 Cargo | Medium Roof | 3.5L Ecoboost | Sync 4 By Angelo of Marin County Ford