2022 Volvo S60 Features 2021 | Volvo S60 T8 Plug-in Hybrid

New Volvo S60 2022

Hi i’m tori morandi and i work in customer experience of volvo cars and i’m here to talk about volvo technology if you’re like me you love innovative beautifully designed and easy to use technology and this year volvo cars earn the number one most innovative technology experience in the automotive industry by jd power and associates this s60 recharge plug-in

Hybrid will give you a glimpse into volvo’s future at the front we have our signature thor’s hammer led headlights it’s the led technology that will get cleaner brighter lighting for better visibility and traffic and for the pedestrians around you now these are active bending lights they’re super cool because they move in the same direction you’re steering

So it gives you better visibility on the road at dust and at night leds are also used in the taillights for brighter quicker illumination to help improve reaction times for the drivers behind you i love listening to music when i drive and volvo understands that music is important to the driving experience so it took the car audio to the next level with unique

Room transformation technology it was developed with the swedish audio software specialist dirac research to help recreate the acoustics of a specific room but inside the car there are three uniquely different room modes including studio individual stage and my personal favorite gothenburg concert hall which recreates the acoustics of the actual concert hall in

Gothenburg sweden this top of the line audio system delivers an astonishing 1100 watts to 15 speakers including a separate subwoofer so you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a live show i absolutely love this large intuitive nine inch touchscreen the display is super crisp and precise you can get apple carplay and android auto connectivity it presents

The navigation app and other features in the car from climate control heated seats and heated steering wheel to data visualization things like fuel economy and driving performance along with other entertainment info in a variety of themes for you to choose from volvo offers so many technological achievements from vehicle safety and connectivity to our intuitive

Pilot assist system which helps keeps you censored on the road by using the adaptive cruise control system and through the aid of cameras and radar for better steering functionality for driver convenience there’s also large animal detection so if a large animal appears in front of your car then large animal detection which is part of city safety can warn you

About the animal and provide break assistance in certain situations roadside information helps the driver by displaying speed related road signs in the car for a constant reminder staying connected is everything these days vehicle remote access is available through volvo on-call volvo owners can perform simple operations like locking and unlocking the vehicle

And preconditioning a vehicle you can even schedule service appointments and speak to a customer representative all from your smartphone or connected device and you can save multiple driver preferences these individual settings are automatically saved in the active driver profile and linked to each corresponding remote key fob volvo cars perfect for the technophile in you

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2022 Volvo S60 Features 2021 | Volvo S60 T8 Plug-in Hybrid By CAR RSTI