2023 Camry LE Walkaround

J.D. here at the Bill Penney Toyota lot to walk you through the 2023 Toyota Camry LE.

Hey everybody this is jd hunter here at blp toyota and this just in 2023 toyota camry le mme turn this around for you all right zoom this out a little bit there you go welcome to the 2023s they have started arriving this is the toyota camry 2023 it is an le this one it just got to our lot and is available it is in the pre-dawn gray mica color with the gray

Fabric interior this has the this one this is what the all-weather floor mats for the um camry look like even had a little camera on it wow look at that all right so let’s get you inside this thing so first thing i always like to do i like to show the trunk space because sometimes you have a snitch in your family and you have to deal with things and the trunk

Space here you can deal with five snitches easy five snitches look at all the space you have in here you need the extra room you got the pull downs right here those will push down the seats to give you additional space you also have a front plate license adapter in case you want to get your vanity plate or if you’re in a state that requires a license plate in the

Front in the rear i like this this lets you hold that up there that way you have access to your spare tire and your tools same height spare tire so all of your safety systems all of your driving systems will still perform even while you’re on the donut bring this down show you all the space in the back here yes you do have the cup holders bam up here you have your

Anchors for your child seats have them down here as well because a lot of your parents got the cool modern seats instead of the ones that i had to fight through when i was a young father all right let’s get to the front here all right now even with this just being a le base model you’re still going to get the pre-collision systems with pedestrian detection the

Auto high beams which turn your high beams on and off as if the camera finds any headlights or tail lights in front of you you have your dynamic radar cruise control your lane departure alert your lane tracing assist so what those works out together with what those do together is whenever you’re driving and you start to drift over to the sides of the road it’ll

Give you a audio and visual alert in case you’re starting to do that and provides a up to five pound nudge to help center you in your lane and dynamic rate our cruise control will slow you down whenever you have traffic in front of you while you’re in cruise control so if that traffic jam pops up or just congested traffic it’ll actually still keep pace with the

Vehicle in front of it even if the vehicle in front of you comes to a complete stop all of your um all of our 2023 toyotas are going to have apple carplay android auto so whenever you connect your phone to your vehicle your gps and compatible apps will pop up on the screen here you have am fm sirius satellite radio you have dual zone climate control you have

This nice little cubby for your additional pair of sunglasses that you don’t want everybody to borrow you have your normal sunglass spot here for all the sunglasses and things that everybody always takes you have your emergency connect so this works just like onstar if you have get stranded on the side of the road or you need to report an accident you can call

For help and it has this nice little child proof little shield there to prevent any little hands from accidentally calling for assistance you have your multimedia usb port and your 12 volt circular switch right there is that not enough usb ports here how about two more bam right there usbc and usb plenty of room down here for the center console area you got your

Cup holders you have your drive modes echo normal and sport which range the engine and the transmission to provide the either best fuel efficiency or the best acceleration and performance or the balance of both you have your um selector switch here so you can go into um manual well quasi manual the automatic version of it you have your dual zone climate control i

Probably already mentioned it already you’d have oh dear bars on all four seats i know they’re calling something different where you’re from and they’re they’re called something different where i’m from too so this is let me get myself comfortable here this le does have the power driver seat and it is 10 way so not only does it adjust you up and down forward and

Back it does the back the back as well as lumbar support power lumbar support so get myself comfortable here so this is exactly how comfortable i like to get when i’m driving right here so now i’m five foot nine and a half inch inches tall i’m gonna jump into the back and see if another adult me can fit behind the adult size me that’s comfortable is that without

Doing any camera cuts or anything like that we’ll pop back here all right now with my five foot nine and a half inch saw itself up there i have massive amounts of room here so if you’re six foot tall you can still fit another six foot tall person in here i have easily room for three people in the back here so this is a comfortable five person sedan and if you

In case you have any questions or want any more information you can always contact me at j hunter billpenney.com that’s p-e-n-n-e-y

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2023 Camry LE Walkaround By J.D. the Toyota Salesman