2023 Acura Integra Officially Replaces the Unloved ILX

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Hello and welcome to the channel if you haven’t done so already make sure to like and subscribe and i appreciate that so much so without further ado let’s go ahead and cover this this is interesting because it’s no surprise that they’re killing the ilx the ilx i don’t know about the sales wise i’m sure that it was you know out up there especially since it’s the

Cheaper version of the acura when i think of the ilx i always think it’s like the honda civic version of acura brand which is a little bit more premium a little bit more you know you get a little bit more everything but the only thing that you can’t get from the acura ilx is more power it’s so underpowered with 201 horsepower so and this article we’re going to

Cover is apparently honda is actually killing off the ilx and replacing it with the integra which makes sense because you don’t want two of those vehicles com you know competing against each other even though the ilx is in a completely different category it’s well underpowered no manual transmission but it still looks like a fun car i’ve never driven it so i can’t

Really say what the experience is driving in ilx if you have let me know in the comments below i feel like this is the one car they don’t put a lot of performance in it like it always had that 201 horsepower for the longest time for as long as i can remember so let’s go ahead and check out what the drive has to say about the ilx getting out of here and replacing

It with the acura integra all right so here we are just getting right in the nitty-gritty title of the article acura integra officially replaces the unloved ilx the ilx is i agree it’s always been unloved there’s never been like a lot of performance in it so this is it right here but the price is nice so if you want you know luxury or something a little bit more

Than just a regular civic then you would go with the ilx but for me i always felt like the ilx is super underpowered no matter what they did to their other vehicles the ilx never got that performance boost and it’s always running that same engine for as long as i can remember um let’s do a build drill work see uh cause i don’t know it always comes with that

Two liter about two hundred and one horsepower which is nothing it’s it’s nothing there’s no power at all all right so i wanted to highlight this um it’s still running the 2.4 liter iv tech engine and that engine is it’s solid engine um i can remember it back to i think this engine goes all the way back to having been put in onto the crvs way back when if you

Know you know it’s like i think it’s a k24 is what the engine code is called and it comes with 201 horsepower because if you got to think this way this is the way that i think when i when honda introduced their earth dream engine that came out in 2017 in 2000 then you have 2018 1920 they never incorporated that engine into the ilx until they you know came back

With the integra with the acura integra came out with the acura integra introduced the acura integra with the new engine the 1.5 and the 2.4 is out of here but if you want i mean this this engine is very model like you can model the out of it there’s plenty of parts that you can find out there if you’re interested but it comes with the 8-speed dual clutch and

No manual transmission here i am trying to sell you an ilx before it’s out of style anyway ecker has confirmed in an interview with the motorone that the ilx will conclude its production with 2023 model year and be discontinued directly as a result of the incoming integra functionally for buyers this means that the newest offering at the bottom of the acura line

Will be vastly fresher the ilx currently offers a 2.4 liter naturally naturally aspirated inline four engine that hails from the same lineage as the ninth generation civic si that’s how old it is oh we are hmm yes which itself was a larger displacement version of the two 2.0 liter k20 series that was initially introduced in 2001 honda civic si additionally the

Current ilx power plant exclusively comes paired with a 8 speed dual clutch transmission the integra in comparison will share 1.5 turbo 4 with the newest 11th generation civic and is confirmed to offer a manual transmission while no one has to chance to drive the new integra our own christian lee had the chance to test the new civic si with the same drivetrain

And reviewed it highly so it’s reasonable to expect that integra will deliver on a fun experience where the ilx did not facts the ilx is vastly underpowered and it’s just it’s just old technology i think they could have done way more with it than what they did they just kind of like left that car there just so you have an option to buy cheaper acura if you’re

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2023 Acura Integra Officially Replaces the Unloved ILX By SOMEWHATUNBIAS