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2022 Volkswagen Tiguan | MotorWeek Road Test

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There’s been an awful lot of “buzz” around Volkswagen and their electric vehicles lately. But, they’re far from done playing in the fossil-fueled playground just yet. In fact, there’s an updated Tiguan compact SUV hitting the streets right now!

Motorweek is made possible by lucas oil and there’s been an awful lot of buzz around volkswagen and their electric vehicles lately but they’re not done playing in the fossil fuel playground just yet in fact there’s an updated tiguan compact suv hitting the streets right now yes the majority of the buzz surrounding the volkswagen brand

These days is all about their id battery electrics like the id4 suv and id buzz minivan but the internal combustion tiguan utility remains their best seller and it’s been freshened for 2022 to ensure it stays competitive in the increasingly popular compact suv segment not only does the tiguan remain gasoline engine powered but it sticks with vw’s tried and true

2-liter i-4 turbo here outputting 184 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque front-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission are standard four-motion all-wheel drive remains an option and if you don’t think you’ll ever use awd there’s a bonus for you as all front-wheel drive tiguans still come with a third row for seven passenger seating standard something

Few even offer in the compact segment all of the hardware necessary to power the rear wheels means all-wheel drive tiguans are strictly five passenger but do come with a flexible 40 20 40 split folding second row and a great 37.6 cubic feet of cargo space expanding to 73.4 no surprise the new elements for the exterior follow the path blazed most recently by

The atlas suv they include a bolder face with sharper lines and wider grille full led headlights are upgraded and now standard on all tiguans changes in back are limited to larger displaying of the tiguan name below the vw logo while all trims get freshened aluminum alloy wheel designs always among the most conservatively styled changes seem to add a little more

Youthfulness yet easily keep it one of the classiest looking mainstream crossovers r-line trim is now available at s-e and s-e-l levels and add some nice aesthetic touches like illuminated grille highlights puddle lights in the power folding mirrors and unique 20-inch alloy wheels things look generally the same inside but there are a whole lot more features now

Standard including vw’s digital cockpit gauge display and even heated seats se trim and up get new touch sensitive climate controls our lines have them added to the steering wheel as well all tiguan’s feature mib touchscreen infotainment base s comes with a 6.5 inch mib-2 unit all other trims get an mib-3 8-inch display everything looks great and more importantly

Is highly functional though we wouldn’t complain if they added a few more physical buttons back into the mix as before tiguan owners can rock out to one of two available fender premium audio systems through either six or nine speakers iq drive driver assist technology is standard in all but the base model so we had no problem arriving safely at our mason dixon

Dragway test site where our all-wheel drive tester got off the line fairly well it’s no rocket but it does have an almost hyper throttle response that gives you some initial urgency but there was never any big rush of turbo power from there so it took a lengthy 9.1 seconds to hit 60. shifts from the 8-speed automatic are smooth and progressive and helped improve

Things a bit for a quarter-mile time of 16.9 seconds at 83 miles per hour that tells us there’s plenty of torque to get you up to speed and maneuver in and out of traffic with no problems with a strut type front suspension and multi-link rear no surprise the tiguan is a more than capable handler despite the very light steering and perhaps a little more body roll

Than we’d like we could carry a pretty decent speed through our cone course without upsetting anything we also found a more substantial feel to it than the lightweight nature of many small crossovers driving mode selection is also standard in all tiguans with normal sport eco and individual choices throttle response and steering feel are the biggest changes we

Notice shuffling through them government fuel economy ratings for an r-line four-motion r-21 city 28 highway and 24 combined we averaged a right on 24.4 miles per gallon of regular that makes for an average energy impact score 12.4 barrels of yearly oil consumption 6.1 tons of co2 emissions pricing starts at 27 685 with top sel r line coming in at 38 515 the

2022 volkswagen tiguan’s ice days may be numbered but it remains one of the most fun small crossovers to drive thankfully vw hasn’t abandoned it just yet giving it updates it should keep it one of the best options available in the affordable compact utility segment you

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2022 Volkswagen Tiguan | MotorWeek Road Test By MotorWeek