2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport|| SEL R Line||| 4 Motion AWD|| Volkswagen Of Macon

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Hey zach williams here again show you another vehicle that we have here on our lot available at volkswagen making so i really just wanted to hop out here because it’s a very rare car and we normally don’t get these in fact we definitely since i’ve been here we’ve gotten probably less than 30 in about a year so i’m gonna go ahead and show you this stuff zach williams

And this is the 2022 volkswagen atlas pro sport let’s see here so first thing i’m going to do is walk around the vehicles that way you get a good look at it this is the r line with the black wheels see the 20 inch black wheel r-line wheels leds this has the full sunroof and everything and this is the full motion so i will drive you so you have your different

Selections for your drive modes and then this also has a towing capacity of 5000 watts now whether it be in the sel there’s a trailer stair this does have the automatic lift gate with your foot as you can see i just did a little quick little kick and then it opens up to best in class storage in the rear and then hit the automatic lift gate and then it has best

In class storage in the second row this was uh this vehicle here these seats do fold down completely flat to give you more storage than a tahoe um and these vehicles do recline back and forth like that as you see you have your two usbs there and your 15 volt plug in these there are usb seats now as we walk away get inside the car this one is the v6 which is

The only way you get the towing capacity that’s rated and then this because it’s an seo you get the 10.25 inch screen there with the eight inch discover pro there and then your wireless charger here and this has that wireless app apple car play which will connect as soon as i cut the vehicle cut it on and hit that button there and cut the radio down see there

Will automatically connect here but it will cut off the video so i’m not gonna do that now there’s your drive mode selection as long as your park assist if i hit the button here it’ll hit there and you have your different cameras and everything that you can see so you hit the button here this is here for your back up a trailer this is to notify vehicles behind

You and this one’s to uh give you a more direct view all i gotta do is hit the button here cut it off again and then as i turn this you’ll see the different drive modes and everything there’s driving off-road offer custom we’ll come back around there’s your different selectors with the custom and that’s snow of course your electric parker brake and everything’s

Here wireless charging there and then great storage here with your usb great storage pretty much everywhere we’re done more storage here and more storage in here and then this one does have the full panoramic roof which is a quick little turn here you can see just how far it goes back how awesome that is most people love the roof and everything in this i’m also

A big fan of it and then you can change your selections and everything here your different safety systems all we do is hit a button here and then uh you can see you have dab of cruise drill site assist all that and then there’s your travel assist there um so that you um you have rear traffic and everything there hit view and you can see your different views but

You have three different ones those are all three and then this vehicle is going to get pretty good fuel economy for v6 with a towing capacity and all-wheel drive not great fuel economy for anything but purely good fuel economy for what it is just one more quick little look behind we’ll go ahead and wrap this up again zach williams here volkswagen making so just

Uh let me know if you wanting to come take a look at this vehicle or any vehicle for that matter i’ll go ahead and have everything pulled up and ready for you again this vehicle will not be here long it has just come out of service i am the first person to grab it um i’m sure it’s going to be sold probably by the end of the day maybe tomorrow i really appreciate

Everybody watching i really thank you all thank you

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2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport|| SEL R Line||| 4 Motion AWD|| Volkswagen Of Macon By Zachary Bear