2023 Acura Integra A-Spec 6MT POV Test Drive

Today we test drive Acura’s all-new 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec, equipped with a 1.5 liter turbo engine and a six speed manual transmission! Does Honda still make some of the best stick shifts in the car business? Let’s find out!

Ladies and gentlemen today we are test driving a 2023 acura integra a-spec with a six-speed manual transmission and this may be a 2023 model car but it makes me feel like 1988 airton senna because i’ve got a six-speed manual i’ve got a turbocharged honda engine and listen to my heel toe downshifts oh i’m so good oh wait that was all just digital darn oh well

This thing still feels like a million bucks to drive the best shifters in the auto business are made by honda and or porsche i could never decide which one flip a coin they’re both equally good as far as just sheer feel and shift ability they’re the best i will admit i’ve never driven a ferrari or a lamborghini with a gated shifter i have heard that uh those are

A lot of fun but i don’t think they’re strictly quite as good as either a honda or a porsche and this car is no exception the shifter just feels fantastic it’s short throw it’s a short shifter the whole thing is very very quick the clutch is light the feel is perfect the engine is tractable this is a fantastic car to drive it’s sporty it’s handles well it has

A helical limited slip front differential and it just it’s the kind of car that you just want to i just want to do is want to shift gears i don’t need to shift gears but i want to shift gears i’m going to do it again i didn’t need to do that but i wanted to do that oh i’m gonna slow down because i don’t want to hit this truck that’s something that i definitely

Don’t want to oh listen oh all right i’m not going to pass this guy illegally because that would be mean the one thing i’ve noticed it doesn’t do the rev matching when you go into first which is probably fair enough and i can’t tell if it rev hangs or if i just haven’t quite got the feel of it yet oh oh this car is so much fun i should probably stop doing that

Because i was going uh the speedometer on this car reads in kilometers an hour just for the record oh my god okay so i love manual transmission cars and i know that there’s an extremely vocal minority of car dudes it’s mostly dudes on the internet that love manual transmissions and love to complain about how they are not man i wish it came with a stick shift i’d

Buy it if i could get it with a stink ship they need to make it with a thick shift and the reason why i say men there are women out there who like to drive stick shifts but they’re just not quite as annoying about it and all right boys time to put up a shut up acura released an all-new model for 2023 model year and they are offering it with a manual transmission

And it’s not even the base model the one of the bill i don’t want the bank model i want a moon roof it has a moon roof i want to use it this car is very well equipped so here you go you want a stick shift they’re making one for you buy it buy it before they change their minds yeah oh i’m aaron senna flea market oh i’m here in senna give it the beans oh god

Kilometers an hour this car is so much fun this is you know for what a new integra should be i have to say i think they knocked it out of the park i was excited when i first heard they were gonna make a new integra just because you know and integra was always like a night a very nice car but an affordable car back in you know i think the original one come out in

89 i think of the integra as like a really 90s car because it lasted all throughout the 90s i think what was 0-2 the last model year if i remember right off the top of my head and they were they were everywhere they were ubiquitous and it was a car that was relatively affordable but very nice for the price point and very well made and reliable and people loved

Them and in my mind it’s the most iconic acura i know the legend was the first one and that’s an iconic car as well in its own way and of course you’ve got the nsx which is an amazing car but when i think of an acura i think of an integra that’s just where my mind goes because that was the one you saw the most of and i think it’s so cool that they made a new one

And they did such a great job with it and they did it exactly the same way as they used to it’s based on the civic they started off with a very good platform and they just made it nicer it looks nicer it’s got nicer materials it’s got better equipment and you know i’m sure if you ingested it for inflation it’s probably priced similarly to how they were back in the

90s you know this is about a thirty seven thousand dollar msrp car and inflation especially in the last 12 months has done a lot to you know what were integris back in the day high teens low 20s i don’t know i really think they did a great job with this car and um i applaud their efforts and uh yeah fantastic fantastic stuff let’s take it on the freeway and

See how it does full bore baby speed trap no speed trap god that shifter is so nice the ride on the freeway we’re currently doing let’s say 80 miles an hour ish we got a little starch you can feel the road but it’s for this car because this is a bit of a driver’s car and this is going to be bought by somebody who wants to drive in my estimation it’s perfect

Because um highway patrolman with his flashers on broke down because it’s it’s still comfortable but it’s sporting and the steering feels nice and properly weighted and it’s so accurate you can make very deliberate maneuvers in this car whether it’s downshifting with the rev match changing lanes up shifting this is a driver’s car honda’s i mean honda acura has

The reputation of doing a little bit more than their primary competitors to make their cars nice to drive and you can feel that in this integra it’s a wonderful wonderful little car to drive and it is the kind of car that will put a smile on your face and it is the kind of car that you will want to go out and drive just for fun just just for entertainment but

It’s still a practical car it has decent passenger space decent cargo space fuel economy is not bad it’s real i mean if you really look at the car market for the 2023 model year it’s affordable i mean yeah this one was like 37 grand but wow for a new car in this day and age a ton of money and if you want one with a stick buy it before they change their minds and

Stop building the darn things if i had to predict what was going to happen here i think they’re gonna come out with like an integra type s which is gonna be kind of like the i think that’s the replacement for the old civic type r that’s gonna have a six-speed manual they may or may not you know i could see them maybe dropping this one but keeping after a couple

Of years keeping building the type s and then you know by the time it’s time to redesign the integra if it gets that far and they’ve sold enough of them to decide they want to do that then probably won’t i don’t know maybe they’ll give us another stick shift stick shifts are going away folks if you want one speak now or forever hold your youtube comments get out

Your checkbook money talks and bs walks money talks and bs gets stuck in traffic oh this ain’t that bad so anyway that’s about all i have to say about this uh beautiful integra i will have a full review of the vehicle as well a link will be in the description and or the comments and or potentially both so thank you for watching have a fantastic day always drive

Safely and don’t leave your hand on the stick shift or your foot on the clutch when you’re not using them because you’ll wear out the clutch and wear out the transmission at least that’s what my dad used to tell me have a nice day bye-bye

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2023 Acura Integra A-Spec 6MT POV Test Drive By Dietrich’s Car Channel