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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top and out my name is max and today we are taking a look at this the bmw x545e the plug-in hybrid version of the x5 a pretty powerful six cylinder combined with electric motors a 24 kilowatt hour battery and it is the cheapest option in a lot of countries so this might be the x5 to have we

Absolutely loved the 545e so let’s find out if we love this one as well so today i’m going to show you around it i’ll show you this pack we’ve got today and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for an autobahn blast now we’ve got an avis blue x5 today it is quite a nice metallic blue with a little hint of green and when the sun hits it i do quite like

It i’m not sure if it fits the x5 i am glad that we’ve seen this color in real life now because ava’s blue is a pretty cool color other than that i quite like the spec of this x5 because it is not your usual everything black wheels black rail black window sills black roof rails we’ve got all that stuff in chrome today except for the bumper inlays but i’m not sure

If you can get that in any other color but we do have the chrome grille as you can see pretty nice wheels here 22 inch quite a large wheel and behind that we’ve got m sport brakes regenerative braking of course this car has individual wheels and we’ve got air suspension all round for the x545e electrified by eye it’s actually electrified by me but we’ll forgive

Them the grammatical error chrome or aluminum window sills as i said window surrounds i should say roof rails and chrome as well or aluminum haven’t seen that in a long time 45e badge massive fake till pipes in the bumper here with a real exhaust in there and you do of course lose some practicality with the hybrid model because the battery sits below the floor in

The boot so normally in an x5 you get a lot of space below the floor still so you have like a little storage down here this car doesn’t have that and you can actually see that i don’t know if you guys can see that on camera there’s a little slope going up and then you have the floor here but it’s still a very decent boot size a lot of space actually and of course

The split tailgate which i actually really like i think that is a nice touch so the engine of course the lovely b-58 inline six absolutely adore this engine with this electric power 113 115 horsepower somewhere along those lines in total 394 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque now we know that you know if you tune this car you up the performance of the

B-58 you actually end up with a pretty damn powerful car there are a lot of possibilities with this engine and with this drivetrain still to improve it and i have to say i quite like the hybrid drivetrain idea in this car because it adds a lot of comfort and also a lot of drivability because you know it you have that power from a standstill and it just fills out the

Turbo gap basically all right so when you start it up you have electric mode interior wise uh we’ve got this weird lexus f logo trim again i’m not sure why they haven’t ditched this yet because i think it looks quite cheap but you can spec this car you know you can go absolutely nuts this car has the bmw individual leather with this beautiful stitching leather

On the top of the dash as well everything is nice and soft and black so yeah a bit boring but it is a very nice interior although i do still feel like this is a bit too low if this would be higher and this all would be a bit more chunky you would have a more you know a more suv style driving position and you would feel more like you’re inside of the car instead of

On top of it but you know we’ve talked about this before okay so let’s take it for a drive we are currently in hybrid mode and i’m going to switch that to electric and then i’m going to turn off the ac because this is still one of my favorite things about this kind of car that if you drive in ev mode you have a luxurious well insulated car it is so quiet in here

And that makes it so comfy uh it is the same for just hybrid mode i mean that b58 is silky smooth and you don’t really hear it unless you really start pushing it but this is a pretty nice thing about this car you can drive this car around town fully electric the range is actually very impressive the claimed range is 88 kilometers uh but you know in the real world

That would be somewhere between 70 and 75 kilometers i’ve read a lot about that and uh that is what i encountered the most so that is still pretty impressive considering the competitors are doing like between 30 and 50 kilometers fully electric okay i’m going to turn on the ac again because it is hot out today now of course this car went from the 40e 4-cylinder

Hybrid to the 45 with the b58 so if we put it in sport mode and put the gearbox in sport as well you do have a nice handling car the air suspension firms up the ride height lowers everything wakes up and is geared towards performance you know the electric power is released as well as the b-58 and it actually picks up really well and i also actually prefer this

Setting for the air suspension because if you have it in comfort mode this is or in hybrid mode that’s called of course oh well little tunnel first nice six cellular sound it’s not loud or anything and you don’t have any fake sound through the speakers which i really like but when you have the car in hybrid mode so the air suspension is in comfort mode it is

Also raised to its normal position as you can see right there there is something wrong with the suspension setup of this car i’m just going to say it it is basically the only big drawback of this car it is very heavy it’s i think over 2400 kilos and a lot of that weight of course is at the back because that is where the battery pack sits and the damper settings

Or the damper setup of this car is just way too soft so when you hit a bump you have two like bumps after that it it just doesn’t control the compression it doesn’t control the way you go up again and you end up with a pogo stick of a car it it is ridiculous i have never experienced anything quite like this because it feels like something is wrong feels like a

An american car from the 80s or the 90s and it makes the car really weird especially on the highway when you have like a lot of bumps or when you’re in a small town with like bad roads it it feels super strange and i i can’t believe i haven’t read anything about this no one has said this but believe me it is very strange so at the ultima you can hear that it is

Very quiet it does its work properly and i do believe that the car is limited at 200 and 40 on the speedo there we go that is the limiter so of course we also measured the 100 to 200 time which was 16.3 seconds which it’s not super quick but it is quite respectable but if you look at three for instance a ford explorer plug-in hybrid it did a 14 second 100 to

200. it does have a bit more power but still not bad performance from that ford explorer really quite impressive this 60.3 still pretty good it’s around the same time as a bmw x7 m50d so it is quite quick but of course no one really cares about that you just want the silky smooth six cylinder combined with that electric power it is such a good combination because

Now with a decent electric range if you plug this thing in when you get home in the evening you have a full battery the next day you have 75 kilometers of electric range that is more than most people need to do their commute so especially with today’s fuel prices i mean that is going to save you a lot of money and it just works now as well in the past it just

Didn’t really work people didn’t really plug in their plug-in hybrids because you didn’t really have any electrical range and i think that now with this 45e it just might be one of the best cars bmw has to offer right now so zero to 100 is also pretty damn impressive let’s see if we can do it right here foot on the brake there we go 5.6 seconds claimed by bmw

We’ve been able to do 5.3 so that is pretty impressive as well it is a quick car and as i said you have that electric power from the get-go it fills out that initial getaway so you have that electric power and then the b-58 kicks in and 5.3 seconds is rather quick for this bigger car you know 2400 kilos 5.3 seconds not bad bmw so apart from that weird suspension

Setup absolutely love this car it is it just works this drivetrain is amazing and with that i’m going to end it i hope you enjoyed it you guys subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video on the right or this playlist on the left see the next one bye

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