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2023 Acura Integra A-Spec Walkaround | Acura of Wichita (4K)

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Are you ready to level up? The all-new 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec – a premium sport compact. Unleash your driving potential in this newly redesigned and strikingly crafted vehicle.

So hello and welcome back to the walls of auto campus my name is alex davis and today you are joining me in the beautiful acura of wichita building where today we have an incredible car the all-new brought back acura integra and i say brought back for a reason this car was a very very popular mid-size offering and even a two-door offender offering when it

First came out in the 80s and 90s the gentleman filming actually had one so a very popular car back then my neighbors had one it seemed like everyone in my high school had one at one time but very excited for the name plate to come back but it also is an important thing to see if it lives up to that integra name so i do want to start off at the front because

The previous gen integras were always very sporty very aggressive and very compact small cars things that you could kind of toy with and throw around and have a lot of fun with so on the front we will have acura’s signature new look this very aggressive grille with a black surround here we do have the black accessory for the acura logo which i think looks very

Nice kind of smokes it out a little bit and for a vehicle as new as this is it’s actually kind of cool to have a black emblem because then people might question what it is although i don’t know that you’re questioning this grill or these signature chicane headlights all very cool stuff there but a very aggressive front end lots of nice gloss black which i do

Always appreciate acura doing a lot of other manufacturers within this price bracket will go down and do some black plastic but acura’s always taken the premium approach and gone with gloss black offerings you will have led fog lights as an option here and then like i mentioned the beautiful chicane headlights with the jewels sitting just underneath and really set

Back kind of like some evil eyebrow looking thing uh very nice detailing and harkening back to the original integra you do have it stamped here in the front bumper as well as the back bumper which we will look at and then if you get the right angle you’re actually seeing acura in the headlights you’ll see acura integra all just within the front here now this is

Our a-spec offering this is the top trim and the reason that that is important is because the 6-speed manual option is only available in the top trim distancing itself from the sister vehicle the honda civic s i can’t do it integra video without mentioning that but that is the only time i’m mentioning it so six speed manual in this one very very cool stuff the

Only option that is check boxed on this car everything else has come with the packages is the pearl white paint a very very nice option you can kind of highlight a little bit of the lines with it so it stands out quite a bit more than on an otherwise black car you will have more accessories here through the acura department for black aspect badging we’ll see

More badging on the back on the side of the vehicle you’re going to notice the 19-inch wheels with performance tires these are going to be in satin black you do have other accessory offerings like a slightly brighter wheel so you can actually see it moving around a little bit but with the shadow line badging i do like that wheel another accessory will be the

Carbon fiber mirror caps a very nice thing to kind of black out that mirror cap and then some nice black along the bottom super aggressive lines along the side kind of trailing the door handles all the way up to this third quarter mirror so a very nice side profile nice sloped back end and a hatch to kind of finish that off but we’ll get to the hatch in just a

Second i do want to hop inside because this is an all new interior for acura and there are a couple of pieces that are very very nice and very premium feeling and i think it’s a very well put together interior so let’s jump right on inside all right inside the 2022 integra type or a spec not type s we haven’t seen that one yet but i suspect that they’re working

On something we’ve talked to acura of course they won’t announce anything before they’ve actually announced something but i would be willing to bet we’re going to get a type s of this as we have a type s mdx and we have a type s tlx and we have the type s nsx so i think they’ll be doing a type s treatment to this i don’t know if it’s going to go quite as hard as

The honda variant but it would be very interesting to see them do something very aggressive with this car i think it’s owed to it but in front of me i do have a nice large configurable display something that is actually rather unique to see in a vehicle of this price point we are still sitting within that 30 thousand dollar price point so very nice to see that

Fully configurable display you can kind of choose what you want to have in different places i’ll turn it off here really quick because you will have a rather nice let’s see if it does it startup animation there go the full revs and then it kind of peels back some really really cool detail as well make sure it’s in neutral is the tail lights on this screen do

What your taillights do outside so if i press the brake on go the tail lights if i turn on the signal the signal on the integra turns on so just really really cool little technology details kind of i don’t know if i call it easter eggs because it’s staring you in the face but really cool details that they didn’t have to do these guys are passionate all these

Engineers are very passionate about this car and bringing it back and they wanted to do it right and i believe that they did with all these little nuances with technology so steering wheel not a flat bottom i suspect that we’ll have that in the type s variant but you’d have some nice a-spec detailing here and then red stitching around the perimeter a very

Well-designed horn i think and a very nice steering wheel some thinner spokes with a nice fat spoke here where you can put your hand in and kind of drive down there you’ll have your cruise control settings and general safety settings over here and then over here of course very acura your entertainment settings you do have two memory seats for the driver none for

The passenger in this but you do have a 16 speaker els studio 3d surround sound system they kind of had to put them everywhere because there are 16 of them i’ll turn this off really quick in accessory mode you have speakers up above my head you have speakers on the a-pillars you have speakers behind you you have like four speakers in the doors a really wonderful

Surround sound system i did get a chance to drive it and live with it for about 20 minutes it is a wonderful car to drive especially with the six-speed transmission so the six-speed again coming out of the honda variant a nice weighted shift now been a very good size something that is very easy to get along with nice and chunky and heavy something that is very

Easy to live with day to day the clutch is is light this is supposed to be a commuter type car so it is a bit of a light clutch not that much of a performance heavy clutch something you’d expect out of again a type s variant should we get one this screen is what i really want to concentrate on because acura has finally given us a proper touch screen so we have

A home button here which we are on you can simply swipe through it’s very responsive lots of options of course but i do always want to jump into apple carplay so i’ll tap that there wonderful display takes up the whole screen and it’s very very easy to get along with super responsive and of course music maps calendar events all of that is right there and if

You want to hop back into the acura screen simply tap that and then you’re back into their system volume control exactly where it should be and forward and back buttons here actual buttons for track purposes so very nice to see there and then of course physical buttons as well for your ac controls you have nice buttons within so you can turn them on and off i do

Like the integration of screens with buttons attached to them i think it’s a nice clean look and a way of keeping these switches again some knurled switches very nice audio and tactile feedback there so you can see what you’re doing and feel what you’re doing without taking your eyes off the road speaking of which you do have a heads up display so you won’t be

Doing a lot of taking your eyes off the road at all heated seats up front of course because we do not have leather seats these seats are going to be alcantara in the front so we have leather black leather some very nice cross stitching and then some kind of red alcantara as well the back seats are full leather so a bit of a variation between the front and back

Seats something that is very popular to do nowadays even range rover is specifying different colors of seats so white seats up front brown seats out back some very interesting things happening in the automotive world but something that manufacturers have been doing for a long time is deviating the front seats from the back maybe cost effectiveness maybe it is

A design cue maybe a little bit of both as for as far as usability up here you do have a wireless charger up front so i’ll take my phone out of my pocket and test that out as i always do let’s see how it works and there we go wonderful nice and charging up perfect dynamic modes here you do have sport normal comfort options blue white and red typical for acura

Some nice designs as they always have these are very nice and easy to get along with i do like the grating here very industrial design very wonderful cues and two cup holders up here center armrest storage there is not a lot of it but it is rather deep and so you can put things places there are plenty of places for storage opportunities so i want to hop in the

Back seat i’ll get this scooted forward a little bit because i be willing to bet i’m going to have some trouble getting in the back but that’s still a pretty comfortable driving position for me especially if i move this forward a little bit and up wonderful can get to everything that i need to get to so let’s hop in the back and see what we think about that all

Right back seat of the integra rather nice place to be as far as leg room like i’m like you saw i did scoot the seat forward a little bit so yeah i could even come back quite a bit and still have enough leg room where of course i’m losing out his head room naturally the sloped back sedans always kind of have that problem when you get a super sporty sloped back

Roof but it would be comfortable enough to drive maybe 20 30 minutes to dinner in but other than that you’re not taking any road trips in this car it’s kind of more around town if you are having proper adults in the back a lot which i don’t think you would be floor mats are very nice some red detailing around there here are the seats i was talking about so a

Variation from the front the leather options back here but some nice materials they did some nice details on a budget back here grab handles and hooks you do have side curtain air bags two usb ports here and then as i suspect yes a couple of cup holders and a really kind of comfortable cushy armrest back here these seats do fold down we’ll take a look at that

In just a second when i see it in the back on the rear end of the integra a lot of new stuff just for acura in general there’s a lot of new design language happening that i’m very excited about so of course we have the hatchback which we’ll see open in just a second and a very nice carbon fiber kind of duck tail here again aspect badging black and black acura

Badging rather nice detail speaking of details just like on the front bumper we will have the integra logo stamped into the rear of the car and once again accurate detailing in the tail lights if you look closely tail lights are very very nice very wonderful glow from them a very premium look and then dual exhaust pipes again something that is very sporty and

Very premium something that is considered that by today’s standards now opening the back trunk you have this nice little hatch here which is harkening back once again to the previous integra models manual trunk which i think is wonderful power trunks can be kind of annoying sometimes waiting for them to go down this one you can simply just close but on the inside

You’ll have dual led lighting two more of the 16 speakers that are in this car nice little luggage net here and underneath some more storage your gas filler and then your tire inflator here this one does not have a spare tire it has a fix a flat kit in lieu of said spare tire and then in the back the els studio 3d subwoofer something that is very nice is this

Privacy nut so this is just a net rather than using a hard plastic cover so if you have something that’s a little bit larger it can kind of just sit into the net and then that will move around it so something that is very nice but a lot of very good space a lot of usable space back here in the hatch rear seats do fold down in a 60 40 split fashion so again it

Can be a very very usable car should you need to take a longer road trip or pack more stuff in the only thing i will say is that this lip is quite high you’re going over a diffuser a license plate bracket and a full bumper so if you’re loading in something that’s particularly heavy you might want to get some clear shield or some plastic here just make sure you

Don’t scratch the nice paint but loading in and out while it can be a little bit difficult something that you could get used to over time and then a simple close here some nice grab handles so you don’t mess up the paint and closed so that has been a brief introduction into the 2023 acura integra an absolutely wonderful car drives as well as you would expect

It to very luxurious on the inside and a lot of nice appointments so do let anybody here at acura wichita know if you have any questions about this vehicle they’re very very knowledgeable or if you have any questions about any acura vehicle past or present they have a lot of great knowledge and our great source of information for you if you’d like to order one

Please do let us know as well if you want the six speed manual transmission something that they would be very excited to hear so let us know if you have any other questions i appreciate you taking the time and we look forward to seeing you soon

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2023 Acura Integra A-Spec Walkaround | Acura of Wichita (4K) By Acura of Wichita