2022 Volkswagen Taos

Hi everybody my name is duke here at maple ridge volkswagen i’m doing a quick video walk around of this brand new 2022 taos with the color that you’re looking at it’s the dusk blue it’s one of my favorite colors that come in this house and it’s specific to this house too which is quite nice this comfort line is giving you two packages you’re getting the wheel

Package the alloy wheel package and you’re also getting the panoramic sunroof and i’ll show you that when we get inside it’s uh quite nice it has a lot of light into the vehicle this one is a four motion all-wheel drive the four-motion is a very good system it’s an intelligent all-wheel drive system i’ll show you a little bit more when we get inside as well for

That looking at the back you have the all-weather mats down here large spare tire all your jacks and everything like that the nice thing about the taos is even though it is a smaller suv you do have a lot of usable space in the back and then as well i’ll show you you can drop these seats down the other one goes as well it’s a 60 40 split and you also have a

Pass through but they go near flush so you really do have a lot of usable space in this vehicle if you need it looking in the back of the seats you have this really nice almost suede insert and then the leather bolstering on the side you have all your straps for any sort of car seat you might have going in there and then you can see the panoramic sunroof from

This angle going all the way to the back for a lot of people the nice thing is it adds a ton of light into the vehicle but you also have a privacy cover that i’ll show you i’ll bring that i’ll actually do it right now turn that off but the privacy cover will go all the way across at this power you can stop it at any time pull it back very easily just a push of a

Button and it looks just like normal headliner mostly quite nice you have nice colored inserts here it’s a lighter gray and it looks really good with the blue actually on the outside you have kessie keyless entry on this vehicle so all you have to do is if you want to lock it just press the outside of it and that’ll lock if you’re going up to it press it again and

That’ll unlock it your full power in the front driver’s seat i know i know there we go um what you’re looking at here actually this is pretty cool so the vehicle if you have any sort of issue with it as far as an oil change needed uh tire leaking air um in this case uh you need to re-refuel it’ll show you in highlight in the vehicle what’s going on with it so just

A little bit more in-depth look your assistant system for this one you have front assist and you have the blind spot monitoring the front assist is really nice that’ll actually save you 10 on icbc insurance and then you just kind of have the the basic controls you have a car play for this one as well you can just swipe your hand in front that will move it pretty

Cool but you have carplay or android auto in this down there you have the wireless charging pad um you’re obviously your shifter and then you have an option to go ted product or you can go into a sport mode just by pulling it down like that so this is our four motion all-wheel drive system it’s in the normal street mode right now in this case you’ll be getting

Most of your power to your front wheels it is a uh um a front wheel bias now if i go in the snow mode it’s more of a 50 50 split between the front and the back like a true all-wheel drive system and then you have off-road and you have a custom mode but it’s a nice system because if you ever do get stuck or in the snow uh if you’re ever going down a gravel road or

Something the vehicle will sense that you’re getting slippage and it’ll lock wheels and divert power to other wheels to make sure you can get on the situation similar to how a locking differential would work so you can be very confident driving in any weather you have a digital uh cockpit here looking at the main screen dual climate control push button start and

A mode selector in the middle where you can go through an eco normal and a sport mode and then a couple more things but again just a quick video walk around of this brand new 2022 taus and just giving you one more look at the dust blue really a gorgeous color and honestly i like it with these alloys is the the lighter alloy really kind of brings out the blue and

Then also you have the silver rails on the side and the sunroof obviously just kind of nice look and the fact that it’s so big i mean it’s it’s it’s it’s quite a feature and you have the iq lights in the front in the back as well leds very very nice but again that’s just a quick video walk around of the 2022 toes my name is duke hi everybody thank you so much for watching take care

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2022 Volkswagen Taos By Duke Brenner