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2023 Cadillac Lyriq Delivery Delayed due to displayed Screen Issues

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Foreign motors has issued a recall for certain 2023 cadillac lyric models due to a flaw in the vehicle’s display screen with the lyric cadillac quickly completed its first recall campaign following an infotainment issue the american luxury brand will temporarily hold delivery of the all-electric crossover and will urge those already on the road to return to the

Showroom lovely viewers you are on lyric media where information is key and accuracy is the drive to keep you abreast of the latest information and trending news regarding the ev irik cadillac and other future evs from the cadillac company so if you’re an enthusiast or owner of these electric vehicles there is a spot for you here on this channel we function as a

Family we listen to your feedback in the comments section and make all of the required videos with the knowledge you need to stay current in the ev industry if you’re new here please subscribe like this video and click the notification bell to stay up to date on our latest content thank you in today’s video we will explore the recent problem faced by gm’s brand

Cadillac with a cadillac lyric variants which caused the 2023 cadillac lyric recalled for display screen issue stay with me till the end as we explore this and understand it isn’t time to start castigating this company we understand you all are either to receive deliveries of this incumbent suv in your garage but i bet you you won’t like having issues with your

Variant as soon as you receive them so let’s be patient and allow the company to deliver the best of the product the display screen issue is fixable following a complaint of a blank screen at the lyric assembly facility on august 3. the manufacturer launched an inquiry on august 19. when the car maker investigated the issue it discovered 16 field incident reports

Connected to a blank infotainment screen naturally because many of the evs functions are managed to the infotainment screen this is a concern for drivers more specifically a blank screen cannot display the backup camera indicating that the car does not comply with u.s standards demanding the function following an examination cadillac revealed that the problem is

Caused by a flaw that may be triggered by attempting to enter or exit the car when the car is turned off and in park the lyric may occasionally conduct a boot up shut down cycle which can be prevented by opening the door the screen can go blank if it is interrupted within a five second interval cadillac asks any dissatisfied lyric owners have you tried turning

It off and on again because it usually solves the problem of course it is only a temporary remedy and cadillac has discovered a more permanent solution that will be implemented via a software update the upgrade fixes the software fault that caused this circumstance and owners of the 186 cadillac lyrics affected by the recall will begin receiving notifications on

November 7. meanwhile vehicles kept at gm’s production facility will be upgraded before being given to their new owners we have come to the end of today’s video share with us your thoughts in the comments section stay tuned to lyric media for all the latest cadillac lyric news and as we keep you updated on the development of this story remember to subscribe like

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