2022 Wildax Aurora Leisure

Take a look around this 2022 Wildax Aurora Leisure, currently for sale at Highbridge Caravans.

Foreign motorhomes devin branch and on this absolutely grim wendy blowing the flapper boards around day in early october 2022 we are doing a quick walk around video on this wonderful brand new freshly arrived wild ax aurora malaysia and this is the six meter version so this is going to be our replacement long-term demonstrator full court display model to replace

This lovely blue one which is now being released to the person who put the deposit upon it this was a canceled customer order it’s one of the last citron-based wild axes if you were to order one of these if you want to come down to us at highbridge motorhomes devon if you want to order one uh it will arrive probably next year early next year maybe if you’re lucky

Springtime and it will be based on the theater chicato which is the same van as the citroen but the fiat is an updated version for this year it’s what they call the x8 whereas the citroen relay in the peugeot boxer it’s sister van also built by fiat are the x7 but basically it’ll be exactly like this but on a fear much so wild ax they are part of the french giant

Arapido group they are a yorkshire company and they build high quality british van conversions but with european sort of levels i think of build quality and or features like fully designed for year-round use really nice options nice people to deal with not fully customizable like they used to be but they are quite uh quite adaptable um to your ideas kind of thing so

The aurora leisure this is a six meter van you can have this van as a 5.99 meter van or you can have it as a 6.34 like this one here wheels are in the same place but you’ve got a slightly bigger overhang 1.6.34 meter van and basically they’re the same apart from you get a slightly different kitchen and some extra storage cupboards in the middle of the 6.34 meter

One but this is the 5.99 meter van you won’t see so many six meter aurora ledgers i think all the other dealers tend to order the 6.34 they’re down in devon we find quite high demand for six meter van instead so that’s why we’ve got this display model aurora leisure in six meters which might be one of the only ones you can look at today this one’s in graffito uh

Gray which is black and to be honest if you were to order one all the chassis are in order currently are in expedition gray or in r10 spray which is kind of silver and this particular one is graffito which if you want to wait a long time we can order you one of them so production would be on the fiatricato so it would look like that but it would have the uh the fiat

Grille or the big fiat sign on it there but apart from that’ll be the same this one’s got 15 inch silver alloys the fiat would come with 16 inch black and silver alloys and you get a full color coding as standard you get alloy wheels as standard you get the electric step as standard this one has the factory optional two-lit omni store awning which everybody goes for i

Think it’s about an 850 pound option we’ve got flush fit tinted double glazed windows you don’t want double glazed windows if you order one you can have clear double glazed window is um on request uh three-way fridge freezer there sliding window for the kitchen to stop it getting broken by the door when it opens but you can have that open when you’re driving which

Gives you a bit of airflow for the goggles the aurora leisure is a split lounge round so you’ve got a front dinette and an end lounge if you had it as an aurora it would have a fold away fixed bed at the back and there is a video on youtube that i did of an aurora i can send you a link to that if you put a note in the comments or you can search through uh i’ve just

Put wild ax aurora into youtube and you’ll find it but this is the end lounge version which is the more popular version i think mainly because our steelers tend to stock damage of this rather than the fixed bed one it’s a very uk friendly thing so you’ve got the back here twin ciphers i think they’re about four foot six long i’ve not measured them but these simply

Pull together very very straightforwardly to make a very good sized bed now if you’re traveling all day you can leave it down a bit as a bet so it gives you a bit more flexibility than the fixed bed one bit less storage but you can of course load underneath of it if you’re leaving it as a bed or even not you’ve got access further up there for some stories as your

Charger and leisure battery there this one’s also got the factory optional solar panel on it which is 120 watts it’s really good then you’ve got oh this one’s got two leisure batteries as well i didn’t realize that in further let’s do it so this one’s got two leisure batteries instead of just one so optional second leisure battery uh so loose fit carpets all the

Way around practical non-slip flooring this one’s got the optional cromberg wood instead of the gray ashwood uh i prefer this furnace to it i find the gray ash it’s very fashionable it’s a little bit cold feeling as i think this is just slightly warmer it’s just a couple of hules warmer we’ll have a look at the rest of the inside from there really nicely finished

Off though concertina blind supply screens loads of proper double glazed motorhome windows or sleep take note with your glass windows that you can’t open these are proper opening double glaze flush fit motor home windows at the back here you’ve got standard reversing sensors times four and a standard high level factory fitted reversing camera that’s the same on the

Fit or the citron you got mines hook up and a standard you get 100 amp hour leisure battery uh this one’s got two 100 amp hour leisure batteries factory order there is an option for lithium if you wish as well which is about a thousand pound upgrade option that really nicely finished advantage you can see minimal graphics you just got the badge in those stripes

Or swirls perfect set toilet locket here under slung fresh and waste water tanks now i hear you scream these are going to freeze up but wild eggs are designed for full-time offer cup year-round camping so the um fresh and waste water tanks are heated and insulated as standard so these are grade three fully winterized take them down to minus 20 and they’ll still

Function to that end and this is particularly exciting and obviously this was a canceled customer order it wasn’t the van i ordered but i do recommend to most people to order one to have this option so as standard these have got the ubiquitous truma four kilowatt gas and mains electric powered heating and hot water system but for an additional 895 pounds this one

Has got the truma combi 6d um that may need mean nothing to you but basically instead of running on gas from the gas tank which we’ll talk about in a minute when you’re not hooked up to the mains this one runs off of diesel from your diesel tank now that has two advantages so number one it’s a six kilowatt heating system not a four kilowatt heating system so it

Will either run off diesel from your diesel tank incredibly economically for your heating and hot water when you’re not hooked up to the mains to six kilowatts of power or you can set it to run if you’re cold or you want it to be more powerful even if you’re on the mains to use two kilowatts of electricity and four kilowatts of diesel power which is really really

Good the other big advantage of this in times when you’ve not got so much availability in the uk of filling places particularly in the depths of cornwall in the highlands of scotland to fill up your large underslung gas tank you’re not gonna have to fill it up often but you know if you can future proof it a bit by minimizing your gas use by having the heating and

Hot water run on diesel then that’s all the better so true mccombie 6d this one’s got i love it on board filler point for your fresh water tank there and then the filler point free lpg gas tank this has got a 25 kilo under slung lpg gas tanks instead of having gas bottles which take up space this one has got an under slung gas tank that is both much much cheaper

And you can much much bigger than a gas locker it takes up no space and you can fill it up anywhere at home or abroad now over here we’ll see the hybrid salesforce there they are you can tell they’re the hybrid salesforce because they’re doing absolutely nothing now looking at the cab spec this one’s on the citroen relay so this is the same as the fitch cattle

X7 which was last year’s furniture chicato basically 2.2 140 horsepower is standard on these the actual engineering level engine was 120 horsepower wild ax only used the 140 which is great leather gear stick and steering wheel was standard you’ve got standard factory fitted tom tom bluetooth dab pan-european sat nav with your phone calling things air conditioning

Cruise control all standard full cab lines are standard your level gauge for your gas tank there it’s got the eco pack as standard which is the auto stop start you can switch off your central bottle holders and your usb inputs down there electric windows electric mirrors heated mirrors full concertina blinds and fly screens advantages for this citron x7 based one

Uh is tried and tested basically it’s been the same since 2015 no issues with it at all uh the jakato x8 that’s replaced it so the difference is ah you’ve got the same engine 2.2 140 you can have a 9-speed automatic gearbox if you want um and it’s got a new dash basically which is kind of cool and a seven inch infotainment when apple carplay and thing say it is

A bit more modern than an electronic power steering but it’s the first of a new thing to fit whereas this citroen’s been around for some time and it is completely bomb proof really really good unless you’re very unlucky so that’s the outside of this aurora leisure six meter when we go inside we’ll have a quick chat about the differences between the aurora leisure

And the aurora and the differences between the xl and the six meter one like this one here so going inside electric step standard you’ve got a fly screen door to come across also as standard now this is where these are different to any other van that i can think of it’s a three seater at the front two in the front swivel cab seats and one there now every other van

I can think of on this layout so the swift select 144 to come to see eldest cv40 it’s got a double seat here which is fine and good if you need two seat belts but if you only need one seat belt this single seat is a much more comfortable thing than cramming two people into a double seat that’s really too small for two adults and a struggle for two kids and it means

You’ve got all this space down here you haven’t got the super tight pinch points that you do in the competition so that’s either a really good thing if you only need two or three seat belts uh or it isn’t but it either works for you or it doesn’t but what it does give you as i say is all this space here which is always the weak point of this layout so looking at the

Front here if you factory order you can have a panoramic roof light there but you do lose this really good bit of storage up here which is where your table legs and things live nice easy to use but an operated cbe control panel been around for years you’ve seen loads of motorhomes very intuitive nice and straightforward this is the new standard upholstery it’s been

Out a couple of years it is wonderful it’s they called it half leather it’s not leather it’s like a alcantari stuff with this really hard wearing practical colored fabric two-tone suits either wood finish goes really really well i think i think that’s an excellent choice on wild ax apparently it’s the same material that la-z-boy used for someone there recliners in

America we’ve got really nice led strip light and up top we’ve got um 2 option and little spotlights there which can be on just as a soft light or a big light we’ve got the controls for your truma diesel electric powered combi d heating nice little table there that can clip on outside or it can be put away on the back door brackets there which is great there’s also

A smaller table which you can just pop in there if you want on a leg and with a table top there which you saw the leg for it up there nice big opening skylight wild axis signature tamper door lockers why doesn’t everybody use these they don’t rattle they’ve got no catches they don’t break um really really good in fairness too i don’t know why anybody else doesn’t

Use them underneath here is your boiler and your water heater with your dump point for it and then you’ve got being a british fan a really really good kitchen while we’re here loads of plug sockets in these as well we’ve got double usbs and a main socket there which is great they’re well thought art vans and then yeah kitchen really really good so you’ve got one

Two three four big storage cupboards you gotta lift up extra big bit of work space there which you can also use for somebody who sat there to dine so you can have four people with three people dining this makes a small single bed so the table removes that quite easily slides out and then you swivel your driver’s seat around it’s about i don’t know if it’s at 1.5

Or 1.7 meters so it’s more of a kids or a small adult bed but it’ll do a good job it comes with a standard tv aerial your tv point is there wild ax that’s in the wrong place yes it’s good for having a front tv but they should put one in the back we can put you on in the back um in the lounge where you’d actually want to sit and watch tv uh during our pre-livery

Inspection process costs for that and a tv bracket about 200 pound but while that’s why i put the tv at the front which is your dining area put it at the back instead but it’s a minor gripe so this one’s got to say the cromberg wood which comes with the non-spectly work top you’ve got a nice deep sink this comes with a washing up bowl and a clip-on draining board

Because it’s a british fan you’ve got a proper oven unlike the swiss select 144 which is one of its main competitors so you’ve got a combination gas powered oven and grill and three gas hobs now a lot of the competition will have one mains electric hob but because you’ve got the massive underslung gas tank you can run your hobs for pence forever so you don’t need

The electric one which is only of use when you’re hooked up to the mains loads and loads of storage here so we’ve got your your can and your bottle storage oh there’s tough really deep soft closed kitchen drawers there nice big double glazed windows even in the door as well which will open it’s a very very good news and two high-level storage cupboards above um

Tank heater switch there so you flip that when it’s going to be sub-zero that will stop the water in your way to walk from freezing up in extreme cold weather back here even more worktop so you’ve got flip up worktop there worktop and more worktop for a six meter van that’s incredible two high level main sockets for your kettle and toaster there and then your

Wardrobe above there with your little occasional table for the front hanging rail and your tv booster point fridge is a three-way fridge freezer there’s no point in fitting a 12 volt fridge freezer because um it’s running off the gas from your gas tank so it will last ages and cost buttons to run um and it won’t drain your leisure battery when you’re not on the

Mains which is good so we’ve got a full width freezer and dice decent sized fridge underneath of it now if you were to order this as a 6.34 meter than the xl version that’s the same the end lounge is the same the bathroom’s the same um kitchen’s moved up slightly you’ve got a bigger fridge freezer you’ve got a microwave and you’ve got two double banks of wardrobes

Now personally i prefer the six meter one and the reason i prefer it is in the xl the cupboards come out to here and i find it cuts the van in half and where is this it flows so i think the six meter version actually feels bigger than the 6.34 meter version i don’t think you need four wardrobes in any van that’s out there and the fridge is plenty big enough so

Unless you want to microwave have the six meter one it’s it’s more practical in my opinion anyway but they’re both sell in very very good numbers another look at look in the bathroom in a moment so this is the end lounge which we saw from the outside it’s a lovely place to sit we’ve got four high-level storage cupboards we’ve got storage underneath part of these

Sofas as well and these very very simply and easily slide together backrest drop in good size transverse double bed let’s have a little storage bit there one two three four opening double lays windows and an opening skylight so it’ll be a nice cool place we’ve got the strip lights both here and here and the spotlights as well another little upholstered storage

Covered and this wild ax listen to me give us a tv point on there so we can fit you on there we put a tv point there we can put a bracket on there but why don’t they do it from the factory because this is where you’re going to sit and watch television isn’t it but anyway as i say a minor gripe it just annoys me uh main socket down there i could do with some usbs

Back here as well if you had a tv point over there of course you could um have a double 12 volt of fitted something like that for your uh for your phone charging again minor gripes but manufacturers listen to us um yeah it’s a lovely place to sit you can put sit here put your feet up or the other way around and open your back doors you can store in from the back

Very very good news your bathroom we’re all wild ax bathrooms i think they’re the same to be honest i don’t think there’s any difference in any of them it’s a wet room bathroom dunking the md world x doesn’t believe in squeezing a separate shower into a small panel line i agree because it gives you more space the rest of it but it’s nicely finished off it’s got a

Proper sink with its own tap and you’ve got a proper shower hose all by itself and a dometic ceramic toilet bowl um toilet which is just the same as a theft one already but it’s got ceramic toilet bowl one high level storage cupboard and a shelf which is fine for your bits and bobs and then a strip light and an led spotlight and an opening skylight of a good size

For ventilation plus a blown air heater duct in there so you can super heat your bathroom or you can switch that off instead so if you had this as an aurora this would be a slightly higher level fold away bed with a new storage area so if you want to see my youtube video on that google wild ax aurora or wild ax aurora xl and look out for the one from highbridge and

You’ll see uh you’ll see that there or put a comment in the comments box or contact us and we’ll send you a link for it so this is the 2022 it’s the same as the 2023 apart from the base vehicle um wildx aurora this one’s got the optional um solar panel which charges both engine and leisure battery it’s got two leisure batteries so it’s well set up for wild camping

It’s got the combi d diesel electric heating system which is the very best thing for all hook up year-round camp and option as well and the wind out too late awning in black this is us we are highbridge caravans devin branch we are one of wild ax’s biggest dealers we absolutely love them we are there that’s uh high brooks plantation team grace newton abbott devon

Which is not a deep as dark as devin we are the twin uh plymouth and exeter on the south devon expressway dead easy to get to internet internet intercity railway station and extra airport is not too far off um and yeah that’s us really so contact us on that number 01626-832-792 if nobody answers ring the mobile 07432-662-558 if nobody answers that because we’re

All busy you can contact us through the hybrids caravans website highbridgecaravans.com or you can drop me an email direct to that email address on there so contact us today at highbridge motorhomes devon about wonderful world axes and particularly the wild ax aurora leisure six meter thank you very much goodbye

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2022 Wildax Aurora Leisure By Highbridge Caravan Centre