2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country

Check out this 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country!

Hello everybody welcome back to the channel today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 chevy silverado 1500 this particular one is the high country trim and i believe it has the 6.2 liter v8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission this is the slightly refreshed version for the 2023 model year updated headlights as well

As grille the fog lights and the tow recovery hooks are the same i believe you could get this late 2022 parking sensors are integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper front-facing camera right here you still have the side vents that go around to the wheels beautiful led headlights high country is stamped into the grill 6.2 liter badges on the hood coming

Around to the side we have your high country badging right here down to the wheel and tire setup we have some bridgestone lenses and it looks like these are 22 inch wheels silverado badging down the side of the cab brushed mirror caps blind spot monitor this has the drop down running boards so what’s cool about these is if you have to get something in the back

Of the bed push the button the running boards will actually move back for you when you’re done kick it and they’ll go back hustle has the passive entry system so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle from the driver or passenger door capless fuel fill port third brake light cargo camera and then rear view mirror camera this

Wing is also designed to shoot air over the bed so even if you don’t have a tonneau cover you’ll still have less drag this has the dual exhaust so your tailgate step is going to be slightly smaller on this one your blind spot monitor is going to be located right in there parking sensors again are integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper you have a seven

Pin connector as well as your uh trailer video cameras silverado badging on the driver’s side high country badging on the passenger side this one does have the pro tailgate system i’ll go over that a little bit later absolutely beautiful color on this truck i believe i want to say this is a north ski blue metallic but i’m not 100 sure the chevy lady here said

That this was a uh 2023 she said most of the stuff here is 2023 so uh i’ll take a word for it but uh overall very very nice looking truck let’s take a closer look at the interior so starting off over here on the driver’s side we have this really nice soft glued leather it actually feels really nice to the touch with this real wood trim throughout high country is

Stamped on both driver and passenger sides all of your window controls are going to be right here the front two are automatic up and down in front of that we have the window controls with your power mirror fold button electronic parking brake push button transfer case with drive mode dial push button for tow haul mode rotary dial selector for the exterior lighting

Of the vehicle above that you have your dimmer switch for the instrument cluster then you have your fog light button and your cargo lamp button coming up to the dashboard a really nice leather dashboard with heads up display that is controlled by this button right here fully digital instrument cluster very programmable you can pretty much monitor anything you could

Ever imagine through this i like that auto mo that the automotive industry is moving towards digital instrument clusters they’re more tailored to the individual coming back to the steering wheel we have a nice leather wrapped steering wheel i believe we have the somewhat autonomous drive mode i i’m blanking on what it’s called uh but it’s semi-autonomous as long as

You have your hands on the wheel it’ll kind of uh drive for you pretty cool pedal shifters on both sides cruise control buttons right here lane keep assist adaptive cruise control button steering wheel mounted call buttons as well as the scroll wheel and control pad for the center lcd display you have a nice storage tray up top looks like somebody left some change

In there for me that’s pretty cool of them then we have a massive horizontal touch screen display wireless carplay wireless android auto unfortunately i don’t have the key so i won’t be able to go through it but it does have the new operating uh software for the newer bigger touch screens very very nice i don’t know specifically what this is i think this one may

Be the autonomous semi-autonomous driving or this one’s the lane keep assist this one’s like the blue cruise or whatever they call it the hands-free drive mode or whatever oh the screen is working very cool you can control your climate through here you can control your you have your trailering app so you can do your pre-trip checklist this thing is very very cool

Very sleek and obviously powered by google you have a 4g lte connection you can google search and stuff on here it’s pretty sweet like i was saying lane keep assist parking sensors off automatic start stop off tailgate down hazard lights traction control off all windows down under that you have your push button start integrated trailer brake control heated and

Ventilated seats with your heated steering wheel button right here i love that general motors offers the option to have just the heated seat back on dual zone climate control down here you have a nice storage tray storage tray right here two cup holders and a very sleek minimalistic style shifter i do like that a lot wireless charging pad is going to be right

Here up on this giving us access to a removable storage tray you have a usbc and usb as well as 115 volt 400 watt power outlet then you have these integrated hooks right here for file folders so if you do use this vehicle as a work vehicle you can keep all your files nice and organized beautiful high country stitching in the blue leather seats this vehicle has

Two glove boxes again real wood throughout on the glove box first one’s right here second one’s going to be right here coming up top to the vanity it is led lit for passenger as well as your driver up top you have a three-door universal garage remote the buttons on the side control the single pane sunroof which i’m a huge fan of i’m not a huge fan of the dual

Pane you have way more headroom this way this button right here controls the power sliding rear window and then in front of that you have the video rear view mirror that is auto dimming unfortunately i do not have access to it because i don’t have the keys but you can control the brightness how high or how low the camera views and how zoomed in or zoomed out the

Camera is overall this is a much needed update and refresh from uh chevy i think they did a really good job and now i feel like it’s even more difficult to choose between the big three in terms of uh interior i think all of them are extremely competitive with that being said let’s take a look at the rear seats and see how much leg room we have point out before we

Get in you do have under seat storage with this vehicle load flat floor tons of space in-seat storage as well on both driver and passenger sides getting in is real easy with the ground handle and the running boards with the driver’s seat situated where it would be if i was driving i’d say i have a solid 10 inches to a foot of legroom before my niece hit the front

Seat you do get storage in the form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats cup holders right here heated captains chairs usbc and usb as well as your hvac vents this center seat does have a fold down armrest slash cup holder and then your led dome map lights are going to be up top in the middle uh something that i really like and appreciate is chevy

Has actually pushed the headliner of the vehicle up about three to four inches giving rear occupants even more headroom and again having a single pane sunroof gives everybody in the vehicle more headroom overall i really do like the updated interior i think this is a great refresh let’s take a look at the bed so like i said earlier this guy has the pro tailgate

System it’s got two tailgates the first one is the small one second one is the whole thing to open the small one you’re going to push the top button it’s gonna beep it’s going to come down so if you have items that are a little bit longer and you don’t want to put the full tailgate down you can just lead them lean them at an angle on here to keep them in you can

Push this up too and it acts as kind of an extended tailgate to put that away you just simply you push up on it if you want to use the tailgate regularly come down and push the bottom button it will automatically drop for you spray in bed liner from the factory three tie down points in each of the four corners for a total of 12 which is class leading 115 volt

400 watt power outlet on the passenger side led bed lighting as well if you look too they’ve pushed out the bedsides as far as they can maximizing as much cargo space which again is class leading when you have a bed step right here so to access the bed step you’re going to come up to it and push both buttons at the same time and then once you’ve done that you’re

Going to fold this down this has that grip tape like a skateboard come up here grab this and you’re up and into the bed put it away you’re just going to reverse the process pull up on this latch fold it down fold this in and then grab the bottom and in one motion you can put the bed up viewers want to know the payload and towing capacity of the vehicle it looks

Like because oh nope there it is i don’t know how well it’s going to come through if it’s too bright or not let me see if i can adjust the settings real quick there we go so there you have it 2023 chevy silverado 1500 high country if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and if you want to keep up with more auto show content please

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