2023 Acura Integra 6-Speed Manual Transmission Driving Impressions

Here are my initial first impressions on the overall driving feel of the 2023 Acura Integra. I share what the the clutch and gear shifter feels like in this 6-speed manual transmission. Huge thanks to Lasher – Elk Grove Acura in Northern California. Check out their inventory here.

Oh man this is really good all right first impressions you’re getting like the real raw thing this as a daily i’m already liking a lot lots of low-end torque for sure hey what’s up car fam today we’re taking a look at the 2023 acura integra huge shout out to last year auto group i’m actually here at the elk grove acura dealership so if you are in the market for

One of these they do have a couple as of the day i’m recording this video so this one is the six-speed manual so that’s the a-spec tech package it has some really nice features including of course obviously the six-speed manual and another bonus is it has the els studio 3d sound system if you haven’t heard this it’s honestly really really amazing and i like it a

Lot compared to other ones on the market so today we’re going to take a drive give you my overall just first impressions i have another video where i go over like the exterior features the dash all that good stuff but today i just wanted to take it for a quick drive and let you know what i thought of the manual transmission as someone that does not daily drive a

Manual i wanted to give you my feedback on that what it feels like compared to the civic si and then because i drove a civic type r not too long ago kind of compared to that a little bit as far as like the clutch fill and the way the shifter feels and things like that in the hand so this one’s really nice i like this color they also come in this i believe it’s

Called red platinum pearl let me double check performance red pearl excuse me so this one’s also a really cool look depending on what you’re going for the red and the black actually contrasts really nicely they just sold all black one that one’s my personal favorite outside of this white one and then this color here too looks really good so if you haven’t seen

Any of these in person try to find one at your local dealership this is the liquid carbon uh color so it looks really good especially like tint the windows maybe a couple of like aftermarket mods once the aftermarket catches up on these but either way just in stock form these cars look really great so let’s go for a drive oh the clutch oh man super smooth i’ve

Driven a civic type r and that had a really nice clutch but oh my goodness this is super nice so the last one i drove didn’t have the um oh so good oh man this is really good all right first impressions you’re getting like the real raw thing this as a daily i’m already liking a lot lots of low-end torque for sure all right it’s going to take a little bit to get

Used to it but i like it man it’s so easy most like i mean if you’ve been driving a stick for a while of course this like comes second nature but i don’t drive stick often at all and this one is probably the easiest one i’ve driven the civic type bar was probably second best and that was only because it’s just a little bit different and i wasn’t as experienced

Either but this one oh my goodness i like it i’ve literally been in here like a minute maybe and i’ve i’m already getting like a fill for it so it’s really comfortable too let’s see what mode it’s in right now okay so now i’m in sport mode i could immediately feel the steering stiffen up this is super cool this is a really nice like luxurious daily i dig it

And the way the ah feels so good it’s the happy river like it really does like to rev this is nice so i love the interior on this one it’s nice because i don’t know if you’ve seen the red in person the red interior but it has like this kind of plum purplish color that i do not like and over time that color because i’ve seen it in like the tlx the last gin it

Kind of gets even more purplish so just something to keep in mind but some people obviously love it so you know do what’s best for you and stuff but i like the black it just has that classic look you can keep this for 20 years for example in the seats and things like that are not gonna look dated in any way oh i love how this manual feels i don’t know if they’ve

Tweaked it usually i know all of this stuff but i don’t know if they’ve tweaked it compared to the si but i really do like how it feels man this thing has so much low end torque definitely feels different than the si in certain ways this is cool i am happy i am happy driving this visibility is pretty good kind of have depending on your seating position you

Kind of have this big piece right here the b pillar so depending how you sit something to keep in mind for sure okay we’re just going to hit a couple blocks i have a full review of the interior and exterior today i just wanted to do a quick drive my literal like first impressions on what i think this car is like so as a daily from like the clutch fill um i can

Tell you right now i really like how it feels um it’s like soft you can pick up on the engagement point it does like happily rev so the throttle input is pretty sensitive but it feels super solid and then the shifter it has like great engagement even the way it like bounces back to neutral i know this is brand new so it’s a little bit different and that’ll

Probably get like changed over time but it’s like notchy in certain areas but like buttery smooth when you’re just like going you know up and down the gears it’s super nice and even like how thin it is the one on the type r is a little bit like the older gin it was more of like a baseball kind of so this one feels nice because it’s like a little bit smaller a

Little bit like better in the hand i like how this feels it’s like really easy to drive smooth the seat is really comfortable um this one does have the els sound system so that sounds amazing if you’ve ever been in an acura product or maybe you haven’t been i highly suggest you check it out because it’s a really good quality sound system that’s better than bose

In my opinion it just has like the clarity you want and it has the like base you want the mids are nice like that’s really cool oh i could daily this for sure the only thing like i’ve said in other videos is the head room in the back my goodness it’s like pretty interesting how it’s not that great um but if you sit the right way and kind of just like sink into

The seat and like lean back then it’s different but otherwise it’s like pretty like it kind of touches your head even if you’re not that tall so just something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting this car the ride quality in this one i think it has the um adaptive dampers i could tell it’s totally different than the one in the cvt and i’m on some

Like average roads but even when i was on like good roads on the one with the cvt without the adaptive suspension that one i could tell was way more like sport tuned and as a daily it was pretty bouncy and pretty rough this one does not have that vibe at all it’s way more um like how you would expect acura to drive even though like it handles great and things

Like that it still feels really nice yeah so first impressions which sometimes when you drive a car it’s like twofold when you drive a car you can tell a lot from the first couple of minutes but then at the same time that’s not always enough time to get a feel for what a car is really like but i could say first impressions on this one is giving me like all of the

Key signals that i want to know so comfortable steering wheel great you know fill and things like that the seat definitely goes further back i’m just sitting like this because in a stick you have to in my experience and things like that like i have to sit closer than even like an automatic so but otherwise like super comfortable everything’s like really simple

Nothing too complicated with like adjusting you know the menu and things like that so feel free to check out my other video for more details on like the infotainment system and things like that but i just wanted to give you my first impressions on what this car is like and specifically the manual transmission because this is my first time driving it so catch you

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2023 Acura Integra 6-Speed Manual Transmission Driving Impressions By Dekiary Carter