2023 Buick Encore GX Preferred AWD

Stock Number 2311269

Hi jim mccarron here at alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service just arrived at 2023 buick encore gx this is the preferred package it’s an all-wheel drive it’s a sapphire metallic paint which is a very pretty color you can see you have your fog lights in the front have a very nice alloy

Rim there tires are fairly aggressive so it’ll be good in the winter you have the cladding on the ground the wheels and on the bottom to protect against rusted in the northeast now this has your 1.3 liter turbo coupled with a 9-speed transmission you’re going to have a very nice ride with it if you open it you can see this generous amount of room back here now

This is your ebony interior these you can leave up or down here and these just fold down just by pulling the handle like that so plenty of room back here you see you do have a nice chrome handle there some kind of leather accents on the door so it’s a very nice interior on it it doesn’t have your remote start so you just lock the vehicle then hold that button

Down twice there would have a power seat on the driver’s side you see it does have your forward upper down there would have your lumbar there with this bucket seat so it’d be very comfortable kind of a wrap around front you got some nice gray accents there uh it’s a nice chrome accents now this has a very nice color touch screen if you put it in reverse you just

Have a very nice camera there would have am fm xm radio but also have apple carplay and android auto climate control would be here heated seats should be there now this does have a high definition camera up here so with that you’d have your automatic emergency braking automatic pedestrian braking i would have your intelligent headlights if someone came up with

Bright lights or your you had your high beams on it would look at them automatically for you would have your lane keep assist here so if you went over before paying attention went over the line but just gradually pull you back there and would also have your forward collision alert so it would warn you if you’re going to get it too close to a car in front of you

Now this vehicle does shut down to battery when you stop at stop signs but if you want to turn that off you can just hit that button right there this does your all-wheel drive button it would be there bluetooth here just hit that say call cruise control will be there you have power windows power locks powered mirrors there your does have your rear wipers there

At the end so it’s a very well equipped vehicle is all-wheel drive they are good in the winter see the back here if you open the back is right here you see there’s a generous amount of room back there your spare would be underneath here yes your floor mats are in there also you can take this lit cover off if you if you didn’t want that you can see it’s got some

Nice gray accents on your on your on your bumper there so that’s the the 2023 buick encore gx preferred package in the sapphire metallic color which is a very pretty color if you’d like to learn more hit the learn more button or stop down and see yourself here route 7 south in rutland vermont

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2023 Buick Encore GX Preferred AWD By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC