2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL Premium R-Line 4Motion in Oryx White Pearl Effect

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL Premium R-Line 4Motion in Oryx White Pearl Effect

Hello guys this is rhys from bombardier st peters volkswagen in st louis today i’m bringing you a 2022 volkswagen atlas cross sport sel premium r-line this particular one is oryx white pearl effect on the exterior with cinnamon brown leather on the ins terrier actually it’s just cinnamon that’s cinnamon brown cinnamon it features led headlights led running lights

Adaptive front steering headlights also a front-facing camera part of a 360 camera setup the r-line badge right here in the grille the much more aggressive r-line front end right here with the large air intakes and chrome and piano black 21 inch brazelton r-line wheels body colored paint below the chrome line right down here keyless entry on all four doors look

How the sun hits that kind of iridescent or that pearl effect paint nice bold line down the side from the little uh door flare hood that says crossboard under the door handles up into the wheel arch and under the tail lights nice chrome badge on the back here says atlas right here right above the license plate and below the new volkswagen logo quad full exhaust

Tips on the back just underneath the forward the uh oversized reflector there it says seo v6 on the left and four motion on the right this features silver roof rail silver window surrounds of course that body color paint on the side there uh the 21 inch brazelton wheels and the silver roof rails on top panoramic sunroof is going to be standard keyless entry on

Four doors as standard here’s a look at that cinnamon interior with the premium stitch right here in the door panel also on the arm pad here contrast stitching here in the bolsters it separates the black leatherette from the cinnamon leather and then you also have three seat memory here lumbar support down here that’s power your up down forward and back is handled

Here and then this guy right here adjust your seat back pitch it’s a manually adjusted headrest on top here that premium stitch continues into the headrest there these seats are going to be heated and ventilated there’s a look at the passenger seat there as well which is also a power seat minus the power lumbar there’s a look at the headrest manually adjusted

And you have three manually adjusted headrests in the back the two outboard seats are also fitted in cinnamon leather the black is all leatherette it gives a two-tone feel black headliner on top and there’s your black and cinnamon door panels silver scuff plate right here and as we climb in digital cockpit right here three main views here so first off i’m

Going to go ahead and put navigation over here on this screen just by touching the arrow there the hamburger lines right there and then display an instrument cluster so now i have the dial screen i have the wide screen and then i have the crop screen here this is a leather wrap flat bottom steering wheel it’s also a heated steering wheel the heated steering wheel

Icon is right there uh it’s a telescoping steering wheel so i can pull out push in raise it lower it lock it where i needed and it has got stainless steel covered pedal caps down there a coin box over here to the left automatic headlights here with a poor weather light set up there replaces fogs you just pull out on that guy to activate it your vents are right

Here here on either side of the radio and then also over there on that side nice little storage bin up here on top there’s a speaker right there as well this will have fender premium audio fender like the guitar there’s the logo for it right there the speaker in this door panel as well nice flat dash here of course minus the instrument cluster there but having

Everything displayed up here in the instrument cluster is absolutely fantastic i love it so in my atlas i do the wide screen view and you have that right here temperature gauge is here fuel gauge is over here to the right here’s a look at that am fm radio i’ll go back to the radio here so you can see this you have navigation of course app connect which allows you

To do android auto apple carplay or mirror link wirelessly in this car the wireless charger for this is down here on this pad you can charge your phone in the case right here unless you’re using a pop socket then it won’t work but otherwise in most cases it should work for your phone if your phone’s too old or you don’t have wireless charging of course it can’t

Do it then but you do have these two usbc connections here as well to give you a higher speed data transfer when you’re plugged in with your phone there these are also backlit so you can see them at night over here on this side there is a 12 volt charger port right there as well climate control right here heated seats ventilated seats as well so you can run both

At the same time they start multi-phase three two one and then off same with the heated seat your climate controls controls are all right here maximum defrost your rear defrost here now your rear defrost and your heated mirrors the icon used to be over here for heated mirrors are integrated so when you use the rear defrost over here your mirrors heat as well you

Do also have a power folding mirror over here that’s what this icon is now so i can actually fold in my mirrors and then fold them out with a twist of a knob very nice okay so on this radio here gesture control i can wake this guy up actually just go to radio sorry get that little hand to show up there i can wave my hand in front now it’s not going to do it for me

There we go gesture control right in front whoops i got it to do it once i promise you it does work i’ve got a lot of videos where it does work um it’s just temperamental when you have one hand free uh to mess with it and film with the other carbon fiber finish up here on the dash and continues into the door over here around the door lock in the glove box there’s

Your manuals there your tire warranties are all in the ziplock bag there and your seat uh clip protectors there your seatbelt clip protectors are there if you’re using a car seat as i said this seat is a power seat as well just doesn’t have the lumbar support as a power seat there’s a look up at that giant panoramic sunroof with the sunshade clothes and that dark

Headliner there let me go ahead and open this for you so you can see that the sun sunroof goes from here over to second row seats you do also have this pane of glass here when you open the sunroof as a plane flies overhead you can see that right there plane flying overhead i’ll open this up you can fly in and drive out remember that i will pick you up from the

Airport it’s tented glass pop-up windscreen right here we’re right under the flight path for lambert international airport so if your dealer’s not playing nice and not helping you uh with your next car or placing an order for you you can order with me fly in and drive out there’s a look at the back seats we’ll go over those in a second here but here’s a look of

Of the interior here armrest right here it’s coated in uh leatherette right here with the premium stitch two usbc connections uh up front and then this is the third one right here reach in safe right here or drop in that you can add it bolts in with two bolts and you can protect your valuables in there as well all kinds of things you can put in there what’s nice

About this armrest is you and the passenger are not going to bump elbows here it’s really wide and really nice let’s take a look at the back seat bottle storage right there also your power liftgate button is right here i want to show you that real quick here i can lift up on this guy right here there goes the lift gate and now i can lift up on that button and hold

It and i’m also able to close that lift gate very nice there’s a look again at those seats there let’s take a look at the msrp on this car 51 960 and speaking of msrp we are not marking our cars up we are selling our cars at msrp we’re not discounting and we’re not marking up this car they’re the only extra on this car is 395 for the paint coming to 51 960 for

This car here’s a look at the back seats this car did not come with floor mats however this is a a courtesy car not a courtesy car but a corporate car fleet car for a vw official so this car won’t be for sale uh but at least you can see what it would look like if you got one of these there’s again that cinnamon seat fold down armrest in the middle this is how

You know you got a new car the plastic wrap still on the center center armrest squishy at firm adjustable seat this one’s actually reclined we’ll move it up there you go lots of leg room in this car lots and lots of leg room these seats these bench seats do not move but look at all the leg room i have easily over 12 inches of knee space up back here it’s like a king

Cab and a pickup truck here’s a look at the front there’s the instrument cluster center console look up at the giant panoramic sunroof two panes of glass stacked on top of each other right there a look around back here car seat hookups here and here and over here on this side as well you do have a sun shade built into both of these windows so if i lift up on this

Guy here and lock it in i have a sun shade to protect my babies from direct sunlight if they’re sitting in a car seat back here the door inset has that premium stitch as well the arm pad here one touch up one touchdown on that window down below right here we have heated seats for the two rear passengers three phase just like they are up front on both sides the two

Outboard seats down below two usbc is connected right here and then also a three prong plug in so you can charge a laptop right there lots and lots of room in this guy let’s take a look at the hatch there’s a look at those 21 inch brazzleton wheels on the back here this does have an easy kick open hatch as well as you open this up and look through there is a look

Through from the back to the front true five-seater set up right there two seats in the front three seats in the middle those two seats there they’re bench set up they fold flat and they’re still reinforced in the back so if there is a rear impact crash anything stored back here will not move forward and pierce or appears through the seat here and injure people

Sitting in the seats volkswagen has safety in mind all the time there’s a look at your quick release subwoofer right there it’s a fender audio subwoofer and your spare the jack apparatus is off to the side and of course the front license plate is on on the on the request bag hook right here recessed trunk light on each side right here they’re still incandescent on

The on the cross port hopefully they’ll go to led soon on those and you have a 12 volt charger port right here as well this floor is removable actually scratch that i’m sorry it is not removable that’s the atlas not the cross fork and there’s also a bag hook on this side as well there’s your power liftgate right there this car will come with a four year 50 000

Mile bumper bumper warranty on it from volkswagen four years 50 thousand miles includes two years of free maintenance so ten and twenty thousand mile oil change are covered by volkswagen also if you buy from me at bonarito st peters remember you can fly in and drive out i’ll give you a third year free maintenance as well however that is a local deal only that’s

Only redeemable at my dealership but we will still give you that third year free also if you buy from me again you can fly in and drive out we’ll give you a 10 year 200 000 mile nationwide engine and powertrain warranty free of charge 10 years 200 000 miles nationwide if you’re interested in a car like this one give me a call quick look at that 636-290-4257 on

Top very very sexy keep in mind guys i can order a car for you if your local dealer won’t do it you just have to travel to st louis to get it or to purchase it again 636 290 have a great day guys stay safe stay healthy have a great day

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2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL Premium R-Line 4Motion in Oryx White Pearl Effect By Reese Sells Cars Volkswagen Guru