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2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport | Long story short

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We give you the all new Neutral Reviews “Long story short” on the 2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Execline R-Line, where we boil down the full review to around 5minutes or less for those on the go (or that don’t like sitting through boring car videos lol). Hang on for a turbo charged tour of this sensible midsized SUV!

I’m terrence james you’re watching another episode of neutral reviews where we do real reviews for real decisions actually today you’re watching the very first neutral reviews long story shorts where we’re doing a full review boiled down in five minutes or less for those on the go so let’s start we’re looking at the 2022 atlas cross sport r-line exec line front

Here we have these beautiful led daytime running lamps and headlights that are also directional on this vehicle at this level of trim and when we come around here we’re going to look at the engine all models use a two liter four cylinder inline four producing 235 horsepower around 258 pound-feet of torque and you can upgrade that to a 3.6 liter v6 to where you’re

Going to get around 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque uh both engines are going to get you around 20 miles per gallon around 10 liters per hundred you’re actually gonna get a little bit better on that four-cylinder 22 miles per gallon on that one and about 10 liters per 100 both use a 70 liter gas tank and that is because that six cylinder is a little

Worse on fuel in the city now when properly equipped that four cylinder is gonna tow around two thousand pounds and that six cylinder you can over double that when properly equipped and get that up to about five thousand all that power on all trims runs through the eight speed automatic transmission and cadence keeps on going through the well-known four-wheel

Motion all-wheel drive system that is perfect for everyday driving because it is focused on front-wheel drive first to save all that wear and tear of those pieces moving in the back and that extra expense that it costs to run them with fuel economy now when we come along the side here uh 18 inch wheels on the base and this vehicle here on the exec line trim r-line

Trim you’re actually going to get these beautiful 21 inch wheels that are specific to this vehicle alone all models use a two piston front and one piston rear brake caliper system four wheel disc across all models of course and when we come around the back this is where this vehicle shines this is the five-seater version that is what the cross sport is all about

So you’re going to get a lot more space behind those back seats when they’re up you’re actually looking at about i believe it’s around 40 cubic feet back there with those seats up which is really decent you’ve got all kinds of power switches and stuff to tie down straps and things like that and when you come around here tons and tons of space in these back seats

Again because you’ve got that extra room for your legs and everything else these back seats actually recline and they can be heated on this high level trim here as you can see those heated seats there and the front seats are actually ventilated and heated when we come around which is a nice uh addition on a vehicle like this now again that is on the highest level

Trim and when we open up the door here and come on in the inside you are going to get manual seats in the base power and the other ones when you get all the way up to the exact level here they’re actually memory you’ve got two different styles of lumbar adjustment as well you’ve got perforated lever leather looks really really nice and they’re quite comfortable

On here as well you’ve got this awesome r line steering wheel looks very sporty feels good in the hand it’s telescopic and tilting in all models this also has the nicer pedals you can see as well now again on this version here on the exec line you’re going to get this bigger pro cockpit that is somewhat customizable and the main thing is it looks really good and

It’s very sharp and clear same with this infotainment on the volkswagen group here this is a really nice unit they have kept hard buttons which i really like for your tuning and everything else like that and with your hvac your heating and ventilation you have those hard buttons as well you have a normal style shifter there’s no paddles on here which again shows

You the high level of practicality that they’re going for you do have multi-drive modes including for snow different off-road and of course sport and eco and custom which i do like that volkswagen gives you as well that infotainment as we said does work really well you have apple carplay and android auto in all models and once you get to the higher trims like this

It’s actually wireless and you also have wireless charging and they add more usbc ports for practicality so this vehicle all in all has tons and tons of things that make it an awesome vehicle and the thing to focus on in the last few seconds we have here is this coupe look on the back and that is the time for our final thoughts long story short style so when they

Brought this vehicle out in 2018 they marketed it as a seven seat version to be more practical and in 2020 they brought out the cross sport they lopped off the back coupe styled it to make it a lot more practical and sporty and with that being so i’d have to say that if you like volkswagen and you’re familiar with volkswagen you’re not going to be disappointed

With this it’s the same idea it’s very refined excellent quality you can dress it up and you can dress it down so i’d have to say if you’re looking for something sporty and practical that looks depart in all situations you can’t go wrong with the 2022 atlas cross sport especially the r line thanks for watching

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2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport | Long story short By Neutral Reviews