2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL R-Line 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL R-Line 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic

Hello guys this is rhys from bombardo st peter’s volkswagen in st louis today i’m bringing you a 2022 volkswagen atlas crossport s-e-l-r line for motion this particular one is tourmaline blue metallic on the exterior with dark beige leather and interior it features led headlights led running lights adaptive front steering four of those headlights a splash of chrome

And piano black at the base with the r-line front end the r-line badge right here next to the headlight and this is a fleet vehicle so we went ahead and put the front license plate bracket on we normally don’t do that unless the customer requests it but this being a fleet vehicle we just put it on it comes with dark anthracite alloy wheels down here those are 20

Inch wheels body colored paint below the chrome line down here cross sport flare right here on the door the quarter panel on the door panel here and then a silver trim around the windows also silver roof rails the body colored paint below the chrome line extends into the bumper there’s a quad exhaust tips back there just beneath the oversized reflector and as a

Plane comes in for a landing area remind you you can fly in and drive out i’ll pick you up at the airport we’re 10 minutes away from the airport straight down i-70 this one has a panoramic sunroof power liftgate with easy open hatch you can open that with a kick keyless entry on four doors let’s take a look inside before we hop inside here here’s a look at that

Dark beige and how it looks on the car here and i have the window sticker and the sold sign in that seat there but uh this is a look at the dark beige it’s kind of similar to the cinnamon color dark beige right here on the arm pad also in the inset with this premium contrast stitch right here and then silver tips on the window switches there and then the door

Latch the hatch release right here as you come around and look at the seat here you have a lumbar support here it’s a power lumbar forward and back and up and down here seat back adjust here and three seat memory right here as you look at the seat here there’s a contrast stitch here in the bolster as well goes up behind the seat here and there’s a carbon fiber

Pattern right here and this bolster piece right here between the leather right here and the cloth on the outside here the arm pad is also contrast stitched right there and again a look at the back seats there fold down arm rest in the middle right there and adjustable headrest trimmed down in black for all three seats and as we climb in here i’ll turn down the

Ac it’s really really on the warm side today it’s almost 90 today there’s a look at the instrument cluster right there you have the three main views there’s your dial screen your widescreen and then your crop screen here what i’ll do is i’ll actually put the navigation on the center console here so you can see it and that’s going to move over to here now you

Can see the crop screen the dial screen and the wide screen temperature gauge is right here fuel gauge is off to the little to the right right here you do have a telescoping flat bottom steering wheel i can pull out push in raise it lower it lock it where i need and then it’s also heated as well so there’s a heated icon right there this down button this up

Button and these two tabs here work as a mouse for me to navigate through other things as well so i can change the screen view here just by hitting a tab either left or right so there is the assist systems there’s the driving data vehicle status telephone audio and then back to navigation also the view button is right here volume control is over here song skip

And preset skip is over here you do have the sport grip on the steering wheel as well at nine and three over here on this side with the r line the r line logo right down here or badge and then the piano black finish down here flat silver finish on the rest of the window there automatic headlights there with poor weather lights as well i can pull out on that guy

There to activate those and then i do have a coin box down here for storage over here on the radio it’s an am fm and satellite radio with gesture control as well as long as you see that hand right there that icon you’ve got gesture control you can wave your hand in front of it and it’s going to change it actually has a sound effect with it too kind of cool i

Don’t know if you can pick that up or not you do also have app connect which allows you to do android auto apple carplay or mirrorlink uh those are all done wirelessly you just do your bluetooth bluetooth connection and then it will prompt you for android auto or apple carplay to set it up down below right here two usbc connections here that are also backlit

At night and then a 12 volt charger port right here so you can actually charge plug in a cigarette adapter right there as well the auto start stop shut off button is here and then you do also have your climate control all right here heated seats they’re three phase so they start on high then medium then low then off you have that on both sides and then you have

The dual zone climate control right here there’s a there’s a uh carbon fiber pattern right here in between the silver bands above the the glove box that goes into the door panel over there and then back over here as well nice deep storage bin right here and then your speaker right there you have a speaker right there i should say in the glove box there’s your

Manuals your tire warranties and extras are all right here you do have an auto dimming mirror right here it’s adjustable but it’s not the homelink auto dimming mirror and it’s not edgeless either you do have a vanity mirror here with an led light on each side and you have a black headliner and a panoramic sunroof is standard on this car with that sun shade

The power sun shade we’ll open that up so you can see that that goes all the way back so all your passengers are covered under glass while that’s opening up you do have carnet free of charge for five years on this car as well your information button here roadside assistance here and an sos button here this should be lit up green whenever you have that active

Uh and that’s emergency services now this pane of glass here when we open this push the button here this pane of glass will stack on top of that one and you have a pop-up windscreen right here very nice and then you’re open to all the all of the outdoors right there very nice i’m going to close that because it’s so warm out today and we’ll take a closer look

At this seat here there’s my sold sign and then here’s the window sticker we’ll go over that in a second but here’s a look at that dark beige it’s trimmed out in black here so any areas where you can get scuffs or marks or dirt it’s trimmed out in black the beige just kind of adds color or adds flare i should say so this one as i said is sold it’s a fleet car

We’ll go over the window sticker real quick this one comes in at 47 855. the extras on this one 105 bucks for a luggage net in the back there are no mats there are no other things with this one this is a uh so this is going to go to volkswagen credit so there you can see it right there the volkswagen credit not for sale so this is this is a pre-sold car fleet

Car so it’s it’s kind of bare bones um but you can get other things like the roadside assistance kit and some other things in there as well i’m going to fold this up and put it in the glove box here and the storage arm right here you do have a usbc connection here so that gives you a total of three so far two up there and one here you do get two keys with the

Car of course and you get one fancy key just like this one here they’re both going to be slim and fit in your pocket nice and not take up all the space this one’s trimmed down in comb chrome and has a little bit more uh substance to it and then you have one for the power lift gate remote start lock and unlock as well and then here’s a look at that other key this

Is the key you give to your husband he doesn’t get your key talking to you ladies so remote start uh power liftgate unlock and lock there as well there’s a light for the cup holder here as well as you can see that right there and then this being all-wheel drive you do have this knob here so there’s a snow mode if i turn that to snow so that’s going to reduce

The throttle a little bit and also give you all-wheel drive and then there’s also the roadway which gives you eco-normal sport and custom right here and if i want to save on fingerprints i can actually push down on this button here and do the same thing without getting more fingerprints on the screen and then i can turn this to off-road or off-road custom and

Off-road custom is going to allow me to tweak all of these different things here light assist i can turn it on or off um i can do normal sport adaptive cruise control normal sport or eco or even comfort drive train i can do off-road or normal and in steering i can do normal or sport so you have all these different things here that you can do and i’ll turn this

Back to the roadway there so now we’re back to eco-normal sport or custom some other things that this car is going to have it does have dynamic sign display um so you can use that as well let’s take a look at the back seat here here’s a look at how the back seat works out there’s a look at that dark beige trimmed out in black there again and there’s another

Plane flying overhead and the door inset back here for second row passengers is the same arm pad right here and the door inset with the premium stitch right here storage for bottles and cups down here car seat hookups are here and also over there as well fold down arm rest in the middle has the cup holder right there in the middle and that’s again proof that

You have a new car and that plastic’s still on there uh cup holder in the middle there it’s squishy at firm and adjustable head rest on all three seats here and as we climb in here here’s a look at the leg room that you get with this thing you get quite a bit of leg room here magazine pocket right there i have easily six to eight inches of space back here uh

Behind the seat there’s a look at your vents for your rear passengers there as well um they don’t get any kind of climate control back here if you go to the sel premium r line you will get a heated rear seat or here heated seats in this second row back here as well as leather there’s a look at two more usbc connections there giving you five and then down here

There’s a three-prong plug-in right there magazine pocket here as well here’s a look through from the instrument or at the instrument cluster and a center console armrest and shifter right there and then if you look up there’s a look at your giant panoramic sunroof with the power sunshade so everybody’s under glass there’s a look at the other side there and of

Course the car seat hookups there these seats will fold flat as well let’s take a look at the rear now this one being bare bones is not going to be anything back here in the back well not really there’s a look at that dark anthracite wheel here’s a look at the toe hitch right here the tow hitch comes with a 7-pin adapter 5000 pounds of towing between the t and

The l right here just lift on that guy right there and that’s going to open and as you can see back here there’s not much back here this is bare bones those seats split and fold separately there’s a steel reinforcing plate behind each of those or in the back of each of those seats so in the event when you have cargo back here anything in a rear impact crash here

Is going to want to slide forward and it’s not going to injure people in those seats because the steel plate stops it you have a bag hook right here on this side a recessed trunk light here and over here and also another bag hook right here this one has that luggage net that’s all that it came with there here’s a look at that floor and the spare tire and the

Jack apparatus are all right there and here’s a look at the cargo space there’s nothing to really block your view of the cargo space here so you can kind of see what’s going on here and there’s a track here for a privacy cover it nests right there in that little square up there and the tarp goes back here in a little track there’s a look at the power liftgate

Button right there this car comes with a four year 50 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty on it from volkswagen it’s four years fifty thousand miles and includes two years of free maintenance so your ten and twenty thousand mile oil change are covered by volkswagen also if you buy for me at biomedical st peters i will give you a third year free maintenance as

Well but that is a local deal only so that third year maintenance you have to come to our dealership to redeem that but also i will give you a 10-year 200 000 mile nationwide engine and powertrain warranty free of charge 10 years 200 000 miles nationwide engine and powertrain warranty free of charge so if you’re interested in a car like this one give me a call

Thanks a lot 636-290-4257-636-290-4257 stay safe stay healthy have a great day

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2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL R-Line 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic By Reese Sells Cars Volkswagen Guru