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2022 VW Golf R MK8 vs 2022 Hyundai Elantra N, redemption time. Drag and Roll Race.

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2022 VW Golf R MK8 vs 2022 Hyundai Elantra N, redemption time. Drag and Roll Race.

Today i’m driving finally the golf r this is the mark eight it’s not the uh 7.5 that we had the last time this is the new generation and today we’re gonna race it against the elantra n dct this is going to be a very interesting race you guys asked for this special thanks goes to ben who is the owner that drove all the way from maryland down from the

U.s up here in canada to join us for this video because i was asking for a gold far and he was kind enough and he matched the perfect day that he wanted to come and visit his buddy up here and he joined us for this race i’m very honored and this is exciting we’re going to do a couple of races today so we don’t waste his time up here in canada we’re gonna have

Some fun but the first one we’re gonna do is against the elantra and so let’s talk about some of the specs the golf r uses an inline four turbocharged engine it’s a two liter turbocharged four cylinder making 315 brake horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque it uses a seven speed dual clutch transmission and most importantly it is an all-wheel drive but it has

A curb weight of three thousand three hundred and sixty pounds on my left side we have the elantra and dct with a two liter turbocharged inline four cylinder engine making 276 or 286 with the ngs and 289 torque it uses an eight speed dual clutch transmission body weighs 60 pounds less than the golf r at 3 300 pounds so this is going to be a very interesting

Race will the gold fart take it from a dig maybe because the elantra and dct is a front-wheel drive so we did warm up the tires and i also want to add something which is very important i know you guys asked me for the uh drag times unfortunately we are on a runway this is an airport and it’s almost impossible to get the times right because i have gotten those

Draggy ones and they don’t work as well here they work sometimes so you could be here all day trying to figure out what the times are so i’ve had two before which i sold because they wouldn’t work it was just such a waste of time the gps coordinates here do not work well so if someone has another suggestion that i can buy something else please let me know with

Gps in fact you don’t even get signal here in terms of your phone you barely get because this is technically an airport so it’s not a functional it’s out of uh commission technically but it is tackling an airport so the gps doesn’t work well around here and even with the drones that we use here doesn’t work that way so getting times here it’s pretty hard unless

It’s built into the car then it’s a different case but anyways let’s roll if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell and check out my other videos on my channel okay guys i am ready on my side let me just see if i can poke it yeah i can get the launch control activated i’m good on my my side mo i know you have your own little

Quirks with that launch control do you think it will be okay to launch it uh you’re gonna give me one second i’m gonna just restart the car and then go through the process again because you know how complicated it is i say that every time my friend go for it i also want to say jim thank you so much for helping out today uh means a lot to me man and if you guys

Are watching this don’t forget to check out jim’s brand absolute star thank you sam perfect start perfect oh i’m gone i’m days ahead of him oh that’s a walk that’s a walk man this goldfart is quick this is what it feels like to be james may 110 miles per hour because this is from the u.s good god hey guys launch control ready oh come on so much real

Spin the car even please no yes sir i won’t know if ngs is ready until i’m right about to launch so i’m going to assume that it’s ready i gotta make it so complicated launch okay that was a bit better i’m still on the dance mate okay so please let’s go and performance thank you jimmy clarkson for power and speed he’s right beside

Me i think i better start there dude he is right beside me much better than me oh my god i’m james may again okay i got this one well the bottom line is that it’s finding the right gear and i think yours had low gear at lower speed at 50 kilometers you have the advantage because you took the rolls he took the digs and i took the last roll at 100 km or 62

Miles an hour so i think yours is in a better gear when you’re at low speed right i couldn’t agree more um i also want to say that right after we hit the cones i noticed that it was downshifting a little bit slower than yours because you were already off and about yeah it’s all to do with transmission um i i think you know on a roll yours at 52k so that’s that’s

A good advantage i have to say like uh you know i’ve said that elantra and doesn’t make what the hyundai says nonetheless you’re about like what 10 grand cheaper than this one so in canadian money we’re looking about 10 to 12 000 doors correct yes absolutely and those things tend to have pretty significant markups so that’s the thing like but at the same time

The all-wheel drive on this one has a huge advantage and that’s where he wins now the last mo i really appreciate that you join us on this one man thank you so much and again awesome work as always you did fantastic thank you it’s always a pleasure that was it guys uh thanks for watching so here’s the deal this on a 50 kilometers roll it’s not on the right gear

Um but that elantra and was in the right gear but then at a higher speed this tends to have the right gear and it gets more boost so it’s at a higher level that that’s where this thing brings out the power but nonetheless don’t forget this is more expensive than the elantra hand so it’s kind of like a win-win with maybe a tune but plus that’s a front-wheel drive

But i have to say off this is the first time i’ve launched i’ve done a complete drag race on this golf r i’m very impressed this thing is quick and i have to say special thanks goes to band for driving all the way from maryland down in the u.s to join us for this video um i finally got to race this thing and i’m quite impressed with it i have to say they’ve did a

They’ve done a great job does it feel faster than the gti that i drove yeah for sure that all-wheel drive on this thing is insane and we managed to get the launch controls on both cars perfect that was it guys thanks for watching cheers if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell and check out my other videos on my channel

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