2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SE AWD walk around video

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SE AWD walk around video

Hi nicole chris harmon here with carolina volkswagen uh thank you for responding to my text messages uh i know you said you don’t know a lot about volkswagens you’ve never owned one so take it from a guy who’s owned a ton of them and that’s all my family will drive uh i’ve driven them i’ve owned a ton of them yes they are great cars volkswagen a lot of people don’t

Realize volkswagen is the biggest car manufacturer in the world we own porsche audi lamborghini bentley bugatti ducati motorcycles now we own manufacturers in the uk that we don’t even get here in the us so yes we back a bunch of high-end cars as well so this is an sc atlas cross board this one is going to be your entry level crossport but i say entry level

But you get a ton of features of this car you’re going to get front collision warning you’re going to get pedestrian warning you’re going to get heated seats android auto apple carplay this one happens to be all-wheel drive so you get peace of mind even in weather you have all the drive in this vehicle so nice thing with the volkswagens is you walk up to the car

The car is now locked put your hand behind the door handle the car is unlocked now you do it again entire car is unlocked the interior in this vehicle is absolutely stunning so this is pure white with dark beige in black again heated seats in here you’re gonna have automatic headlights digital display now for the dashboard huge center console tons and tons of

Room in the back seat of this car i don’t know if you have children or if it’s just you or your dog or just a spouse but more than enough room in the cross sport even someone who is over six feet tall can be there and you have plenty of room back here i left that side down because i wanted to show you these seats fold completely flat so if you are transporting

Anything you don’t have to worry about the seats being at an angle an object going upward into the headliner and damaging the headliner so and it’s extremely simple you pull that lever push the seat down and you have this rubber mat that actually folds with the interior so absolutely awesome design that volkswagen did now this one is a two liter turbocharged

Four-cylinder but you can get the 3.6 meter v6 as well so volkswagen’s nice enough to give you a roadside kit you have a first aid kit you’ve got a 12 volt charger back here so if you’re someone that goes camping you want to plug stuff in you have the ability to do so under here you got your spare tire so it’s full circumference spare you’ve got all your jack

And everything there that you need so i would love for you to come test drive one of these cars because if you’re not familiar with them one thing i can tell you the way volkswagens are built like any other german car they use what they call laser seam welding so there’s no weak spots in the in the chassis of the car so when you’re driving these cars you feel how

Tight and rigid they are that’s why they’re not built and spot welded together like the men like the other manufacturers are so we build these cars out of one structure and bolt everything that can be bolted onto the car afterwards so again your other makes they’re going to be built out of recycled materials and welded in sections the volkswagens are not so when

You drive this car you’re gonna absolutely love it again chris harmon carolina volkswagen please reach out to me with any questions 704-780-5904 is my cell phone i’m here until 7th throughout the day we are located at 7 800 east independence boulevard we’re the only family-owned store here in charlotte so we want to make you part of the family nicole hope to speak to you soon

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2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SE AWD walk around video By Carolina Volkswagen