2022 VW Atlas review // A giant in this class


We’ve got the volkswagen atlas we’ve been waiting for this one she’s a biggie the car hit it andrea she’s a biggie i want to see how fast she goes that was good it says a vr6 looks good we’ll get into that right now what’s under the hood of the atlas a 3.6 liter v6 with 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel driving canada front-wheel

Drive and all-wheel drive options are available in the u.s this engine is available one up from the base model that base engine is a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder that’s right with an 8-speed automatic transmission 235 horsepower but 258 pound-feet of torque this engine is standard on the two base trims so this engine is technically called a vr6 complicated we’re

Not going to get into all that what i really want to say though this engine has been around for almost 30 years and is highly reliable was used in the porsche cayenne for years it’s a great engine but right now let’s get into what do you get with this with the key standard features the base trim comes with a 6.5 inch touchscreen an 8 inch digital driver display

Wired apple carplay and android auto a six-speaker audio system cloth upholstery heated front seats a manual driver and passenger seat led headlights and led tail lights a spare tire and blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert some available features you might want to spring for include the 11 speaker fender audio system leather or leatherette trimmed

Upholstery ventilated front seats heated rear seats a power passenger seat and driver seat memory got all these drive modes there’s snow and sport and a bunch more what are we going to put it in you got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit that notification bell you’ll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them and we do this

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You by canada drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of two-year door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit canada drives.ca to learn more this is a big vehicle so it’s great that it has the option of a v6 engine some say that the turbocharged four-cylinder is quite good and the power is

Sufficient for this vehicle but i’m really enjoying this v6 and the 8-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly that’s a price point car they have that engine to get the price down as a starting offering but most people like the vast majority get this engine and probably not a bad idea so andrea this vehicle was designed for the north american consumer it’s made

In chattanooga tennessee and it feels more like a domestic style product than real gym yeah oh does it ever we reviewed the chevy traverse not too long ago and we said the same very smooth comfortable and that’s what you get with this atlas this thing is easy to maneuver in and out of city traffic the turning radius is excellent and when it comes to parallel parking

The steering is so light that i can actually do it with one hand yeah it’s a real north american tuned vehicle it’s big for the bigger north americans it’s got very very light steering the suspension is cushy if you took that vw badge off of there and you put on you know something like chevy or ford or chrysler you would go yeah i get it no knock on it it’s just

The way they’ve tuned it yeah and i i can understand why that would appeal to so many people i gotta lean way over here andrea i’ve always got this really solid armrest this thing is huge it’s so big you could actually put a whole other seat in here if you wanted i really like the exterior design of this it’s handsome it’s bold it has a real presence on the road

It comes standard with led headlights and led tail lights standard 18 inch wheels but available 20 inch and 21 inch depending on the trim you choose now they’re named differently north and south of the border this one is the top trim it’s the exact line with the added r-line appearance package gets you the bigger air intakes however the chrome still stays chrome

With other trims it comes with a black accent right we’re riding on 21 inch wheels i just want to point out that’s standard on the exact line trim so you can get the highline trim which is one below this exact line and you can add the r-line package that’s where you get all those exterior black accents which look pretty cool in the us you have an r line model so

You can choose that model and then get all that black exterior accents on that so about halfway through the video we have a segment called questions coffee and cars and we do have some questions about this and size so stick around for that because she’s a biggie yeah the atlas is really well organized and i really like this light color in here i think it it’s a

Great color combo everything is at the center console and i really like the storage whether it’s the side kind of net pocket on this passenger side or the large center console storage once again it’s just comfortable and well organized you can see why people would like a bigger vehicle than a smaller vehicle this is just easier to live with you’ve got more room for

Everything more room for your stuff in the middle more room for coffee more room for kids it’s it’s really comfortable and lots of buttons i like that right volume knob temperature knobs it’s pretty good hopefully with the update that they’re going to do in about a year and a half or so they’re not going to go for that touch sensitive i think volkswagen is learning

Because so many people are complaining about it that we like volume knobs and buttons hopefully that will stay so this comes with some pretty good standard features we went all through that but just moving up one from the base model gets you so much more what do you get andrea i want to know you get the 10 and a quarter inch digital driver display nice eight inch

Touchscreen with wireless apple carplay and android auto a power driver seat wireless charger power tailgate i mean these are some extras that i think i would really like so i really recommend it now if you go up to the highline trim that’s where you get the panoramic sunroof and one thing to add that in the u.s one up from the base model you can add captain’s

Chairs for just under 700 dollars u.s and the panoramic sunroof is a la carte items in canada no those features are only available on the highlight trim and it’s same for the exact line it does come with a standard panoramic sunroof but you have to add the captain’s chairs for 700 canadian it’s interesting that this is a six passenger configuration the third row

As big as it is it’s not three seats which is different than many other competitors like highlander and the talia ride in palisade one thing i’ll say though andrea is the one we’re in here in the high line those two top trims yeah are the best sellers in canada i know so we’ve talked to the product planner at volkswagen and he said it’s interesting atlas and this

Is my opinion of it yeah i really believe that this is a luxury suv replacement so there are families that could go and buy an audi q7 yeah but they think to themselves i need a people mover i want a german people mover i’ll just save the money and get the most expensive version and this is the best seller the loaded one and a lot of people look at volkswagen as

A brand that is more in the premium category it is in the non-luxury category but because it’s a german brand they feel like they’re driving something special like it’s just a little bit more elevated maybe elevates their status it is a non-luxury brand yeah but people just decide listen i’m not going to go and get a x5 or a gle or a q7 i’ll get a fully whacked out

Atlas and i’m good to go now the top trim comes with things like the 360 camera and navigation and also power folding exterior mirrors which i think is a really important feature on a wide vehicle like this so we do have it coming up again in questions coffee and cars the space it’s a big vehicle lots of room up here yeah front row legroom is excellent the palisade

Telluride and the pathfinder all have a little bit more front row legroom with a pathfinder head having the most but then you get into the second row this thing is huge you get in we’ve got the captain’s chairs they slide four and a half you can’t get a bench seat as andrea mentioned uh they recline and there is a ton of leg room the palisade in telluride do offer

A little bit more space in the second row but let’s move to the third because that’s where it really shines all right here’s me getting in first of all the seats slide forward very easily it’s easy to step in even even for an old geezer like me and then when you’re inside this is comfortable i’m six feet tall i’ve got plenty of leg room and headroom considering

It is the third row and i could easily spend an hour or two back there i’d be quite comfortable but stay tuned because we have a picture of andrea in the back seat i know you’re all going to want that and it is coming up in our segment called time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram are the interiors now comparable to the palisade and

Telluride i used to own an atlas in the extra plasticky stuff was the only thing that bothered me there’s still some extra plasticky stuff in here i would say andrea and i had a bit of a i wouldn’t call it a heated discussion i would say we had different sides on this we did yeah different opinions so i think for some mainline full-size suvs like this or mid-sized

Three rows this is totally fine if you’re looking at the honda pilot the ford explorer and some general motors products this is totally on par but when you get into korean cousins oh it changes so i don’t really think that that’s great company to be an interior wise because the chevrolet traverse is full of plastic we’ve reviewed it recently as is the ford explorer

I would say that the touch screen and below this is a lot of hard plastic that is not the dash pad is plastic too this is not and on the handle here where i can rest my elbow it is soft material but kind of below that is all hard plastic that was that was my argument almost all vehicles below the knees is hard plastic some brands do a better job but i think for

Mainline car suvs of this great this is kind of what you get i think that you could do better than this and there should be less hard plastic just my opinion this is sixty thousand dollars canadian a little hard plastic would be nice a little less hard plastic would be nice what did i say a little hard plastic we serve up the hard plastic no a little lesser plastic

That’s what i meant it was a little slip yeah wow that’s a big beautiful machine that’s a great vehicle i wish they offered a bigger touch screen around like 10 to 12 inches i hope they’ll offer a hybrid or ev you’re right uh one thing i like about this touchscreen is it’s well integrated into the dash i think it looks fabulous but this starts at just under 42 000

In canada and it comes standard with a 6.5 inch touchscreen which is also standard in the vw tahos which is a sub compact crossover they gotta get money out of you they make more money by saying honey i don’t want the six and a half i want the bigger screen how much more is that well it’s only fifty dollars more a month we’ll take it that’s how it works here’s

The thing it should come standard with this eight inch touchscreen and if they want to offer an available bigger touch screen like the kia celtos subcompact category again ten and a quarter inch that would be nice a little pro tip if you’re not in a rush this vehicle is going to get a facelift in about a year year and a half and i guarantee you that that that’s

Where they’re going to focus i hope so and maybe that may be a little more hard plastic for andrea we put out a lot of content each week on the motor mouth youtube channel and it’s super easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in motor mouth the name of the channel then the brand you’re looking for in this case it would be volkswagen then

All of our videos pop up it’s that easy given that the chevy traverse and the kia italia ride or the other two big vehicles in this category how would you say the atlas stacks up against those two in third row legroom and cargo space can i just say one thing before you go into those two particular vehicles sure a lot of people make the mistake of saying i need a

Big vehicle to move a lot of people around and they go to the body on frame full-size suvs like the chevy tahoe and vehicles like that yukon they don’t actually offer any more interior volume in some instances a unibody car like this that’s big will be better for moving people around yeah for sure and this has best in class third row legroom i can sit back there oh

Let’s show the picture andrea here’s andrea sitting in the back oh my gosh that in there and i thought this is comfortable i think this is the first third row that i’ve been in that i actually like and that i could sit in it for an extended period of time when it comes to overall cargo capacity this is great i mean this is a large vehicle the chevy traverse offers

A tiny bit more but i would say that the telluride in this atlas are pretty close even space behind the third row and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea not to ask for a full comparison but reliability wise how would this vehicle stand up against its two major competitors so i’m assuming andrea the two main competitors are probably thinking on

Size the palisade and the telluride but we’re going to throw in another one that’s a big e and that’s the chevy traverse and one thing about the chevy traverse a lot of people are misguided it actually has very good quality scores every time i do a chevy people say oh this is just a pile of well you know what i won’t say it but it actually gets great reliability

Scores and quality scores so the traverse is one to consider especially if you like this smooth and comfortable drive as for the telly ride and the palisade both get top marks for reliability and kia and hyundai in general on the jd power recent dependability study are on the top of the list yeah and volkswagen isn’t right that’s the thing is you’re looking at

A vehicle that is below the industry average when it comes to quality scores the only thing i’ll say in favor of this current atlas is it’s been in the market now for three or four years so you would hope that any initial bugs they had and there were some have sort of worked their way through the system typically a vehicle that’s been in market for a few years is

More dependable we have a viewer who actually switched from to tell you ride to the atlas and she absolutely loves it and i asked her why what do you like more about it she just says that she likes the space and she likes the panoramic sunroof and just as i said kind of how organized the cabin is it just works really well for her now in mentioning kia and hyundai

We all know that there’s been a recall on some telluride and palisade models recently it has to do with that dealer installed tow hitch in that it can catch fire there has not been one vehicle at this time that has been reported where it has caught fire but he and hyundai have to do their due diligence and check it out so this is a big vehicle it’s probably going

To use more gas than you would like so we’ll get into that and more in our vital stats let’s start with pricing we’ll do canada first the two liter turbo starts at just under forty two thousand dollars and the starting price of the v6 is just over 49.5 thousand dollars canadian in the u.s the two liter turbo all-wheel drive starts at thirty six and a half thousand

Dollars and the base v6 front wheel drive model is just over forty and a half thousand dollars u.s here’s the fuel economy for the two liter turbo 11.5 liters city 9.5 on the highway has 20 miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway for the v6 it’s 13.4 liters per 100 kilometer city 10.1 on the highway that’s 17 miles per gallon city 23 miles per gallon

Highway the v6 can tow 5000 pounds and the turbo four-cylinder 2 000 pounds volkswagen offers a warranty of four years eighty thousand kilometers or 50 000 miles so we’ve kind of touched on a lot of the competitors so let’s get into it the official numbers for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider up first is the kia telluride with a 3.8 liter v6

291 horsepower and a starting price just under 47 thousand dollars the toyota highlander with an all-new 2.4 liter turbo four-cylinder 265 horsepower pricing for this 2023 model hasn’t been announced yet the honda pilot with a 3.5 liter v6 280 horsepower and a starting price of just under 47 thousand dollars a redesigned pilot is coming for 2023. here’s our used

Car alternative from canada drives.ca we chose a 2020 hyundai palisade with just under 35 000 kilometers on the clock for 47 990 click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from canada drives.ca so there are four three row suvs for you to consider lightning round two things we like two things we like to see improve

I really like the comfort level in this atlas i like all the space what i’d like to see improved is offering captains chairs one up from the base model as an a la carte item and i’m going to do it for andrea she would like a bigger screen and more hard plastic wow what an excellent family hauler put this one on your list if you need a third row big and comfy like

A couch this video is brought to you by canada drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit candidrives.ca to learn more

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