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2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale – Premium C Segment SUV

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Alfa Romeo is proud to announce today the all-new 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale. As the first C-SUV from Alfa Romeo, North American consumers will experience more than 110 years of heritage with the evolution of best-in-class performance from two all-new efficient powertrain offerings, which includes a plug-in hybrid with over 30 miles of pure electric range and 272 horsepower. Tonale also features a variety of driver assistance systems, Uconnect 5, an all-new connectivity platform with Alfa Connect, sporty and modern Italian styling that remains faithful to the 2019 concept and exhilarating driving dynamics from a rapid-response Frequency Damping Suspension (FDS) system.

The all-new 2023 alpha romeo tonal the model that marks the brand’s metamorphosis as the first c segment premium suv from alpha romeo north american consumers will experience more than 110 years of heritage with the evolution of best-in-class performance from two all-new efficient powertrain offerings which includes a plug-in hybrid with over 30 miles of pure

Electric range and 272 horsepower and 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with 9-speed automatic transmission and best-in-class standard 256 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque equipped with engine stop-start technology intended for a young metropolitan and dynamic customer the alpha romeo town ale offers a distinctive sensual and forward-looking design its

Compact dimensions encompass the uniqueness of italian design and the original contemporary style typical of alfa romeo in a synthesis between a prestigious heritage and looking forward to the future the recurrence of stylistic features that have entered the history of world motoring such as the gt line that runs from the rear to the headlights recalling the

Forms of the 1960s julia gt junior and alternating with the full and elegant volumes reminiscent of iconic models such as the 8c competizion the front features the inimitable trelobo and the distinctive alpha romeo scudetto shield which acts as a central focus the tribolo inspired three plus three headlight design with new full led evoke the proud look of the

Sz zagato or the proteo concept car developed in conjunction with morelli the three modules make up a unique front line for the car and simultaneously provide daylight dynamic turn signals and a welcome and goodbye feature to ensure the best lighting conditions these technologies offer greater efficiency in terms of durability and energy saving with twice the

Light intensity of conventional halogen lamps lower emissions and improved safety with less eye strain and better driving comfort the taillights take on the same design cues as the headlights and form a sine curve that fully wraps around the rear of the car making it a truly unique and distinctive light signature the car’s sensuality and dynamism are also clear

In the all-encompassing rear window a tribute to the 8c competizion and in the design of the alloy wheels that reproduce the alpha romeo style cannon of a telephone dial inspired by alfa romeo’s racing history the interior is strongly focused on the driver with easy access to all controls for a safe unparalleled driving experience the same care is reserved for

The passengers who are given the ideal space to travel in comfort this results in an environment designed for and around the occupants characterized by meticulous attention to detail paired with a constant quest for the highest quality tonal ensures sports car-like impeccable dynamic behavior proven by the best weight distribution and the most direct steering in

Its segment and the fact it is the only model in its class to be equipped with the integrated brake system and available fixed aluminum shift paddles the adoption of fixed calipers by brembo with four pistons and self-ventilated discs at the front and full discs at the rear contributes to the improved braking performance the tane lops for the fully independent

Mcpherson suspension system with frequency selective damping shock absorbers the available dual stage valve active suspension features electronically controlled damping in short sitting behind the wheel of the new tonal equates to an engaging driving experience that becomes an invitation to travel the advancement of electric drive modes in tonal is managed by

The exclusive alpha dna system that delivers optimized maneuvering and performance through the dna selector the driver is also able to select one of the two available preset damping curves comfort allows for a more compliant ride and is a softer suspension calibration for rough roads and is the default suspension setting in the advanced efficiency and normal

Drive modes sport stiffens the ride for ultimate cornering ability and better body control under spirited driving conditions and is the default suspension setting in the dynamic and esc off drive modes the alpha romeo town ale is the first car on the market equipped with a nft digital certificate based on blockchain technology and uniquely linked the tane len ft

Certifies the car upon purchase then evolves to represent its use during the car’s life cycle with major benefits in terms of protecting residual value alpha romeo uses software and connectivity to enhance the driver’s experience which is and remains the focus tonal therefore comes with uconnect 5 the company’s most advanced in-car technology delivering faster

Operating speeds new content and improved customization uconnect 5 also offers new convenience and connected services keeping customers engaged and informed while drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road technology is also at the forefront of safety and comfort level 2 autonomous driving with new advanced driver assistance systems act in line

With the alpha romeo philosophy here again the software is at the center of the brand’s dna with the focus remaining on the driver all the systems therefore work without ever interfering with the driver’s experience where control in the emotions of driving remain intact these include intelligent adaptive cruise control lane centering and traffic jam assist which

Automatically adjusts speed and trajectory keeping the car in the middle of the lane and at a distance from the vehicle in front thus ensuring safety and comfort the toenail is also equipped with other innovative devices and technologies that perfect the interaction between driver vehicle and road including automatic emergency braking which alerts the driver of

Danger and engages the brakes to avoid or mitigate any collision with a pedestrian or cyclist driver attention assist which warns the driver if they become drowsy blind spot detection which detects rear blind spots and signals any approaching vehicles to avoid collision rear cross path detection which warns of vehicles approaching on these sides when reversing

And high resolution 360 degree camera with dynamic grid the 2023 alpha romeo toenail is built at the jambattista vicos to lantis plant in pomigliano diarco naples italy and will begin arriving in showrooms throughout north america in the first quarter of 2023 right

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