2023 Acura Integra Review | Affordable, Sporty and Sexy

The 2023 Acura Integra | Highlights

Decades after the integra model helped launch the acura brand its back with an updated look and powertrain since the last production model was produced in 2001. now sharing the same front-wheel drive only platform and engine as the civic si this elite aspect trim with optional 6-speed manual transmission is producing 200 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque with

Active rev match all coming from a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder you could also go through your infotainment system to select your preferred responsiveness of the engine from comfort normal and sport if you’re uncomfortable driving a manual transmission a cvt is standard and offers a slightly better fuel economy and pricing look down in the description for

A side-by-side comparison and pricing and fuel economy between the cvt and the manual transmission option although four trims are available this top trim elite ace back with manuals transmission with technology and carbon package elevates the integra’s overall look first the dual eye led headlights which chicane style daytime running lights up front and rear tail

Lights look amazing the gloss blacked out front grille with emblems on the optional platinum white pearl paint stand out but it’s the optional carbon package which i have that really takes this elite a spec trim to a whole new level but to look this cool it will cost you more and that’s before you factor in the wheel and tire options that said the integra elite a

Spec comes equipped with standard 18 inch wheels like i have but you could spend roughly twenty one hundred dollars to thirty one hundred dollars more to upgrade to the larger 19-inch sport wheel package just make sure at time of purchase to look at which tire compound you are purchasing because if your integra is equipped with summer performance only tires you will

Definitely need to negotiate another set of tires for the fall and winter months if you’re uncomfortable driving a manual then not to worry like i previously said a cvt is optional and comes equipped with paddle shifters or click the link above i created a video for you just to show you how easy it is to drive a manual transmission but i highly recommend the a-spec

Trim with technology package because then you also receive acura’s adaptive damping system with individual mode and this helps you to customize your integra more than just the standard comfort normal and sport driving modes also keep in mind with the manual transmission you will lose your remote starter feature and this allows you to preheat and cool your cabin in

Advance but regardless if you go cvt or manual transmission every trim is equipped with acura’s precision 10.2 inch fully digital driver cluster display and it looks amazing it really does make sense to purchase the a-spec trim with technology package regardless of which powertrain you choose to purchase the a-spec trim really is just your appearance package but

The technology package includes a higher degree of safety but regardless of trim level all integras come equipped with acura watch which includes ford collision warning lane departure warning lane keep assist blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert just to name a few but with the manual transmission option you receive adaptive cruise control but lose

Low speed follow and traffic jam assist if you’re the type of driver who prefers more tech and convenience then i highly recommend the elite a spec trim because it comes as standard with a heads up display your infotainment screen is the upgraded nine inch touchscreen it also offers built-in alexa and wi-fi hotspotting in this particular trim you also receive the

Els 3d audio sound system which is incredible and then android auto apple carplay and wireless mobile charging are all just that wireless you also receive these incredible looking seats which are synthetic leather with built-in ultra suede and they feel really really good both seats are power operated the driver’s seat offers memory support they are heated and not

Ventilated and the steering wheel is also heated also with the elite trim you receive double the amount of connectivity throughout so up front here you receive one usb one usbc and one 12 volt port call it a hot hatch a coupe or acura’s preferred lift back body design the profile looks good and believe it or not trunk space is absolutely impressive one competitor to

The integra is the audi a3 and this model doubles an available cargo space look down in the description below and i’ll provide you with side by side comparisons now overall payload capacity is 850 pounds and that includes what you can store on top and inside with passengers if you require more space and your cabin isn’t full while the seats fold in a 60 40 split

But you’ll have to walk around the side to manually put those down back here there is no additional connectivity but here on the left hand side you do have a small storage space and then underneath your trunk floor you’ll find additional small space for items and your tire mobility kit the integra is classified as a five-seater compact sport sedan but let’s be

Honest two individuals are gonna fit comfortably back here unless you have a small family so if you’re familiar with my channel you know i’m only five foot three so i’m really short and i usually never complain about leg or headspace but if you have taller teenagers or you travel with a taller adult gas it’s going to get tight now these seats back here are heated

In the elite a spec trim but only on the exterior positions to turn on the heating for your seat just use the button located up here they are also fixed so they don’t move forwards and backwards they only recline as i’ve already demonstrated as for storage again as you would expect from a compact sport sedan it’s really small and narrow on the side of those front

Doors and your front center console really really small and then back here of course first you can only fit one cup or one bottle on either side and when nobody’s sitting in the middle you can take advantage of your two traditional cup or bottle holders behind only the front seat passenger you’ll receive a pretty decent sized pocket but there is no pocket behind

The driver’s seat which is the preference of mine because then there’s just less distraction and previously i mentioned how in the elite a spec trim you receive additional connectivity and that is true back here you receive two usb ports remember to look down in the description i provide you with all your shortcuts making your purchasing decision easier for you and

You’ll be able to see side-by-side comparisons to the acura integra’s competitors now last few features before i hit the road i’ve already mentioned that these seats in the elite a spec trim are power operated and heated not ventilated and your steering wheel is heated across all trims you receive a small sunroof so this sunroof is manual to open and then power

Operated the steering wheel does offer some pretty good character for a small sport sedan on the left hand side you’ll find your voice commands and the buttons for your audio sound system and you’ll be able to customize the left hand side of your fully digital driver cluster on the right hand side this is where you’ll find your adaptive cruise control settings and

You’ll be able to customize the right hand side of your fully digital driver cluster remember with the elite a spec trim you also receive a heads up display as standard now this is what i highly recommend when you’re sitting with your acura specialist and before you hit the road so like i previously mentioned this infotainment system in this particular trim is nine

Inches it’s a touch screen it’s a swipe through but if you don’t like all or some of your drivers as a technology you have to set up in advance your driver assistant features so you have to go through your vehicle settings icon this is super important so click on that icon and then you can decide which driver assist attack you like or don’t like and you’ll be able

To set up your heads up display too and a bit more features but when you’re driving on the road that vehicle settings icon will not work for you the only thing you can do is actually change your driving modes and that said now let’s hit the road so i can provide you with my final impressions from this past week 2023 acura integra and men does it feel good to be

Back behind the wheel of a manual especially when it has a short throw shifter this is awesome i mean this a-spec trim remember i’m in the top trim elite 2 with that uh adaptive damping system individual mode like it’s really aggressive like the steering is heavy it’s instant it’s responsive doesn’t matter if you’re in sport mode or if you’re in comfort or normal

It’s so much fun to drive but all that aside if you have a bad back this is not the car for you because you can literally feel every bump and crack and pothole and everything i absolutely love it i also love this interior because these ultra suede inserts on the seats or in the seats it really hugs you in right so you’re not sliding all over the place so that’s

Really really nice the only thing i don’t like about this vehicle is this infotainment system because i like to sit like a gangster i like to sit real low this is forcing me to sit up higher and straighter and like a normal driver to be able to see over it right so i prefer an infotainment system which is inserted into the dash but that’s just my own personal

Preference as for the rest of visibility it’s good at the front and the sides there’s no blind spot i mean let’s be honest small compact uh sedan right but remember you do have blind spot monitoring and remember you have to go through your infotainment system to set up your driving assisted technology preferences because you cannot play with it when you’re driving

Right so huge thing to remember right there but overall i love it if if you’re not familiar with manual i highly recommend that you watch my video teaching you how to drive a manual because it’s i mean the cvt transmission i mean yeah it’s supposed to be more affordable and fuel efficiency or fuel efficient i should say but this is just so much more fun and then

Lastly noise quality it’s loud in here i’m i’m not speaking loudly because i want to it’s just so you guys can hear me right but what i like to do in all my videos is recommend a test drive because test drives are complementary don’t forget to look down in the description and make your purchasing um experience easier for you and while you’re down there make sure

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2023 Acura Integra Review | Affordable, Sporty and Sexy By Automotive Woman