2023 BMW XM: Is BMWs New Super SUV Worth 00,000?

Today I go over the 2023 BMW XM!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s gonna be talking about the all-new bmw xm before we get into this video though as always if you’re going to save time and money the next time you purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it let’s talk about this all new bmw xm so first off if you guys are wondering in terms of

Where this is going to sit within bmw’s lineup it is basically going to sit between the x6 and the x7 now the reason that i say that is because from a size perspective it’s bigger than the x5 and the x6 but it’s not quite as big as the x7 and it’s only a two row suv it’s not a three row suv like the x7 and so it seems like bmw is kind of copying audi because audi

Has the q7 which is their three row suv and then they have the q8 which is their cool sporty two row suv in the bmw’s cool sporty two-row suv so they actually could have called it the x8 but then that would have like really given it away like in terms of them copying audi but this vehicle is going to be absolutely ridiculous so twin turbo 4.4 liter v8 paired

An 8-speed automatic transmission that’s not too crazy right you can get that in a bunch of different bmws today but this is also going to have a 25.7 kilowatt hour battery pack paired to that powertrain so total system output is going to be 644 horsepower and then 590 pound-feet of torque with 30 miles of electric driving range now there is also going to be a

Label red version released at a later date it’ll have 735 horsepower and then 735 pound-feet of torque which is just absolutely crazy i mean i thought that stuff like the hellcat durango is crazy but now we’ve got you know bmws that have as much well actually more horsepower than hellcat durangos now this is going to come at a pretty substantial cost from a weight

Perspective but then also from a money perspective we’ll get in the money later but with the weight 6 1062 pounds is what this thing is going to weigh now from a styling stylistic perspective you guys can probably see what the image is here it looks pretty similar to the x7 they have changed quite a few things but it you know copies the split headlight design which

Some people like it some people don’t like it but it looks like this is the future for bmw but overall proportions it looks like it’s gonna be pretty similar to the x7 again but slightly smaller in terms of the overall length to help out with the sportiness and to keep the weight down because you know six thousand pounds already from the interior perspective it’s

Basically bmw’s modern interior but it also has some pretty interesting elements thrown at it like you guys can see with the leather they kind of make it look like it’s old which is kind of interesting but it’s something that bmw is trying out and you know what i think that it’s definitely worth a shot but overall really nice interior and something i do want to

Like really emphasize in this video is bmw interiors in general have like improved such a mass amount i remember like 10 years ago you get into a bmw and it just felt cheap frankly right it had leather and all that kind of stuff but it just didn’t feel like the nicest interior whereas now the interior quality is amazing like it’s as nice as mercedes for example it

Definitely is up there some other stuff it’s going to have adaptive dampers 23 inch wheels are gonna be standard i feel like every single luxury automaker is doing 23 inch wheels range rover right 23 inch wheels now bmw apparently you can option out 22s if the 23s are a little bit too much for you but what bmw is emphasizing with this new suv is they are emphasizing

Sporty driving they want this to compete with stuff like the lamborghini urus and the aston martin dbx it will also compete with stuff like the mercedes gl63 the audi rs q8 that are actually going to be close to his price range and frankly also the full-size range rover as well and then the range rover sport but they’re shooting for you know the big dogs in terms

Of the performance and the driving characteristics which is pretty interesting because again big heavy suv with a hybrid component whereas if you look like the lamborghini urus for example that just has a twin turbo v8 no hybrid component at least at this point now from a pricing perspective this is where things are pretty crazy so starting price 159 995 dollars

Because they can’t do 160 thousand dollars and then if you want the crazy you know 700 horsepower version that’s going to start at over 185 000 from a price perspective and so after you add in options and all that kind of stuff who knows now i’m hoping that it comes like standard like fully loaded again considering the price point i think that that is somewhat safe

To assume uh but if that’s not the case i mean we’re looking at a 200 000 bmw easily and that is yeah i mean it’s crazy like i don’t has there ever been a bmw maybe like the i8 i think the i8 might have gotten up to that point but besides that i can’t think of any other bmw that’s really gotten uh this expensive but it really shows the market that bmw is shooting

For they’re really trying to you know change their image from being the kind of like sporty budget german luxury brand to like a full-on german luxury brand like mercedes they’re kind of trying to get up there which i think it definitely worth it uh so overall i’m really excited about this and i will be reviewing one of these at the bmw of pleasant grove so if

You’re not subscribed to the main channel recommend subscribing there and also if you want to see more videos like this on this channel then i’d also recommend subscribing here as well because i post videos every single day but yeah i think looks interesting let me know what you guys think about the styling let me know what you guys think about the performance

And also the hybrid component would you rather bmw just release this without a hybrid powertrain or do you like the fact that they have the hybrid component i think it’s definitely cool i’m all about it because again plug-in hybrids i think those are the future not evs but plug-in hybrids anyways i’ll see you

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2023 BMW XM: Is BMW's New Super SUV Worth $200,000? By The Ben Hardy Show