2023 Buick Encore GX

2023 Buick Encore GX

Welcome to stetson hinge and gm today we’re extremely excited to bring you a brand new 2023 buick encore gx so just starting on that front driver side corner taking a peek at the tire and rims up the aluminum rims coming around to that front driver side corner you do have fog lights down below bad weather driving and no wildlife crossing the highways the new

Front end grill with the buick logo coming around to the passenger side there’s your front tire and rim set up zooming back out you’ll notice that your skull caps on your mirrors are painted and also the door handles matching the body color there’s the back tire and rim setup car is also equipped with keyless entry so you’ll see the little knobs on the side of

The door handles to open the door with the key in your pocket around the back of the vehicle now this particular model is an all-wheel drive it is an encore gx just popping out the rear hatch here you’ll notice that you do have a cargo shade for your rear cargo so that way when you go into the ball and some stuff like that you keep your goods hidden underneath

That you do have a 60 40 split bench load leveling floor so you can fold down the seats for your cargo just closing that again you do have a rear view camera it is tucked away under by the license plate bracket there so you’ll see the rear view camera for backing up to see anything behind you coming around to the driver’s side now there’s your front your back tire

And room setup sorry about that and then into the painted door handles and painted mirrors the one real cool thing about this car is that it’s skirting around the bottom as a really nice guard to it so being in alberta next to nothing for rock chips on the bottom part of your skirting and around your wheel wells that’s a huge bonus for our type of climber next

Up we’re going to take a look at that interior coming into the interior of the 2023 buick encore gx starting on that steering wheel you’ve got your cruise control gap control bluetooth controls and audio controls brand new 23 like we said in the video still in transport mode and at time of filming you were only at six kilometers coming over to the dashboard or

Sorry the power group side you’ve got your windows your locks and your mirrors the cool thing about the driver’s side is auto express down so one push of the button all the way down and then all the way back up just so if you’re going through the drive through the atm and stuff like that auto headlight system with your fog light switch sun goes down headlights

Come on automatically and vice versa into the infotainment side now you’ve got your wi-fi hotspot apple carplay android auto and all the bluetooth and audio controls below that is your climate control or your hvac controls so you’ve got your air conditioning your vents your speeds and also has heated seats down below that’s your power group so there’s your ac

Adapter auxiliary jacks lightning all that jazz the cool thing about the encore is you can select when you’re an all-wheel drive or not and then you have your lane keep assist which keeps you in your lane and your traction control so for fuel economy you could be in the front wheel drive motor clicking into all wheel so before you even leave the house when it’s

Snowing that day you know your peace of mind in all-wheel drive electronic parking brake automatic transmission with cup holders in the middle console this is a premium cloth interior showing off passenger seat and then we mentioned earlier about the back being a 60 40 split bench and rear tint glass on the back three and also heated or defogger or frogger on

The back glass it’s heated and then last but not least it is optionally onstar equipped and it does have an electrochromatic rear view mirror meaning that when you get bright headlights coming in from behind they go to a dull yellow or a doll green this concludes our walk around of our 2023 buick encore gx

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2023 Buick Encore GX By Stetson Hinton GM