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Check out this 2023 Chrysler 300C!

Hello everybody today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 chrysler 300c starting off up front you are going to have the led accent c-channel style lights as well as led projectors and incandescent turn signal led fog lights are included as well your parking sensors are going to be up top with cross path detection really nice

Blacked out grayish style grille with your new 300c badge on the driver’s side this guy does have the uh lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control as well as pretty much every safety feature imaginable really beautiful white and gloss black coming around to the wheel and tire setup it looks like we have some goodyear eagle rs a’s and i believe the tire size is

A 20 inch or 20 inch wheel 20 inch tire massive red brembo brakes color matched mirror caps again with that gloss black accent trim throughout blind spot monitoring is included you have passive entry so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle from the driver’s side or passenger side door coming to the rear we have the signature

Iconic 300 style led tail lamps your blacked out 300c logo is going to be on the passenger side absolutely beautiful looking vehicle your blacked out chrysler logo with your backup camera right here in the third brake light parking sensors are going to be integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper right above your dual exhaust little wing or splitter on the

Back as well right here we have your lockable capless fuel fill cap very very beautiful car i wish that chrysler would do a little bit more performance stuff with this like they do with the charger let’s take a closer look at the interior so starting off over here on the driver’s side we have your lock and unlock buttons as well as all your window controls the

Front windows are automatic up and down and then in front of that we have your mirror controls over here we have the dial selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle as well as the dimmer switch for the instrument cluster as well as your ambient lighting and then this is your trunk release button coming up top to the instrument cluster we have a beautiful

Blue led lit instrument cluster with your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right in a beautiful lcd display in the middle coming back to the steering wheel we have a really nice leather wrapped steering wheel with mild but but thick and long bolsters at 10 and 2. metal paddle shifters that are steering wheel mounted this control pad right here controls

The center lcd display then we have your steering wheel mounted phone call buttons on the right side we have the cruise control buttons as well as your adaptive cruise control buttons analog clock above the touchscreen display this has apple carplay and android auto unfortunately the radio is locked so i won’t be able to show you much but it does have climate as

Well push button starts going to be right here all the physical buttons for the touchscreen display are going to be right here i believe this has the 6.4 liter v8 and so you do have launch control right here as well as your different drive modes if it wasn’t locked it would show up there as well as here under that you have your physical buttons for the dual zone

Climate control right here we have a felt line storage compartment with a 12 volt outlet little pen or pencil storage right there and then the rotary dial shifter with sport mode behind that you’re going to have two glove box two uh what is it called cup holders sorry it’s been a long day and then i believe these are your uh either pulled cup holders or heated

Cup holders which is pretty cool i think that’s a first for uh chrysler behind that you have some change storage as well as two usbs as well as an auxiliary jack really nice 300c leather seats with very aggressive bolsters to keep you planted at speed pretty big glove box with a shelf up top coming up to the vanity it’s going to be incandescent lit for passenger

As well as your driver up top we have your incandescent dome map lights three-door universal garage remote as well as all of the buttons and controls for the twin pane sunroof in front of that you have glasses storage and then your auto dimming rear view mirror with your assistant sls buttons on it overall i really do like the interior of this vehicle i love

The blue accent led lighting it does seem a little bit more basic than a dodge charger but nonetheless it’s still a very nice uh interior let’s take a look at the back and see how much legroom we have so with the seat situated where it would be if i was driving i have maybe four inches of legroom before my knees hit the front seat you do have storage in the form

Of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats rear air conditioning vents heated seats as well as two usb ports this center seat does have a full down armrest slash cup holder that is ambient lit as well as a storage compartment right here because you have the twin pane sunroof your grab handles and incandescent dome map lights are going to be pushed to the

Outside of the headliner but even with the twin paint sunroof i still have a couple inches of headroom before my uh head hits the top of the headliner something that i love about the 300 and it’s been the 300 for a very long time is the the seats in the back are just so comfortable i don’t have a bunch of leg room back here but it reminds me of getting into like an

Old nice broken in i don’t know like crown vic it may not be for everybody but when you get into the back seats you just kind of sink in a little bit and they kind of mold up around you it feels really really good in my opinion but that’s the back seats let’s take a look at the trunk and see how much leg room we have so to open the trunk on this vehicle you’re

Actually going to come up to the right side of the third brake light push the button and it will automatically open for you you have an absolutely massive trunk in this vehicle incandescent cargo lights and you have these little hanger hooks for grocery bags tons and tons of space under here looks like you have the battery because of the massive 6.4 liter v8 as

Well as where your spare tire would go if you had one to close it you know slam it shut and you’re good to go let’s take a quick look at the window sticker so here’s a window sticker for this vehicle again it’s a 2023 chrysler 300c starting at 55 000. features a standard 6.4 liter hemi v8 with 485 horsepower and 475 foot-pounds of torque zero to sixteen under

Four and a half seconds and for a big four-door sedan like this that’s pretty good in my opinion dual pane sunroof 20 inch wheels 300c standard sport tune suspension and steering lots of cool standard features with this vehicle well there it is 2023 chrysler 300c if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and if you want to keep up to

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