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2023 Cadillac CT5 Sport 2.0T POV Test Drive & Review

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This is the new 2023 Cadillac CT5 Sport. This CT5 Sport comes in black raven on jet black with jet black accent leather interior. The powertrain consists of a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

So here we have a new 2023 cadillac ct5 in the sport trim level and this one comes in black raven on jet black with jet black accented perforated leather interior and our powertrain on this one consists of a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine made it with a 10-speed automatic transmission and it’s dripping just a little bit i just ran through the car wash

It was pretty filthy but oh does it shine when it’s clean and there’s our front end there we have our led signature lights on with our led daytime running lights or excuse me along with our led headlamps and i just love that sport grille there looks really good and that mesh just really goes with the all black and then you have that aluminum brush trimmed so that

It doesn’t necessarily all blend in together and i really like how they did that as we come down here we have 19-inch aluminum wheels we have our red brake calipers there really nice look can’t go wrong with that we get passive kills entry on the front two doors and over here to our door panel we have power door locks memory seating power windows power mirrors

And then there’s our trunk latch there we can just pop the trunk from right there and then we have an electronic parking brake as well as a heads up display and the other controls for that there you have a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and there’s our power driver seat with power lumbar support there let’s go ahead and check out this rear seat room

Thank you so okay room back here i’m six three and i have the seat in front of me just for someone of my size and what takes up the leg room of course you want a nice cushy seat it’s a big boy right there and it’s very wide near the bottom so still like i said decent room i could probably scoot the seat back up and i could fit back here no problem but there we

Have our rear ac vents and then we have a 12 volt as well as a usbc charging port there and there is a view of the front from back here let’s go ahead and check out that center seat cup holder i likely our seat pockets back here stuff maps or whatever let’s go ahead and check out the trunk space so pretty decent sized cargo space there and i like how that you

Have a nice big pocket there to stuff stuff that you don’t want rolling around and then in here you have your battery and there’s a nice look at the back end we have our dual exhaust led tail lights and then if you want to fold the back seat down all you have to do is pull up right there and then those will fold flat and you can run stuff through it from the

Trunk and then you just snap it back into place to lock it back and then here we have our power front passenger seat with power lumbar support and as we come around before we look at the engine i just want to take a quick look at this window sticker here so sticker price 54 390 dollars that includes the technology package which comes with that heads-up display

And the driver cluster then we do get those thousand dollar brembo brakes there sunroof nav bows which will go into all of that once we hop in the driver’s seat let’s go ahead and pop the hood and just take a quick look at the engine bay foreign turbocharged four-cylinder and i really just like how the engine bay looks it makes this four cylinder to look really

Aggressive that it’s kind of exposed in there but getting in the driver’s seat now i will say the acoustics in here there’s some construction or something going on next to me and as soon as i got in here and shut the door i felt like i was in a a sound booth or something so really impressed but here we have a really nice leather wrap three spoke steering wheel

Which we can heat by hitting this button here but we’ll get back to the steering wheel controls later let’s check out this infotainment system here and i believe this is a 12 inch screen but we get am fm xm alone bluetooth audio and then we get wireless apple carplay wireless android auto and then there we have our navigation there’s our backup camera there with

Our guidelines that turn as we turn the steering wheel then we can pull up our climate controls on the screen we have dual zone automatic climate controls so we can use that there or we can go down here and we have them as buttons and all that we can tap up here for speed temperature and of course if you want to have it set to the windshield face or your feet and

What i like about this is most acs you have to actually turn it off to not have it going anywhere but i can literally just hit the button and have everything off which i really like and then we have three stage heated cooled seats controls down here and the other controls for our parking sensors lane departure and over here we have our drive mode so we have taurus

Sport snow and ice and you have a my mode you can actually configure yourself traction control automatic brake hold auto stop toggle really nice size wireless charging pad and a little bit of storage over here which i like they did that now for our shifter hit this button on the side pull down for drive tap for manual then you can tap up for neutral hit the button

Push all the way up for reverse press p for park pretty simple and then here’s our volume knob we have our tracklist or radio station controls here nav shortcut audio shortcut phone shortcut we have a back button and you can actually use this just scroll through the screen pretty easy to do use really like it now in here we have a pretty nice size center console

Cubby space sd card reader there for our navigation a usbc and a usba input there along with the 12 volt and then let’s check out this ultra view sunroof it’s going to be a dual pane sunroof and the front one we can actually slide or tilt one touch i’ll demonstrate that we can do that open and close and they’re the controls for that as well as the universal home

Remote and we have our led dome lights as well and there is a view of the back seat from up here and before i forget these what i like is you have the driver and front passenger seats that have massage function as well i forgot to touch on that and just a really really nice feel there owner’s manuals and all that there and this really is the icing on the cake for

A 55 000 vehicle to have massage seats really worth it in my opinion here we have our cruise controls we can toggle that there bluetooth voice recognition it’s our gap adjust for the forward collision alert right side of the steering wheel we have our tracklist radio station favorite controls there and then we have the controls for our gauge cluster right here

And i like that everything is on the screen there’s a lot going on but it doesn’t seem too crowded and then volume controls are here and then behind the steering wheel on either side we have our paddle shifters headlamps and toggle that auto high beam there windshield wiper controls there’s that heads up display of course we can change the info on there there we

Have push button start and finally here is our key fob with remote start but next it’s time we take this 2023 ct5 sport out on the road for a quick test drive foreign so to start out with i just want to go over the overall just feel getting behind the wheel of this thing i feel very very comfortable i love how i guess bolstered up these seats are because i come

Out of this corner here lucy’s doing a pretty good job at holding me from hitting the side of the vehicle and the steering wheel just feels so plush yet so sporty and this massage seat really just makes all the difference because it’s not like in the ct6 it’s not super plush but it’s still very comfortable and it just makes the wear and tear in your back a lot

Less noticeable but i love how this 2-liter turbo pulls well this 10-speed automatic just so seamless now we do have adaptive cruise on this model so i’m gonna test that out here and then we have the lane departure as well and i really wish that gm and i’ve said this a million times i wish they would get a lane tracing technology that has the super cruise kind

Of capability because lane departure just for this kind of vehicle and this kind of money it just doesn’t cut it for me i really wish that they would have that going on now if you don’t like having the vehicle take most of the control then lander parts would be just good enough for you so that you don’t go off the road while you’re driving but especially on the

Interstate i’d like to have super cruise without necessarily having super cruise if that makes sense and i think for an extra fifteen hundred dollars to two thousand kind of like ford’s copilot people would be willing to willing to pay for that and not necessarily have to pay the full super cruise price especially if they’re just going to be on regular roads and

Four lane highways like myself but i have it in sport mode so let me go ahead and change it to tour and i don’t know why i just said tour like that oh well and i really like the most because i can feel the steering loosen up still doesn’t feel flimsy but and in this mode it doesn’t tend to want to shift to get you in that high rpm range it kind of uses the

Turbo for smooth but slight acceleration but here on this road the land departure i just i guess what irritates me about it is you never know when it’s actually paying attention so it’ll ding you once but then if you go back over there again it’s like uh i may or may not help you this time and i have a chrysler pacifica hybrid a 22 model with the lane sense and

That’s something else that i really just i have a maki as well and just having the lane centering you just don’t want to be in a vehicle that doesn’t have it once you get used to it like i either want to have my lane centering on which i guess you can toggle this off but i either want full control for long trips or just driving around town i don’t really being

The kind of driver i am i don’t necessarily need lane departure because i’m not on my phone or anything like that but with that being said this is a 55 000 car and you do get a lot for your money heated cooled seats lane departure nav massage seats sunroof and a really good power train so i’d still recommend this vehicle even though there are a few things that

Cadillac could have come a little bit harder on but with that being said that’s going to bring me to the end of my review of the 2023 cadillac ct5 sport

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