2022 vs 2023 Hyundai Sonata SEL Comparison | Black vs Gray Interior

In this video I cover the differences between the 2023 Sonata SEL and the 2022 Sonata SEL. Both of these vehicles are equipped exactly the same however one has the 10.25″ infotainment as this was a change for the 2023MY. I also show the difference in the two interior color options which are black and gray cloth. Hopefully this helps anyone interested in a new Hyundai Sonata SEL! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Hey guys welcome back to another video as promised in my last 2023 sonata video i’m going to show you the difference between the 2022 and 2023 sonata sel and hint not a lot changed so i’m going to use this video for two different things i’m going to show you exactly what changed in the trim level and show you the two different interior cloth options for the trim

Wall both the black as well as the light gray interior so let’s not waste any time and take a look at the two sonatas behind me so you guys will probably recognize the sonata on the left and that is the hampton gray sel 2023 and on the right we have a quartz white 2022 sel and it’s kind of unique that we have these two vehicles here because the 2022 monitors are

Pretty much the final ones are arriving at dealerships right now but most of the new inventory coming in is going to be the 23 models now with that said the gray one happens to have the light gray interior while the white one happens to have the black cloth interior so this gives me the opportunity to show you not only the differences in the 23s but also the two

Different interior color choices because it is more of a two-tone interior if you get the light gray now if you do want a full walk around tour i have a video separately on that exact vehicle here on the channel so make sure to go check that one out but i mainly want to focus on the interior differences because that is really all that change on the sonata because

As we walk around to the back you’ll see the exteriors are going to be pretty much the same between the two just two separate colors this is an extra cost 400 paint option but if we step onto the inside we’re first not only going to be greeted to the black cloth interior but also the older infotainment system as this one has the eight inch so starting out here on

The door panel you’re going to see it’s completely dark still nicely padded back and armrest portions of the door you can see all the switch gear is going to be the same and here is the black cloth seats so again these are power seats with two-way power lumbar still have the nice striped accent in the middle that is kind of a light gray color and there’s a look

At the dash which again is going to be all black for this interior so here in the 2022 model we have the older eight inch system now if we start it up this one does have wireless android auto and wireless apple carplay capability that is again the biggest difference between the two also the 10 inch has the built-in navigation functionality so again that’s a nice

Big benefit but both of these are going to have blue link app integration so you can control some of the features of the vehicle from your phone but again that is going to be the main difference between these two vehicles outside of the interior color choices as everything else here in the center console again is going to be the same obviously you’re gonna have

The black armrest with the black interior now one thing to note i guess is you still do have the light colored headliner here with the black interior so the upper half is kind of this light gray and the bottom half of the inside is going to be all black show you guys the back seat really quick just so you get an idea of the interior color again black door panel

Black cloth seating show you the front seat here from the back yeah that is pretty much the inside of the black cloth interior in the older infotainment now if we move on to the 2023s with the gray interior you’re immediately going to notice a difference so here on the door panel you can see the top half is more of a lighter gray color and you have the super

Light gray armrest there with the white or light switch gear moving on to the seats you can see all the plastic trims are going to be more gray instead of black still have your power driver seat but here’s the light colored cloth interior still have the accent stripe in the middle and there’s your dash which again is more of a darker gray rather than black you

Can see your steering wheel is going to be again that different shade of gray versus black the entire dash is going to be that same shade of gray two-tone throughout and again when we come to the infotainment system this is going to be the larger 10.25 inch system with built-in navigation and dynamic voice recognition personally i prefer this infotainment myself

Although it only supports wired android auto and wired apple carplay you can get adapters to wirelessly connect it to your phone still have all the blue link functionality from your phone via the app so both these vehicles have that same functionality but really that is the only thing that changed for the 2023 model year here on the sonata sel trim if you want

To know everything that changed for this mod here make sure to check out the dedicated video here on the channel but as far as that goes just this infotainment system which again supports built-in navigation i’ll go ahead and take a look at the back seat really quick show you what the interior color looks like one thing to point out here is with this interior is

You do get the black seat belt still so it kind of contrasts with the light cloth interior quite a bit there’s a look at the front dash from the back seat you can definitely tell the difference now you still have the same light gray headliner with this interior so definitely gives it more of a two-tone look throughout the cabin so this should give you a better

Example of what the two interior color choices look like i’ve kind of offset the cars here so i can open both of the doors there is the light gray interior with the door panel and there is the black interiors door panel and you can see it’s much darker it looks like more of a traditional black along with the dashboard there back here to the light gray and even

Though it’s in the shade you can still see it is a lighter dash overall personally again i do like the black interior even though it is kind of plain kind of monotone i do prefer it over the lighter interior so hopefully that gives you a better understanding of the 2022 versus 2023 sonata sel and a side-by-side comparison basically the only thing that changes

That new infotainment system i think it is an upgrade personally but i do wish that larger system did have the wireless android auto and wireless apple carplay i think a lot of people do use that functionality but overall the larger screen is a win in my book and in addition to that hopefully you better understand the light gray versus black cloth interior on the

Sel trim levels personally i would opt for the darker black cloth interior just because i think it would be easier to keep clean you don’t have to worry about messing up the seats or anything like that i’m sure there is a level of stain resistance and dirt repellency of the light gray seats but personally i just wouldn’t take that chance and i think these black

Ones with the light gray accents in the middle with the stripe looks a little bit nicer to me and overall fits my lifestyle better and with that being said if you want a more detailed walk-on video i have videos covering the sc the s cl as well as the stl plus trims here on the channel so make sure to check those out they’re all 2023 model your vehicles so i show

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2022 vs 2023 Hyundai Sonata SEL Comparison! | Black vs Gray Interior By Cars Made Simple