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2023 Bolt EUV LT

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Stock Number 2301991

Good morning robert this is bauer at alderman chevrolet buick and gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership but we’re known for two things awesome deals and fabulous service i wanted to congratulate you on your new 2023 chevrolet bolt euv it’s a beautiful vehicle i’m going to go over uh just kind of a nice little video walk around a few features that i enjoy and we

Look forward to seeing you later congrats so first off of course this is the gray ghost metallic beautiful look i really love the sleek headlights in the front the black chevy emblem up there as well the bow tie and uh you’ve also got your lower lights as well that are really stylish in the grill of the vehicle beautiful aluminum wheels nice all-season tires on

There directional uh awareness for other folks on the road when you’re turning it’s going to blink off of the mirrors on the outside wow super sharp i just took off all the plastic off the seats stuff like that for you so we can get a move on of getting the inspection done there thank you everything is in tip top shape we got some nice roof rails up there too

It looks good keyless entry as well so you can tap on that to remote or to unlock or lock the vehicle just the key has to just be on your person which is nice nice wide opening comfortable fabric right here you’ve got power windows power mirrors power locks you’ve also got your 10-way power adjustable seats with lumbar support uh with the blue stitching on there

The french stitching across here it looks pretty nice you got forward collision alert as well that runs off of a forward-facing camera which is located up there and you can see kind of right here you can activate uh that right here or you can excuse me change your uh distance between you and other vehicles before it warns you um that you’re coming into some sort

Of incident or collision uv has far larger back space you know what i mean for folks like room wise it’s really nice you can create the pass-through to the trunk area here you’ve got your dual level charging cords that come with this vehicle ready to go i’ve also got a usb and usbc plug-in back here here’s kind of a look at the dash from in between here it’s a

Nice view got your shifter in the center cup holders your center console there popping in turning the vehicle on we’re going to give it a full charge for you currently at about 185. get it all the way up to you can see kind of the range that it’ll have the max that you could get with the amount of charge it has now is that and of course the minimum and this is

Going to be more accurate the average so we’re going to fill this up to the top for you forward collision alert like i mentioned cruise control and also voice command for when your phone is connected and things of that nature you can display exactly what’s on your whole your phone screen right on here which is really nice this is a very responsive touchscreen

Super quick to the touch and really nice when you’re able to pull up maps you’re able to pull up your music or call anyone that you need to another one of my favorite features is going to be the wireless charging and it’s a bigger pad so you’re able to fit the newer phones a lot of these uh wireless charging pads have gone out of style just because they don’t

Fit the current phones they’re too big anyways you’ve got park reverse neutral and drive and this is one pedal driving another one of my favorite features we’ll go over that when you’re here robert but basically when you pull off of the the accelerator when this mode is engaged it’s going to apply an engine brake and bring you to a stop it’s pretty cool your

Vehicle is going to regenerate battery this way and also just coming into stops momentum wise it’s gonna always kind of be recharging your battery which is interesting got vanity mirrors on both sides which is nice it’s also got plenty of trunk space which is pretty important you know oh look at this still more stickers on here i have to get this vehicle cleaned

Up for you oops silly good amount of space here you’ve got a nice little sun shade as well the way this works and it slides into there creates a flat bottom that is a false bottom so you can also have the storage under here a little bit more under there dual level charge cords i do have to get your floor mats in for you that last sticker off there this is it

Congratulations on your new bolts euv the uh these vehicles are spectacular very excited for you and please let us know if you have any questions or you’d like to learn more for your way in give us a call number is 802-776-5000 just ask for me bauer or you can come down and see us of course here at the 65 windcrest road in rutland vermont see you soon thank you

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2023 Bolt EUV LT By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC