2023 BMW m340i – my new daily. (G20 LCI)

All right i’m going to do a quick review of my 2023 m340i this is uh one of the new facelift cars that uh came out here in 2023 it’s one of the first ones that’s been delivered so i thought it might be interesting to talk through some of the changes they’ve made um this is uh includes the m sport package has the cooling and high performance tire option it’s porter

Mal blue with cognac sensatec leather for some reason bmw decided that cognac was not a great color for leather and it’s only available with sensatech but it’s okay because sensateka is actually a pretty nice fabric as far as fabric goes uh the other changes you can see are there are a lot less buttons in the interior go over this later but uh the screen is bigger

And now spans the so the center console has changed uh you can see that there is no longer anything sticking out of it you have this little thing that selects gears button for park um i drive controller is a little more integrated there’s uh no buttons for the climate control anymore you can see that at the bottom of the screen there’s touch screen controls for all

The climate control functions really annoying thing is that there’s no way to easily or quickly turn on seat heaters should you want that and in general there’s a lot less buttons in the cabin you can see the lights are all push button steering wheel has standard amount of buttons on it paddle shifters the eight-speed automatic you can only shift with the paddle

Shifters there’s no longer really a a lever sticking out for you to adjust the gears coming outside we have the rear bumper the diffuser is revised and it’s okay looking kind of funky very angular um has some uh little strikes for to make it look like a diffuser although they’re more vertical than under the car so more styling exercise than anything else the

Exhaust tips are large and a little silly you can see that there’s a much smaller exhaust pipe in this finisher on the bumper this is sort of what’s all the rage these days typical lights uh a little bit of uh smoked plastic to color they light up nicely neat effects there quarter mile blue is a pretty color it uh certainly has some purple tint to it when the

Sunlight reflects off of it it’s a darker blue in the shade but certainly it’s lighter and sunlight’s hitting it and then the front bumper bmw went to these new headlights a new front bumper a little more angular looking you can see the shutters for the cooling system so they can run more efficiently with the shuttered clothes to given what temperature you want

On the interesting led lights with the cornering lights we don’t get the good adaptive leds at least program by default here this is a neat little unlock sequence for the headlights other than that not a whole lot’s changed about the car wheels and tires are the same my car came with uh the two 25 40 19 michelin uh pilots sport 4s and in the rear there’s a 255.

Uh 255 35 19. all the usb ports now are usbc not sure if all the g20s are like that certainly a lot of nice lighting both in the doors and underneath my back seat is reasonably roomy still a fairly compact sedan not sure how much the sound is uh piped in or uh fake versus actual exhaust note but i think sounds pretty decent and then some turn in seem pretty

Good yeah thank you steering is well it’s precise and that’s what you tell us to do you get very very little feeling coming up to the wheel s expected electronically electronically assistant steering steering thank you definitely got some decent pops and bangs coming out of the exhaust concerned for letting me letting me looks like the transmission did go

Back into regular drive mode which is annoying though power wise feels great 182 horsepower seem to be present seems like bmw had a lot of opportunity to allow for customization of the instrument cluster and you can certainly change the layout but not values or colors of things shown the sport modes show this display in this sort of red color comfort is this

Nice beige and you have plus eco pro sorry that has a comforting way to help you drive slower i managed to get about 30 miles to the gallon driving the car home so i guess that’s good i’m really gonna hate this climate menu it takes a little while to get into it it doesn’t seem to be a discrete function to turn the seat heaters on there’s just this automatic z

Heater which in order to turn on you got to turn to very high and cook your butt so that’s a little bit interesting and annoying another one climate control regulations and bumps very well this car or some of the better ones i’ve seen out of a factory bmw foreign whatever watch out baby foreign minor m2 does feel like it turns into her sting to drive but

This car surprisingly feels pretty good in corners deals with mid corner undulations and bumps really well the damn thing is really good blood balance and all that improvements arrested and there’s two record a little bit more than a g in the left and right directions during this drive so certainly making some decent progress switches uh change the appearance of

The instrument cluster but it doesn’t remember the con if i want to have my g meter on in sport plus and then switch it back to the trip meter or the adaptive driving visual visualization as you can see i’ve gotten onto the freeway let’s try out the driving assistance joe rests to driving mode now the indicators come up on the left side of the dashboard are

Gives me about 30 seconds i’m hands-free and then uh links but fairly well lane keeping is solid more solid than previous generations will be the hand detections used to be just contacts it doesn’t seem to be actually waited so you don’t have to wheel is different about or turn it like you do with a tesla but it seems to handle this fairly well it’s a little bit

Of weaving back and forth hasn’t figured out that we’re on a off-ramp so it kept going at the freeway speeds which is a little interesting we’re an assisted driving plus it’s complaining of me to stay attentive probably because i can’t see my eyes of course he used to be doing a pretty good job holding the lanes and staying an appropriate distance behind the car in

Front of me they changes work as expected this car is certainly well screwed together it might be i’m just uh jaded by owning a tesla so long but there’s not really any squeaks or rattles or funny noises it’s really quiet inside well insulated from the outside world there’s very little tire noise or wind noise from the car at cruz you can’t really hear the exhaust

Tunnel like here is a little bit of road noise but yeah it’s very very quiet well screwed together steering wheel and the rest of the ergonomics of the cabinet are nice it’s a little compact feeling promote with perspective but uh certainly not not bad it doesn’t have the spacious with the five and larger bmws have but like i said earlier it’s a pretty good modern

Equivalent of an e34 5 series yeah like i said throttle tip in is a little more aggressive than other bmws i remember back in the e36 generation especially they were a little interesting to drive because the gas pedal is so stiff and bmw has opted to go the other way with a extremely aggressive throttle tipping thank you blinkers and the rest of the stalks are

Pretty much as you’d expect well damped high quality they feel really nice i did opt for paying extra for the sensatech dashboards you get a line of stitching and not a lot else i mean it’s normally just plastic so the sensate does add a little bit of niceness to something that’s in your view at all times but not a huge deal the heads-up display does work with

Polarized sunglasses but it’s pretty dim i have the brightness turned all the way up which is probably going to be annoying at night foreign is that the car will lock itself as soon as you get far enough away with comfort access i suspect this is not new with the facelift but it’s nice to see as you can see without sun uh some much darker almost purpley uh blue i really like it

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2023 BMW m340i – my new daily. (G20 LCI) By Kits Cars