2023 BMW X5 Initial Drive – Beautiful SUV

2023 BMW X5 S Drive 40I first drive. Initial impressions of the 2023 BMW X5

2023 bmw x5 carbon black on black leather interior yes it’s a loner yes my m3 is getting the 1200 mile break-in oil change includes an oil change and a diff differential fluid change and my local dealer was kind enough to give me this as the car stays overnight um so it’s a loner but what a loner seventy seven thousand dollar msrp and let’s take a look beautiful

Interior i really stepped it up fancy crystal shifter diamond quilted leather seats big ass moon roof really nice let’s try that again beautiful nice job bmw stepping it up in the interior game foreign so like i mentioned 23 bmw x5 s40i brand new it’s a loaner car i think i picked it up with 12 miles on the odometer all right i’m gonna go and wasn’t planning

On making a video but here i am i was uh very surprised with the quality of the interior this is a real step up in my opinion for bmw interiors um we’ve had a few x5s in the family i believe you know first gen and maybe a second gen and they were great the second gen was a uh believe it’s a second gen but it was a 2012 it was a diesel and it’s still in the

Family but um a lot of reliability issues with that vehicle um the first one was great it was uh straight six really fun car handled way better than it had any business um doing this kind of feels like that again despite this being a lot bigger what’s surprising to me is the quality of this cabin i i don’t know why i’m a little surprised but i mean it’s really

On par with my m3 and some would argue better than the m3 because check this out the climate control buttons are physical buttons and you can hit them and you don’t have to go through the menu and deal with that crap like my 23 g80 m3 and this is a this is a 23 as well so kind of nice that bmw for whatever reason didn’t integrate that into the x5 but they

Integrated it into the m3 again there’s a loaner so i didn’t get to really do any research on the car i just figured i’d give you some impressions for someone driving it for the first time i’m guessing this is um a straight six probably turbo maybe even twin turbo it makes a really good noise it’s got pretty good power let’s not knock your socks off power but

It’s pretty good the ride is composed but compliant it’s on 22 inch wheels on like 235 something rubber but i mean 22s i was expecting it to ride like because any car i’ve been in with 22s usually is harsh um it’s a very compliant ride super soft really refined very luxurious these seats are incredible uh super plush the leather is i mean it feels amazing um

The the diamond stitch kind of quilt design is really beautiful the wood trim is gorgeous this this center um the center piece the uh the shift knob has it’s like a crystal looking um situation here but it really stands out it’s really really beautiful um the car has start stop i haven’t figured out how to turn that off it just uh does it automatically um but i

Feel like if you have a family this is a hell of an option to you know to to have in the suv space i understand it probably competes against the um the cayennes the mercedes gl e um but as far as something you could drive every day and you know use with your kids or whatever i feel like this is a great option it’s not cheap i got the window sticker over there

But the msr msrp on this car is 77 g’s i know cars are getting expensive this one seems to be pretty heavily optioned out but i mean i remember when the x5 first came out it was i want to say it was in the 30s high 30s maybe low 40s um so imagine that this thing is nearing 80 grand um but yeah i mean if if you needed a daily and you have kids i mean this is

This is it’s pretty good uh i mean i would totally drive this every day i don’t know what it’s like with gas yet but uh you know outside of that this it’s such a comfortable smooth luxurious ride it i’d imagine this is what a a seven series feels like nowadays the refinement is really really high the cabin isolates you from a lot of road noise even though this

Bridge is a little loud and the tires are a little out on it super nice to drive the only weird thing is the uh lane departure assist appears to be on i haven’t even tried to turn it off i’ve dealt with these systems before it’s always a little unnerving when the car for me personally when the car thinks it’s smarter than you and uh you know it starts steering

For you there’s like steering inputs and it felt a little weird um but really i mean kudos to bmw this is this is special and you know kudos to bmw because they gave me this loaner and they’re not truck oh look at that i didn’t signal so it started uh i guess i am a typical bmw driver i didn’t signal and the wheel corrected the car back into the lane so if you

Don’t signal it’ll it’ll steer you back into the lane which is ah i don’t know let me form my opinion on that but i don’t i don’t really care for it um but yeah go going back to the the kudos to bmw you know nowadays when you when you get a loaner car or you take your car in for service with a audi or a mercedes or a porsche you know they ask you did they buy a

Car here and if you say no it’s usually a death sentence they’re usually not going to give you anything or if they do agree to give you something it’s something off brand and you know i’m sorry if you bring your porsche in and you didn’t buy at the dealership they’ll probably give you something shitty well maybe not porsche but mercedes does like that i’ll

Tell you that anyhow i took my car in for an oil change and um i wasn’t expecting to get a loaner but they’re like hey do you want a loaner i’m like okay what do you want i said well what do you got we have an x1 a 228 and a x5 i said i’ll take the x5 and they made it really easy whereas you know other other brands kind of make you feel shitty for not buying

The car with them and then we’ll give you something shitty this is a really nice car it’s a 77 000 loaner um i mean actually it’s it’s almost on par with the msrp on my g80 m3 maybe that’s a factor in their decision i don’t really know but uh yeah good job bmw good job bmw san diego for taking care of your customers even on something small like a loaner car for

An oil change that they’re going to keep the car you know for overnight but um yeah just a short video today just one uh to check this car out it’s beautiful and if you guys are in the market for kind of a family oriented suv that handles and drives nice and it’s got some power and actually pretty good looking in my opinion bmw styling has been you know hit or

Miss lately i think this was a hit good job thanks for watching i hate i hate doing this but please like and subscribe and uh if you have any comments i’ll do my best to answer them take care guys

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