2023 Cadillac Lyriq Features Overview | Cadillac Lyriq Is A Futuristic Electric Next Gen Luxury SUV

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is the brand’s first all-electric vehicle and the vanguard of a bunch of new EVs.

You’ve heard a lot about this revolutionary suv that will completely redefine luxury evs but now i want to take you up close to explore the remarkable design and innovative technology for yourself designed to energize all of your senses the lyric represents the dawn of a new era for cadillac an all-electric suv charging towards our electric future in every detail

Lyric is the rare convergence of art technology and performance an all-electric suv that can only be described as the cadillac of evs now without further ado let’s take a look at the future of cadillac together cadillac’s first all-electric suv will first and foremost be a cadillac built on gm’s new ultim platform lyric will deliver the performance you expect

From a cadillac as a structural element of the body chassis system the ltm platform enables near instantaneous torque which delivers a fun to drive experience and great performance the near 50 50 front to rear weight distribution of the vehicle provides a lower center of gravity which results in a vehicle that’s sporty responsive and built for spirited driving

Lyric will offer a cadillac estimated horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque cadillac lyric introduces the brand’s new design language and previews the craftsmanship and technology to make a dramatic statement about the future of the brand lyric has very bold and luxurious proportions when you look at the side silhouette of the vehicle you see a very expressive

Shape the exterior design is assertive and modern with a low fast roof line and a wide confident stance lyric will offer two wheel options standard are the 20 inch split six spoke alloy wheels with diamond cut dark android finish and gloss black arrow inserts through the use of a precise reverse rim machining process the optional 22-inch wheels we see here echo

The striking scale of the lyric show car delivering a larger visual appearance while maintaining refined ride dynamics lyric has a full glass roof which redefines the concept of a panoramic roof its rail-to-rail glass is complemented by a power interior sunshade the lyric may be an ev but it’s still an uncompromising suv there’s a generous 60.8 cubic feet of max

Cargo space and the flat folding 60 40 second row seats offer freedom and flexibility lyric’s interior design breaks convention to bring the sensual and the technical together the goal of the lyric interior is to create a partnership between the driver and the vehicle where the vehicle can seamlessly improve the driver experience intricate laser etched patterns

Through black ash wood show brilliant backlight design akg brings studio sound to the lyric which features the cadillac exclusive akg studio 19 speaker sound system it provides sound that’s precise and clear from distortion all speakers are placed for sound optimization including speakers in the front head restraints ensuring all passengers have an immersive audio

Experience a flowing interior design incorporates cadillac’s first production application of a large curved seamless led display the curved 33-inch diagonal advanced led display allows for a more comfortable and driver-centric experience artfully integrated into the vehicle the display has the ability to emit over 1 billion colors again lyric was designed to embody

The very height of cadillac design and innovation so of course hands-free driving sets you free to enjoy the journey with available super crews the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance technology for compatible roads lyric was chosen for cadillac’s first ev as it’s a poetic expressive name inspired by our rich connection to the arts especially music

The cadillac lyric harnesses the energy of motion and delivers a truly choreographed multi-sensory experience we know that range is one of the biggest factors when it comes to selecting an ev which is why we’re designing lyric to offer more than 300 miles of range on a full charge and when charging on the go is necessary lyric will offer dc fast charging rates up

To 190 kilowatts at public charging stations to put charging into context this is up to 76 miles in 10 minutes with dc fast charging thank you so much for joining this tour of the all-electric 2023 cadillac lyric if you have any specific questions about the limitations of the features discussed please feel free to visit cadillac.com

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2023 Cadillac Lyriq Features Overview | Cadillac Lyriq Is A Futuristic Electric Next Gen Luxury SUV By Addy Craft