2023 Cadillac XT6 Sport Platinum: This Or The Lincoln Aviator?

Today I drive and review a 2023 Cadillac XT6 Sport Platinum!

Like it’s this is super smooth like they did a really good job now hey everyone it’s been hard here and today is going to be reviewing the all-new cadillac xt6 now this particular one is in the sport package first and foremost though a huge shout out and thank you to the provo cadillac here in utah forgive me some time with this xt6 this particular one is available

For sale for the time being so if you’re interested i’ll include a link to their inventory in the description down below if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for craig he’ll be more than happy to help you out and then on a side note if you can save time and money the next time purchase car link to my carbon guide in the description down below let’s get

Into it foreign 3.6 liter v6 it goes for a 9-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 18 around town and then 25 on the highway with power puts being 310 horsepower and then 271 pound-feet of torque let’s go over the front end of the xt6 which i absolutely love every single time i see one of these on the road i always have to double check because it’s just

A really cool looking vehicle so you guys can see we have kind of like a subtle body line there kind of right here in the center it’s again very very subtle with the ridge and then more prominent there on either side so kind of lends to a cool design on the hood obviously the whole grille is blacked out but then you’ve got the silver accenting around and then you

Have the cadillac logo front and center and then you guys can see here we’ve got led headlights and then notice with the daytime running light so much what you have on the escalade parking sensor is there on the front end and then the trim down below is also blacked out and so yeah from the front end perspective this thing i mean it literally looks like a mini

Escalade it’s so cool now coming on the side here our tire wheel setup is 235 55 20 in the front and over in the rear as well and you guys can see the wheels are all blacked out and if you guys are wondering there’s a little bit of adhesive on the wheels this literally just off the transport truck so shout out to the provo cadillac for letting me review this car

Right away i really appreciate it but you guys can see here with the red brake caliper definitely cool with the contrast between the black and the red that is for sure i love how the fender flare is body painted we’ve got another cadillac logo here on the side and then notice xt6 there down below on that chrome strip mirrors are body painted door handles are body

Painted so really uniform with the color but again those black wheels definitely pop so here’s our key fob for the xt6 you guys can see we’ve got the unlock function the lock function remote start and then the opening there for the hatch and then the alarm and of course cadillac logo there on the back so we’ll press this a couple times and the hatch will pop right

Open now first off we’ve got these nice metallic plaques on either side and we got a little bit of storage space underneath that obviously we’ve got the floor mats here kind of weighing it down now with the seats notice with the second roll that you can lower them down and then with the third row we can actually lower them down and raise them up so boom i know

I had to make sound effects but like look how fast that is that’s like as quick as it would take you to pretty much lift them up so there’s literally no downside to the automated system that is neat anyways press that button right there and that will lower the hatch right back down which is yeah definitely a little bit slower now finishing things up with the rest

Of the rear i love the cadillac tail light design especially on suvs it looks really sharp got our all-wheel drive badge xt6 and then you guys can see we’ve got our 400 batch there on the other side and then notice with the silver trim right there and again cadillac logo i love the covers for the exhaust tips those look pretty cool actually did i just get faked

Out no i didn’t i was like for a second there i thought it wasn’t an actual like cover for an exhaustive but no no there’s there’s an exhaustive in there anyways there’s the rest of the rear now here’s the door panel in the back you guys can see really nice leather trim here at the top and then we’ve got this beautiful carbon fiber down below and it actually is

Pretty cool with the coloration it’s kind of like dynamic i’ll try to show you guys in the front um when the sunlight hits a little bit it’s really neat anyways more leather trim down below that and then this has the performance series sound system from bose really good sound system by the way i’ve listened to it a few times and it bumps that’s all you need to know

And then here are the seats again full leather perforated in the center portion and here’s kind of like a full view of that and then popping in it’s really easy to get and you just slide right across and here’s the headroom and then notice little storage pocket there so my camera’s really struggling with this because of the uh sunlight but basically this is the

Climate controls for the rear and you guys can hopefully see you also have like the little seat control there for the heated seats which is another nice feature and then down below here we have a couple of cup holders and then usb ports as well and look at these armrests really nice now you guys can see the rear seats just as nice as these seats in the second

Row and so this is a six seater now this is built on well i’ll just say similar platform as the chevy traverse so size in terms of the interior dimensions is identical um so you can fit adults in the back but what i would say is i’ve reserved the rear for kids over long trips just like most other crossovers suvs in this particular size category and i don’t know

If you guys can see now there’s like a gold tint i hope this pops up on the camera but there’s kind of like a goldish tint to the carbon fiber it’s so cool the effect anyways let’s head to the front now let’s go to the front door panel here in the xt6 so really nice leather trim at the top you got blind spot mining for the mirrors and again another speaker for

That performance series bose sound system and then that really cool carbon fiber trim then you guys can see the metallic trim that goes to the door handle and all of our leather trim down below all of our window controls right here across the front two are automatic the mirrors do power fold in and then we also have memory seats which is another nice feature and

Then again yeah i love how you have like the regular bose logo and you got the performance series logo up above and then here are the front seats so again the cadillac emblem and then you can see perforated all down the center portion i guess the bottom doesn’t really want to show on camera but anyways power adjustments here on the side then here’s the pedal

Layout down below really nice looking pedals and then we have our parking brake right here this is for the heads-up display let’s pop in okay before i turn the car on this is what i’m talking about look it’s like gold that’s so cool i’ve just i don’t know i think it’s so cool like depending like look at that look at that shimmer i did that and i wasn’t shy about

Talking about him enough so here’s a strangle for the xt6 you guys can see a really nice leather trim all around the steering wheel and again with that cool carbon fiber trim and then notice even the airbag cover has nice stitching and leather trim on it with a cadillac logo front and center really nice paddle shifters here on the back of the steering wheel by the

Way like and just nice material use with that and then we’ve got controls for like the volume setup and then you guys can see over here we have controls for the cruise control system which by the way this does have super cruise that’s why we’ve got a little line there at the top steering wheel and then a little sensor right there and then we have our turn signal

Light stock windshield wiper stock and well there’s the steering wheel so here is our center gauge because you guys can see we’ve got the analog gauges on either side then you do have a screen there in the center which we can use to scroll through different bits of info on the car and then like these like music navigation you know pretty normal stuff overall but

Notice how we are actually in two wheel drive right now so we do have some different drive modes we can go through so we’ve got an all-wheel drive mode then we have our sport mode which is also all-wheel drive than off-road which yeah is also a-wheel drive the touring mode however is two wheel drive so pretty cool that you can uh change that and obviously having

Two wheel drive means you can get better fuel economy so here’s the center infotainment screen first off if we pop into reverse we do have a backup camera what’s your directory lines that turn off the steering wheel bird’s eye view and yes this has gm’s full 360 camera system so you guys know i’m a huge fan of that functionality on it’s great now as for the rest

Of the screen response time even though this has the plastic covering is actually really solid apple carplay android auto i love how you have the video recorder function as well and i like how there’s like controls on the side so like for your parking sensors the parking assistance auto stop start and then like your lane departure so it’s yeah it’s kind of cool

With all bets but anyways there’s center yeah they’re really they’re really going hard with this carbon fiber trim but like no complaints because it looks fantastic also there’s like a little strip of alcantara there and then the rest of the dash is all leather but yeah it’s just like this long continuous strip all around which is kind of interesting we do have

Our dual zone climate system heated and cooled seats and then this is all stitched down here which is kind of hilarious because it looks like it’s just kind of like uh would be like plastic trim in any other car so interesting that they did that but i mean you know the name of luxury right now we do have this that would cover up this whole section right here which

Is like the cup holders and then you guys can see here with the shifter for that nine speed automatic and then analog control for the infotainment system so if you don’t use a touch screen you don’t have to and then your volume control is your stability control your drive mode is select and then here’s the center console pretty normal and then we do have a wireless

Phone charging pad in front and notice it’s like a phone holder so then you don’t have to worry about your phone sliding all over the place pretty normal glove box and we of course have the camera mirror i’m sure you guys know i’m a huge fan of it’s a nice bit of safety tech and then really nice headliner here i don’t know if it’s going to pop up onto camera very

Well because it’s kind of dark but yeah really nice premium headliner and then we do have a panoramic sunroof as well and by the way the headliner continues onto the pillars and everything so yeah just super nice interior so sorry about the glare here but here’s the window sticker we have a four year 50 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and then a six year seventy

Thousand mile on the power tone which is actually really solid for a luxury suv anyways lots of standard equipment base price sixty thousand and ninety five dollars this one has the platinum package which gives us a lot of the nice interior elements and after all of the other options with this particular one including stuff like the technology package total msrp is

77 225 and well let’s see how it drives well let’s talk about this buddy before we set off here’s your visibility over the hood you guys can see the heads up display hopefully both of the mirrors and then well of course this radio turns on anyways throughout the rest of the rear and i’ll set off so setting off in the xt6 and this is actually my first time ever

Reviewing driving an xt6 so it’ll be a pretty interesting i want to see if this you know drives exactly like the chevy traverse um obviously also the gmc acadia too because you know all sibling vehicles first off sea comfort really good definitely definitely a lot nicer than the traverse seats i can say that that is for sure yeah just a just the leather it’s so

Like it’s really soft and so the seat comfort yeah they’ve just absolutely nailed it from that perspective and then from a ride quality perspective really smooth actually but what i was saying before i got interrupted by my own cough because apparently i need to drink a little bit of water is that the right clay is really good it’s like it’s this is super smooth

Like they did a really good job now this does still have the same v6 and same power outputs as what you have in you know obviously the traverse in the acadia it’s not a bad powertrain though it’s actually really solid nine speed’s great it i mean it puts right into gear and these paddles transmission is actually really responsive paddles actually feel really good

To use it’s like the nice the nice metallic trim is just solid so i think that i think that’s i think that’s an okay test driver out still trying to figure out my test drive route since just started filming here with the cadillac or the provo cadillac rather um but yeah i guess we’ll uh some things up here with the xt6 so i love the looks of this thing it’s so

Beautiful seriously and then from interior perspective this is really nice um i’m honestly like super surprised like i’ve you know since i haven’t like reviewed like i’ve reviewed the escalate and that’s pretty much it but i haven’t reviewed like a lot of kayak sign up i’ve basically just been kind of like judging it based on you know what i hear from other viewers

And they always say oh the interiors are you know it’s gm interior but like i don’t know what they’re talking about because like all the surfaces are covered in leather just like what you’re going to see with bmw and audi and mercedes and really nice leather at that like super soft to the touch really high quality um c conference great like seriously like this is

This is american luxury it’s super nice so yeah i mean overall i i think that um i think that they’ve done a fantastic job with this xt6 and yeah i if you want you know a great luxury three row suv definitely check this thing out and again you can get super cruise which is just adds to the practicality that’s gonna sum things up for a video on this cadillac xt6

Again a huge shout out thank you to the provo cadillac for give me some time with this xt6 check out the inventory in the description down below ask for craig if you have any questions i’ll see ya

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2023 Cadillac XT6 Sport Platinum: This Or The Lincoln Aviator? By Ben Hardy