2023 Chevy Bolt EUV – Whats NEW? (Redline Comparison)

Welcome to Metz Tech. Let’s take a look at the my 2022 Bolt EUV “Redline” vs the official 2023 Bolt EUV Redline Edition as well as what has changed on the new 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV.

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel and as promised we are going to be doing a comparison between my 2022 chevy bolt euv redline edition not really versus the official 2023 chevy bolt uv redline let’s get into it i got my redline mets tech shirt on we are ready to go now at first glance you might think these front ends are identical and you’re sort of

Right but also the key night among you may have noticed the front grilles here are a little bit different this just normal mosaic black lt trim without the red line has kind of more of a gray plastic textured piece here whereas the official redline edition has a black plastic piece here which i think looks way way better don’t like the gray on this we’ll change it

If i could maybe i can i don’t know we’ll see also this is a premiere so it has the front-facing camera that works with the surround view camera system the lt here does not outside of that the only difference you could tell of it being a red line versus a non-redline is this little red stripe right here now this isn’t painted this isn’t um it’s an adhesive sticker

It is a sticker right so i could just as easily cut a red stripe sticker and put it on the side of my side mirrors here and it’d be exactly the same or i could just remove this and you’d never know the difference that is the only front facing indication that this is a redline trim versus just a normal non-redline edition but if you turn to the sides that’s where

You can start to tell so not only do you have the red sticker here as well but you have gloss black wheels with red accents on them and they have this cool textured pattern to them that mirrors what you’ve got going on on the seats on the inside so that’s really nice as well but if you compare my wheels over here versus the redline edition wheels obviously the

Red lines are different i don’t have red lines on mine but when you look at them kind of side by side they look pretty similar now i had mine professionally powdered powder coated so they’re going to look a lot better than if you were to you know plasti dip or something along those lines to have the stock wheels just powder coated black they look very similar it’s

Almost like just two different variations of the same wheel which i’m a big fan of these are 17 inch wheels over here on the redline trim that we’re looking at here 17 inches well on the base model but the headlight cluster is the same the badging on the side is the same outside of the grille piece being different color black badging them both it’s all the same no

Differences there but let’s hop to the back so obviously now that we’re at the back you can see my custom plate here so it’s going to give away which is which but if you were to take the plate away which i can do here it’d be pretty tough to tell the difference now obviously the redline badging over on the actual redline edition is going to look more premium and be

More professional looking than mine which was custom done by just removing the letters and painting over them so mine is less bold looking like this is a much brighter red than mine mine’s a little bit more subdued and mine doesn’t have the 3d backing of the alternate color like this one has and obviously i’ll give you guys close up side by side so you can see but

Everything else is exactly the same like obviously this is a premiere so it’s got the rearview mirror camera up underneath tail lights are the same rear view camera is the same i don’t have parking sensors this one has parking sensors stuff like that’s going to be different but that’s a trim level difference but the badging is really the main difference here that

Separates the two and the badging is the main way that you’re going to know if you’re following behind this bolt here that it is a redline edition bolt and it’ll be super fancy let’s go ahead and hop inside the cabin all right so hopping inside the cabin of the redline edition here i made a video talking about some of the more specific redline details like the red

Accent stitching here on the seats over on the door panels as well and some of the premiere features like this one has the added super cruise 2500 upgrade rearview mirror camera like i said this has a panoramic sunroof heated and ventilated leather pointed seats no those type of things heated steering wheel bulkier steering wheel those are some differences that’s a

Trim level difference not a red line package difference the only redline package difference is the red accent trim here on the seats but i wanted to talk about a few things that are different here on 2023 versus just one generation prior the og generation for the euv in 2022 so i’m so familiar with mine that all these little things even in a short period of time

Driving this one stood out to me this display here looks wonky to me there’s either something wrong with this specific one or they changed it in a way that i don’t like so the screen has this weird and i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to capture it on camera it may just be something you have to see in person but i will put side by sides of my display in the 2022

And this display in the 2023. it has like a greenish tint to it and the background is solid black versus kind of more of a gradient over on my model and i looked through the settings to see if there’s a way to change like the background image and things like that and there’s not so this is like a stock thing that i’m very not used to from having my model it’s

Almost like it’s got if you guys have like a night shift mode on like your phone or something where it kind of cuts the blue light out of it completely that’s what this looks like it looks like it has like a a blue light cut on it but i can’t find a way to turn it off or on so i don’t know if that’s something they added i couldn’t find any documentation on it it

Just it just doesn’t look right to me and i obviously have a lot of experience because i’ve used it for so long and even looking at like the energy menu all the greens look different it’s like a more of a kind of saturated like neoni green color versus a softer green and even in the rendering on the energy menu here the vehicle is really hard to see on the screen

Versus being very clear and easy to see on my screen over there so i don’t know if they changed something and they just i can’t find anything about it or what is going on here the display behind the steering wheel that has your gauges and stuff that look exactly the same to me no changes there another thing that i noticed in my very short period of time driving

This car that is different different turn signal sound kind of weird foreign and also the seat belt chime is different take a listen the last little noticeable difference is the steering wheel so this has the leather wrapped steering wheel obviously cruise control uh the stitching along the sides too but it has more of a beefy kind of silver accent here at the

Bottom mine’s a little bit more narrow and that’s probably just to do with the smaller steering wheel but it’s been so long since i was in a premiere i can’t really remember but this has a noticeably chunkier silver accent with it looks a little bit more aggressive so just a couple little specific things that i think they changed kind of under the radar and i

Don’t care as much about the turn signal and the door chime actually the door chime is better over here on 2023 but this screen man i hope this one just has a weird unit that needs to be calibrated or something it does not look good in my eyes i don’t know why and i hope that the other ones are not like that i’m actually going to do a little research this is on

A 2023 lt trim so it’s the same thing you can barely see the outline the green color is all wonky um it just has this weird green hue to it the background is solid black instead of being a gradient the colors just look different to me it’s sorry it’s so hard with the sun but um yeah i think they just changed it for 2023 and i’m not a fan you guys be the judge

Though so thanks so much for watching guys drop a like in the view if you loved it tell me in the comments down below what do you think about my attempt of preemptively making a redline edition before it even got announced did you think i did pretty well do you think i should add red stripes to my wheels you guys let me know down in the comments and don’t forget

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