The BMW X7 is Munich’s Flagship SUV and it’s just had a refresh. Here’s what’s new for 2023 for the BMW X7.

Welcome to short shift we’ve spent the day with the bmw x7 for 2023 and that’s important because it gets a completely new face in bmw speak that’s the lci or for most normal people that means mid-cycle refresh and you can tell because it’s got an entirely new face that looks very similar to the new 7 series so we’re going to do an exterior tour talk about it talk

About the interior features and then we’re gonna go for a drive so starting up front here the best thing about this car i think is this brooklyn gray paint it looks spectacular you’ve got new hood bulges in the sheet metal you’ve got active kidney grill you can in i believe the m60 you might be able to get it in this 40 spec as well you can get an illuminated

Grill now i wouldn’t because i would be a bit of a knob to get an illuminated grill but that’s very mercedes of you now this is the big change right here see you’ve got these integrated running lights and then you’ve got split projectors where have we seen this before oh yeah a handy now i don’t know if bmw will love me making that comparison but that’s where we

Started to see the split running light and project it was in a handy so you do have functional aero bits here and then you’ve got radar detector here parking sensors and a whole bunch of black because it’s the shadow line spec right and then moving along to the side you can see we’ve got body colored wheel arches and then gloss so it looks good you’ve also got 22

Inch wheels they look very very good there’s a lot of dimension to it there’s a lot of just like bulging in and out i think it looks pretty cool you’ve got blue m calipers and we also oh this obviously has the m sport package right and then you’ve got the typical hockey stick down the side now this is a bit of a weird thing to me this is like the smallest side view i

Don’t know apparently i apparently i care and i get really triggered about side view mirrors because i was also bothered by the uh the mackie that also had small side view mirrors but these are kind of small as well especially for something that’s a big three row suv aside from that black window treatments right nice black roof rails big old pano roof and we’ll talk

About that on the interior but no i think objectively i don’t know that i love the face i don’t know that i love the mosquito eyes but from the side it’s very nice look how long it is though that’s a very long thing but it has to be because it’s three rows right and then around the back it’s very handsome as well of course you get revised tail lights and there’s a

Little bit of an effect right here you can kind of see it right there right it’s got a little bit of a design to it you’ve also got this chrome bit that comes all the way across it’s kind of nice split folding tailgate and then we’ve got dual exhaust back here and it’s actually real you can see the actual exhaust pipe so it’s kind of cool now i open the boot and

It’s a split folding boot that’s nice in it so it’s kind of x5 in that way so right here you can actually control this has air suspension with 80 millimeters of travel so you can lower the car here or you can just drop the rear piece of boot lid so you do have that nice sitting bit with the third row up you don’t have a huge amount of space i’ve got to be honest

But you can recline and incline all of the seats from back here which is quite nice so let’s go into the back seat all right getting in the back it’s a bit of a faff hold this down sorry pull it up no that was wrong that was wrong see because now that’s going that way this is going back and now it’s coming down so you can get seven seat configuration like we have

Here with the bench or you can get six seat configuration which would just be captain’s chairs here um i think i would go captain’s chairs if i could but they’ve got a bunch of crap in here the nice thing though you can it’s this is falsely small because this has moved back to get in there but in the rear seat in the third row you actually have a reasonable amount

Of space now i don’t want to go across country back there but you actually do have a reasonable bit of space now up here we’ve got usbc right ambient lighting in there ah come on that’s nothing and i think i’ve broken it so that’s great just don’t tell nobody um okay so you also do have your own dedicated sunroof back here which is very nice you’ve got climate

Controls and vents here on the ceiling which is very nice but look at these seats right this is the third row this is for children and they still get really nice stuff so we’ll put the seat back up it takes a year oh i should have put that back no wait hold on wow i’m just breaking god okay anyway let’s get into the back seat now this is the second row look

At this i have loads of room so i could even scoot forward give my friends in the back even more space but what we do have here is you know your loop door handle is pretty typical nice wood lacquered ambient light leather stitched good uh windows and then not just that but window shades for this side and that side as well as the sunroof and the rear which is very

Cool again huge sunroof now you can get this it’s not spec here but you can get this with like the star twinkle rolls-royce type thing so embedded in the glass odd leds or light emitting diodes and it’s very very cool but let’s check out the front oh wait i shouldn’t i should mention you do get heated seat back here along with individual climate controls and a couple

Usbcs so now we’ll go check out the front okay coming in here glass start stop glass eye drive wheel and then glass gear shifter okay quite nice so this is the first bmw with an internal combustion powertrain to get idrive eight the other ones we tested were in the i4 and the ix this is about to blow really really hard for no reason i’ve told it to stop okay

Um hold on why are you blowing so up you should not be on auto not auto not otto right okay so that’s a bit confusing the climate control let me just close the door here the climate control is a touch confusing now this being i drive 8 this is the only grievance i have with it it’s not the controlled or physical control buttons down here on your center console

It has moved into the screen now generally it’s okay because these are always here no matter where you are can always get to jesus christ of course it’s not going to demonstrate well while i’m using my non-dominant hand but anyway there’s always down here so you can always control your heated seat your cooled seat you’ve got seat massage you’ve got heated steering

Wheel and you’ve got heated arm rests if you spec again if you spec it but it is nice like this idrive 8 system is quick i love the graphics watch this going from sport look at the graphics on sport is really cool and then comfort very cool like i would print these things out and have it in my room it would be very very nice maybe maybe in my office i don’t know

If my wife would like that but here you can control your 80 millimeters of ground clearance because of course you’ve got air suspension as standard for the x7 totally digital totally digital big ass heads up display very nice and then m steering wheel does not have the m stitching because it’s not an m model it’s just the m sport package so you’ve got this bit

Here but not the interior stitching but i really like this design i think it’s kind of cool i like the way that they’ve done these center events which you just have a little bit of a tab you can’t even see really where the venting is you just have to know kind of okay i feel it here i feel it here here here whatever but i like these knobs these are nice and then

We’ve got wireless charger usb your digital key because of course bmw technology out nice very nice very nice seats right okay i love this white leather it’s so nice and this is cool right so this is a bit of ambient light as well and you go into sport it’ll go red it’s hard to see with this light it’ll go red go into comfort goes blue and then it’ll do all the

Animations depending on what you’re doing with the car so it’s very cool i’m sure i’m forgetting some stuff but let’s go for a drive behind the wheel x7 pin it foreign right so this is i mean this is the base engine the starter engine this is the x7 xdrive 40 which means it essentially gets the b-58 engine although it’s not quite that simple so what you’ve got is

A three liter twin scroll turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine which sounds a lot like the b-58 however with this one here the 2023 x7 it gets a bit more it gets a 48 volt mild hybrid system attached to it so full power output interestingly 375 horsepower now if you’re saying to yourself mate okay well the m240 382 the z4 m40 uh 382 so 375 that’s actually less

But you’ve got the electric torque so you actually have more combine system output but yes those also carry the m designation whereas this does not you see m’s all over the place because this has like the m sport appearance package and things like that but this is not an m so it’s just g-tuned a little bit and that’s part of the reason why now this is still good

For 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds now let’s remember the e36 m3 or e46 m3 rather was doing 0 to 60 in five seconds so this is less than a second slower to 60 than an m3 than one of the most iconic and legendary m3s ever made so it’s not like this thing is slow another thing that this isn’t is lazy i mean the gearbox i mean we’ve talked and talked and talked and we will

Continue to speak about how the bmw the b-58 engine or really any engine tied with their zf gearbox their eight-speed it’s just clinical right it’s just quick it’s rapid the shift logic is there it’s tuned to perfection it doesn’t get much better from an automatic gearbox anything non-dct it doesn’t get much better than bmw zf i mean that’s the reason they put in

Their m cars and the reason here and i’m going to go on about this a little bit more is that 48 volt mild hybrid system you’ve got brake you’ve got braking regen i’ll go into comfort or eco so i can show you here so i’ll be on par on par a little bit and then i’ll come into the brakes you can see it’s charging right so i’m charging up the electrical components

Because when i set off from a stop or a dig or whatever then i have the electric power that will help me get out get going and then i also have electric power that’s smoothing in between gear shifts so in comfort mode it is just so smooth and it’s it’s really really nice and again we talk a lot about bmws and we talk about the driving dynamics and that sort of thing

Because they’re the ultimate driving machine right but in actuality in reality and in application what you want from here from your x7 three row family suv non-m not an m bit about it aside from the appearance what you want from this is smoothness what you want from this is luxuriousness and this brings it to you and the 48 volt mild hybrid system really kind of

Smooths out any rough edges that there would be from the powertrain which is really really nice now we go from powertrain to the suspension then talking about the luxury talking about the ride this has air suspension as standard it’s it’s a double axle system it’s quite good so what it means is in sport mode it adjusts the rebound rate it adjusts the compression

To be a little bit stiffer to walk to be quite a bit noticeably stiffer and then in comfort mode it eases back so you get a little bit more travel you get a little bit more rebound you can also adjust your actual ride control as we’ve been speaking about throughout the entire video but you get this really really nice ride here especially in comfort mode now if i’m

Honest i don’t know if i were to own this car even if i was driving spiritedly i would probably want to leave the suspension in comfort mode because it is just nice you’ve got 22 inch wheels which are just big you can get 23 and i think that would probably ruin the ride if i’m honest because the smaller the wheel diameter the more sidewall you have and then with the

Air suspension it would work really well to give you something nice and calm and smooth and that’s really the point so yeah you’ve also got active anti-roll bars so if you want it stiff and sporty you can have like as neutral or chassis as you possibly can and it’s it just does it does the the whole dual personality thing very well okay we’ll go back into sport

Steering angle in now here’s something i’m going to say i do miss a little bit the v8 so interestingly for 2023 here you can have this with either the b58 in line six like we have here perfectly spunky enough i don’t feel like i’m missing a whole bunch of power but what i do miss is v8 sound in the old one you could get the i think s63 and then you could get

Your m50 which it was either was the s63 or the b63 now the upgraded engine is the s68 which is still a 4.4 liter twin turbocharged v8 however it’s entirely it’s entirely new internals it’s an entirely new engine so you’ve got the s68 and that makes a lot of power and that is a genuine m engine in the x7 that would be your m60 trim this is the extra drive 40. but

Yeah i guess just some some final remarks behind the wheel of the x7 this this exceeds as a comfort cruiser in comfort mode with the new technology stack with the really nice interior this is how it wants to live and this is i think where it shines the most it’s a big thing you can tow 7 500 pounds i think it’s like almost approaching three tons here so it’s a

Big thing it doesn’t really want to be hustled about even if you were to get the m60 it’s still not going to change the fact that you have a massive suv here you’ve got three rows of actual usable seats here which is very nice so what you’re getting here is a really really nice luxurious modern feature-rich family suv that you can take six or seven people with

You well i guess you plus six or u plus five depending on what you get but yes i think as a thing the facelift i don’t know if the new front fascia is for me but a lot of the interior bits work really really well and i think i think it’s definitely worth a look if you’re thinking about like a gls or a q7 or something like this as long as you don’t as long as you

Don’t hate the mosquito look and the mosquito face up front definitely have a look at this bmw x7 thanks for watching

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