2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Redesign First Look Release Date Details

Check 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Redesign First Look Release Date Details

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel that is pro vlog i hope you all are doing great so today video is all about the 2023 chevrolet bolt euv so let’s get started the 2023 chevrolet bolt euv takes the regular bolt eevee hatchback under pinings and tops them with a sheet metal that makes it look much more like an suv which of course in the body style american

Buyers vastly prep prefer the chevrolet squeezes 247 miles of driving range from the euv’s 65.0 kwh battery pack not long ago that looked like an impressive amount of range not anymore the euv’s 200 horsepowers electric motor drives not only the front wheels and provides a decent performance and there is no pretense of any serious off-road capability which puts

The euv on par with many of its rival after all it’s not like the eevee suvs such as the hyundai kona electric ford mustang mackie and tesla model y offer rock crawling capabilities either the bolt euv does have some competitors beat on the tech in that the top level primer trim levels can be had with the general motor supercruise hands-free driving features the

Reason price reductions have also given it an msrp advantage over others in the segment all of which cost more to starts though some are still eligible for the 7500 federal tax credit with the chevrolet is not in other words whether this little chevrolet is a good deal will depend on which the other evs are also consideration list the bolt euv receives a new redline

Addition package for the 2023 that can be applied to either the lt or the premium trim opting for the redline edition the model swamps the standard bolt auv chrome exterior trim for the glossy black and includes a unique wheels with a red strip the bigger news though is that the bolt euv and its hatchback siblings the bolt ev receives a significant price cut this

Year with drops like this entry prices from six thousand three hundred dollars we would recommend the high-end premium trim especially now that the bold euv’s price is significantly less than the last year’s model going with the premium adds plenty of the standard equipment that justifies the extra spin including the leather upholstery power adjustable front seats

With the heat and ventilation adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist and the blind spot monitoring the all bolt euvs come with the same powertrain a 200 hp electric motor and the front wheel drive the all wheel drive isn’t an option the acceleration should be perky thanks to the instantaneous power delivery that inherits the electric powers regenerative braking

Allows for one pedal driving while recapturing the energy to help extends the bolt euv range the electric motor gives the bolt euv per giga acceleration and while it may be the quickest electric suv available it managed to 60 mph in a respectable 6.8 seconds at our test truck handling is competent if not particularly trialling and the ride comfort is aggregable

And even over the broken pavement the all bolt euvs come with a 65.0 kilowatt per hour battery pack with the epa estimates will provide 247 miles of range during our 75 mph highway test the 2022 bolt euv manages a 190 miles of ranges the number is competitive with the most other electric suv although the model tesla model y along with the larger battery pack that

Offers an estimated 36 26 mile range thank you for listening this video do like and subscribe my channel

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